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Over My Shoulder

Scott Galloway: “How Amazon is Dismantling Retail”

April 29, 2017

My friend Tom Romero sent along this note:

"Hope everyone had a productive week….. I’m fascinated with what Amazon is doing to the retail space. Below is a fascinating 25-minute talk by a guy name of Scott Galloway essentially on “How Amazon is Dismantling Retail”.  Worth spending some time giving this a listen over the weekend as I think you will come away smarter about what’s going on out there."
Tom also included a slide on Amazon's market cap that came from mutual friend Grant Williams, who writes Things That Make You Go Hmmm...  See the attached PDF.

Download - AMAZON_Mkt_Cap~TTMYGH.pdf

HSBC: “Going to town”

April 28, 2017

This is a longer piece from HSBC on global trends in urbanization. Notice that they start talking about peak urbanization in the developed countries. This particular trend is going to have serious implications for all sorts of everything. I think this is worth reading and absorbing.

Download - 635836.PDF