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Ian Bremmer: The Iran deal

July 24, 2015

This will probably make the blood pressure of a few of you rise. I have been following the Iran deal, but more from an international perspective and in terms of economic impacts than with regard to Iran's capability of enforcing the nuclear arrangement; and the latter factor seems to be remarkably lacking in this document. But the rest of the world is simply not as concerned as the US or Israel about that aspect. My friend Ian Bremmer has written this piece analyzing the deal, but pay attention to what he has to say about international acceptance. Whether or not you think we should be worried about international approval, this deal will improve the economics of oil and so many other things, which is what companies and countries are focused on: their own pocketbooks. At least in the short term. He also outlines how this development changes politics and economics in the Middle East.

He has sections on Greece and Russia, too.

Download - 150724_bremmer.pdf