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New Chip Promising for Tumor-Targeting Research

September 23, 2014

Purdue University researchers, writing in the Journal of Controlled Release, discuss the creation of a nanotech device capable of simulating a cancer tumor’s “microenvironment.” Using this new device, the team will be able to better study the cellular barriers to some cancer treatments and devise new ways to attack cancer cells that work around these barriers. One avenue of research will be to study misshapen and irregular blood vessels surrounding tumors, which could have pores large enough to allow targeted cancer drugs to pass through.

“Flying Carpet” Technique Uses Graphene to Deliver One-Two Punch of Anticancer Drugs

January 7, 2015

New work appearing in the journal Advanced Materials discusses the creation of a graphene film containing two anticancer drugs, which proved successful in delivering two types of drugs to tumors in a mouse model. One drug, for example, works best when attached to the outer membrane of cancer cells and was applied to the surface of the graphene film. The other, used to target the nucleus, was bound to the graphene itself. This new technique for delivering combination-therapy cancer treatment could lead to compounding breakthroughs in anticancer research.

The New(est) War on Cancer

January 15, 2016

In the president’s State of the Union speech, he vowed to cure cancer, likening the effort to a new moonshot. I have no doubt he’s sincere, just as he was sincere when he promised that the Affordable Care Act would reduce healthcare costs without the need to give up our doctors or insurance plans. I assume he was sincere the last time he launched a new effort to cure cancer as well. That was in 2009. By doing so, he joined with Presidents Nixon and Clinton who also launched wars on cancer.

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