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Susan McWilliams on Hunter S. Thompson and Trump

February 22, 2017

One of my readers sent me this piece from The Nation. I really don't read The Nation all that much, but because it was a reader and because the piece was about gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, from a writing generation before mine, and because the author claimed that Thompson's book Hells Angels was predictive of Donald Trump, I opened the piece up and found myself reading the entire thing.
It does have the slant you would expect from The Nation, but it also made me think. As I've mentioned in my letter over the past few months, I have read the book Men Without Work, which has been a significant influence on my thinking about future generations and their roles in society, etc.. I saw parallels between Hunter's work, which this writer analyzes well, and the angst in America that is spreading among working people.
I don't agree with all of the author's conclusions or even some of her assertions, but I think there is a real phenomenon here that we should be paying attention to as concerned observers of society who have to live and invest in that society. This piece has my antenna up.
I recognize this is not going to float all my readers' boats – if you get into it and don't like it, then just delete it.
“There's something happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear.”

Download - McWilliams_on_Thompson_on_Trump.pdf

David McWilliams: “Trump—The First 100 Days?”

February 9, 2017

I seldom send you a link to a video, but this is a great five-minute YouTube from my Irish friend David McWilliams. Now, David is a little bit more left-leaning than I am, but he's a hale and well-met fellow. He does these whiteboard videos, talking about the issues of the day. As an aside, he is the most-read and best-known Irish economist.
This one offers a view of how the rest of the world sees Trump, both internally and externally. And his conclusions are  close to mine. I've been writing this week, and am going to continue writing for the next couple weeks, about the proposed tax bill coming out of Ways and Means. It is a job killer and does nothing to increase income of the little guy (in fact, it does just the opposite). When with some tweaking it could.
This is a brand killer if they actually do it. It will make everything else that Trump does, no matter how good and wonderful irrelevant, as it could ultimately trigger a trade war and a global recession. Think Smoot-Hawley.
But in the meantime take five minutes and look at David's video and laugh with me. You gotta have some fun here and there.


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