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Lack of Naturally Occurring Protein Linked to Dementia

August 27, 2014

University of Warwick scientists, also releasing new work in a Nature Communications article, reveal that the absence of the MK2/3 protein could be related to adverse physiological changes to nervous system cells. The absence of this protein is also thought to be connected to dementia and difficulty forming new memories. The scientists discovered that postsynaptic neurons lacking MK2/3 were structurally different than neurons containing the protein. Further MK2/3 study and research, therefore, could provide new insight into the onset of dementia and potentially lead to new ways of improving brain function and memory.

Can Your Blood Type Affect Your Memory in Later Years?

September 11, 2014

A study published in Neurology reports that those with blood type AB may be at higher risk of developing memory loss and dementia in old age than those with other blood types. Only 4% of the population has blood type AB, but in a recent study of over 30,000 people, AB individuals were found to be up to 82% more likely to develop memory loss. One possible connection is the presence of blood factor VIII, a clotting agent, higher levels of which have been associated with greater risks for memory loss. In the study, the AB blood type subjects were found to have the highest levels of factor VIII.

Falling Birth Rates, the Immigration Crisis, and Biotech

January 29, 2016

For months now, the topic of immigration has dominated the news. Limits on immigration appear to be the central issue in upcoming elections across the Western world. While the movement of people between nations has obvious demographic consequences, there are less obvious and deeper demographic issues at the heart of the arguments between those who want more or less immigration.

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