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Mauldin Economics VIP

Mauldin Economics VIP is a full and total yearly subscription to five of the Mauldin Economics investing research newsletters for one low price. Seeking to benefit both the individual investor as well as RIAs, brokers, and market professionals, Mauldin Economics VIP includes subscriptions to Yield Shark, Just One Trade, Transformational Technology Alert, Bull's Eye Investor, and Rational Bear. Added together, the retail price of these five services is $7,679 a year, making the $1,745 yearly rate for Mauldin Economics VIP (also including a host of complimentary VIP-only benefits) a 77% discount.

NOTE: Mauldin Economics VIP does not accept new members on an ongoing basis. New VIP members are only accepted during limited windows of opportunity two times per year. Read on for all the details...


Stray Reflections New

Jawad Mian’s Stray Reflections, a global macro research letter, blends politics, philosophy, and history to build a theme-based, fully diversified portfolio. This globe-spanning view of the markets gives you the power to create alpha in an inflation-prone world. Stray Reflections is read by some of the world’s wealthiest and best-known investors and money managers. Reading Stray Reflections can help you access potential in previously locked or misunderstood global markets and also help you better understand and take advantage of the nexus of politics and economics on a global scale.


Tony Sagami's Rational Bear

Tony Sagami's Rational Bear delivers well-researched hedging strategies for your long portfolio, to help you generate profit in the event of a swift market correction. Tony and his research team recommend short-term put options, longer-dated LEAP puts, and inverse ETF plays, as well as occasional outright stock shorts to help you benefit from corrective market environments. With Tony Sagami's Rational Bear, you don't have to completely ignore your long portfolio to be ready for a market decline. Rational Bear exists to help you hedge appropriately today for whatever tomorrow might hold.


Yield Shark

Specific, what-to-buy recommendations to help you aim for the highest yields on your money… in virtually any type of market. On your behalf, John Mauldin's personal research team tirelessly searches for investments offering the best combination of yield and potential capital appreciation to help you dramatically boost your investment income. Read on for all the details...


Bull's Eye Investor

Understanding where the markets are headed is key to successful investing… and that’s the basis of Bull’s Eye Investor. Contrarian investor Jared Dillian uses his years of experience on Wall Street’s trading floors and his keen insights into human behavior to determine tomorrow’s trends today—and to show his subscribers how to play them. With Bull’s Eye Investor, you not only get Jared’s ingenious mix of market analysis and trader’s intuition, you get an education in market psychology at its finest.


Just One Trade

Specific buy and sell recommendations to help you aim for potential high returns, based on input from John Mauldin's inner circle of the biggest and best money managers in the world. On your behalf, the Mauldin Economics research team interviews many of John's top contacts in his billion-dollar Rolodex and then translates their market insights into timely, actionable recommendations that you can act on immediately. Read on for all the details...


World Money Analyst

Every month, a team of globally diversified, successful analysts and investors share their deep understanding of their backyard markets – and the very best ways to invest in those markets. Their unique analysis is brought together in a breakthrough new service – World Money Analyst – designed specifically to help you and other smart investors step off the shaky treadmill that comes from keeping all your investments, and all your assets, in a single politically controlled jurisdiction.


Transformational Technology Alert

At Transformational Technology Alert, Patrick Cox uses his 30 years of technology research experience to uncover the breakthroughs that could transform the future. Each month, you get specific buy and sell recommendations and the full story behind the publicly traded firms working on disease treatments, life extension tools, and breakthrough computing ideas that could deliver transformational benefits to society and transformational gains to your portfolio. Few readers are prepared to witness the amazing advances Patrick covers in Transformational Technology Alert. Click here to learn more...


Over My Shoulder

If there is another service like Over My Shoulder out there, we are unaware of it. As the name of the service indicates, as John Mauldin reads through literally reams of top-level investment and economic research as part of his regular work each week, he keeps a close watch for those special gems that deserve your immediate attention. When he finds one, he forwards them to you, along with a quick pointer or two as to the importance and personal relevance of the research. It's like having your own highly tuned radar constantly scanning the landscape for what's important, saving you time while ensuring you are exceedingly well informed on today's most pressing economic and investment topics. Learn more today about becoming a member of John Mauldin's private Over My Shoulder network.

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Thoughts from the Frontline

Follow Mauldin as he uncovers the truth behind, and beyond, the financial headlines. Thoughts from the Frontline explores developments overlooked by mainstream news and analyzes challenges and opportunities on the horizon. This in-depth weekly dispatch helps you understand what's happening in the economy and navigate the markets with confidence.

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Outside the Box

Each week a million readers expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of today's challenging economy and investment markets by reading John Mauldin's Outside the Box. Every week this free e-letter is delivered directly to your inbox, bringing you insightful and thought-provoking essays and analysis from one of John's deep network of contacts. Some weeks you'll learn how to do better with your investments, in others John and friends will tip you to an evolving trend you need to be aware of—but all will challenge you to think outside the box. Find out what a million readers already know... sign up for Outside the Box now—it's free.

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Patrick Cox's Tech Digest

Each weekday, Patrick Cox and his research team compile the three most important technology-based news links you need to know about and send them directly to your email inbox. Each link comes with a short description of what you need to know and why the link is important. You can read the daily recaps, or you can choose to click the links and read the entire articles for yourself. On Saturdays, Patrick and his team send you a weekly "best of" email showing you the most important links of the entire week. Patrick Cox's Tech Digest is 100% free. You can sign up and start receiving Patrick's emails with NO future obligation.

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The 10th Man New

If you watched the movie World War Z, you’ve heard of “the 10th man.” He’s the odd one out, the devil’s advocate, the one who—for the greater good—is obliged to disagree when everyone else agrees. Jared Dillian is that 10th man. He’s “the ultimate contrarian,” and following his intellectual adventures is a true thrill ride for every investor. A master in behavioral economics, Jared probes the mind of today’s market to gauge the trends of tomorrow. Sign up for his weekly missive and don’t miss another one of his captivating conclusions.

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Connecting the Dots New

Tony Sagami is a master at turning complex and sometimes unseen market drivers into direct, actionable steps you can take to build a stronger portfolio. In his free weekly e-letter, Connecting the Dots, Tony shows you how global news, financial filings, trading patterns, and investor psychology connect and move markets. In easy-to-read, friendly language, Tony’s Connecting the Dots dispatches keep you one step ahead of the investing crowd and truly aware of the forces moving markets around the world.

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As I have said in the past, STRATFOR and friend, George Friedman, is my main and favorite source for geo-political news and analysis. If you are in the business of managing money where an eye to what is happening in the world is critical, or you are a student of geo-politics, or both, I strongly suggest you get your own subscription to STRATFOR.

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Casey Research

I can always count on a steady flow of questions about gold. And in response, let me clearly state that I do not comment except in general on stocks. But my friend Doug Casey does. If you subscribe to Doug’s letter, they will send you his recent update which covers in-depth all the stocks he likes and a few he says to avoid.

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Everbank is the one bank in the US (that I know) where you can get foreign denominated CDs (Certificates of Deposits) in a variety of currencies. They have a range of WorldCurrency checking, CD, precious metals, and money market accounts. Chuck Butler, President, is a good friend and savvy currency author of The Daily Pfennig.

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