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This site is dedicated to unpacking the latest news on the biotech transformations currently under way that promise longer, more fulfilling lives, and also the potential for outsized market returns.

Transformational Technologies is designed as a one-stop location for you to watch video interviews conducted by Research Director Patrick Cox, read free reports on life extension and transformational tech investing, and view daily compilations of the most important links in the biotech/research space.

All the content you'll find at Transformational Technologies is 100% free and unbiased. This site is a sister site of Mauldin Economics, the groundbreaking research group that hundreds of thousands of readers rely on each day for focused, independent thinking on economic trends, forecasting, and advice.

Transformational Technologies exists in its own space separate from the content found at Mauldin Economics because John Mauldin (founder and CEO of Mauldin Economics) wanted Patrick and his research team to have their own "home" for ongoing investigations and analysis as well as their own platform to share what they find with readers like you.

While Transformational Technologies is biotech and life extension-focused, you can also expect to see articles, videos, and reports detailing macro themes, like Joseph Schumpeter's famous theory of "creative destruction," and what they mean for investors like you.

Transformational Technologies will also contain conversations and research on the technology singularity, what Moore's law means to your health and wealth, as well as simple steps you can take cheaply and quickly to perhaps benefit from natural life-extension techniques available today.

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