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Over My Shoulder

Anatole Kaletsky: Leaving the EU would be Britain’s biggest diplomatic disaster since losing America

November 13, 2015

I'm not certain that Britain leaving the EU is in the cards; but Brexit, as it is called, would be highly disruptive to global trade and finance. With the polls roughly split, we should pay attention. Anatole Kaletsky talks about the consequences of divorce, EU-style.

Download - Why_Brexit_could_be_Britain%E2%80%99s_biggest_diplomatic_disaster_%7C_Prospect_Magazine.pdf

Anatole Kaletsky: Preparing for Fed Liftoff

November 9, 2015

This is from Anatole Kaletsky of GaveKal, who argues that even with interest rates likely to rise, the dollar could be flat or even down. Quite the different outcome from what I think and what David Zervos argued  last weekend. But he does make a point in this short note that the dollar did actually weaken during two previous rate-hike cycles. And he does note that a rising dollar is possible. Just a different perspective.

Download - Preparing_For_Fed_Lift-Off.pdf