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Age Evasion or Compression of Morbidity

September 24, 2014

Last week, an FDA committee voted 20 to 1 to make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe testosterone products. The committee also recommended that pharmaceutical companies selling testosterone products be forced to perform additional safety tests, based mostly on a few studies indicating that patients with heart problems are more likely to experience cardiac events when they start using testosterone.

What’s Next, Part 2: The Singularity as Life Extension

January 30, 2015

As I mentioned last week, I’m multitasking while I finish a book on tech advances and their investing implications. Last Friday, you saw an excerpt of my book manuscript called “What’s Next, Part 1: The Rise of Biocomputing.” This week, we look deeper into the so-called tech singularity and investigate life-extension therapies.

Blood, Fat, and Tears

April 24, 2015

Organizations such as the Institute for Aging Research (IAR), a multidisciplinary project of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, have extensively studied people who have exceptionally long and healthy lifespans. Obviously, if we could find some common factor in diet or exercise habits—something that everybody could do to increase their health spans—it would be important information.

Settled Science

May 29, 2015

In the 1970s, when I was in college, some department of the United Nations was making the rounds at universities giving presentations about the overpopulation problem. I was puzzled because I was familiar with the work of Warren Thompson, the demographer who predicted the depopulation trend that today is already full-blown in the West and quickly catching up elsewhere.

The Regulatory Transformation Begins

June 12, 2015

This issue isn’t going to be what I had planned it to be. Our household is in upheaval right now because an older relative just slipped hard down the slope of cognitive decline. My wife has experienced a truly unpleasant role reversal, taking the car keys away from her father following a couple of scary events. Routes that he’s driven for decades now baffle him. He’s been lost several times and recently had an accident.

Mobile Health Apps Will Solve Critical Nutritional Puzzles and Enable Effective Anti-Aging Diets

October 2, 2015

You probably didn’t notice when it happened, but smartphone health apps have made their way, for the first time, into the clinic. Over the last six months or so, a mobile Health (mHealth) app has been integrated into the practices of doctors associated with a major medical university. Whether you know it or not, this will change your life.

Welcome to the “Age” Age

October 16, 2015

John Mauldin and I spent the day at “the Buck” earlier this week at the invitation of Brian K. Kennedy, PhD, the president and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The Buck is the world’s first major scientific research institution dedicated to solving the problems of aging. This includes, to make things clear, the development of anti-aging biotechnologies. Founded in 1999, the institute currently employs about 140 PhDs as well as more than 100 technicians and support staff in 22 labs dedicated to different challenges.

The Anti-Aging Groundswell

December 4, 2015

I really hope you were able to watch the National Geographic documentary, The Age of Aging, as I suggested. I’ve been predicting a fundamental transformation in the way that the public, especially the baby-boom generation, views health care and the regulatory process. This documentary is powerful evidence that this revolutionary change is well underway and accelerating.

The New(est) War on Cancer

January 15, 2016

In the president’s State of the Union speech, he vowed to cure cancer, likening the effort to a new moonshot. I have no doubt he’s sincere, just as he was sincere when he promised that the Affordable Care Act would reduce healthcare costs without the need to give up our doctors or insurance plans. I assume he was sincere the last time he launched a new effort to cure cancer as well. That was in 2009. By doing so, he joined with Presidents Nixon and Clinton who also launched wars on cancer.

Another Study Shows Oxaloacetate Helps Fight Alzheimer’s in Animals

August 22, 2016

Here’s one of my favorite jokes. An older fish meets a group of young fish and asks, “How’s the water?” To which, the young fish respond, “What the heck is water?” While it may not make you laugh, the point is important. We tend to tune out things that are right in front of us. This phenomenon is aptly called a blind spot. Most people are unaware of their own punctum caecum (the large physiological blind spot in our field of vision).

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