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BAT Science: The Dark Fat Returns

September 4, 2014

At an early age, we are familiarized with our most vital organs. We learn that we would not be able to survive without the heart, the stomach, the intestines, the lungs, or the brain that controls them all. Most of us learn about the liver and kidneys, and maybe even learn that the skin itself, as unintuitive as it may be, is also considered an organ. The science you learned as a child, however, is not settled. The revolution in biological knowledge includes truly exciting discoveries about an organ that you’ve probably not heard of. I’m talking about fat.

Blood, Fat, and Tears

April 24, 2015

Organizations such as the Institute for Aging Research (IAR), a multidisciplinary project of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, have extensively studied people who have exceptionally long and healthy lifespans. Obviously, if we could find some common factor in diet or exercise habits—something that everybody could do to increase their health spans—it would be important information.

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