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Thanksgiving, Famine, and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

November 28, 2016

The popular story of the Thanksgiving holiday is that it commemorates the rescue of the pilgrims struggling to survive in the new world by altruistic Wampanoag Indians. This is simply not true.


The Tools of JFK and Reagan Probably Won’t Work for Trump

November 14, 2016

The presidential campaign made one fact very clear. Most of the media and public aren’t focused on economic growth. They fail to see that in the end, it doesn’t matter what a candidate’s policy priorities are. Growth powers and funds everything else. Just take a look at the enormous federal deficit and you’ll see that economic health keeps taking a back seat to short-term goals.


Zika Panic May Accelerate Cure for CMV Birth Defects

November 7, 2016

It’s a sign of the times. The Japanese company Bibilab is selling a washable Zika protection suit. Available in three colors, the 6,600 yen ($65 US) garment isn’t a bad idea for pregnant women living in areas where mosquitos carry Zika. But in the long run, it won’t matter much.


Biotech Has a Solution for the Clean Water Crisis

October 31, 2016

About a billion people lack the water needed to meet basic health and agricultural needs. Water-borne diseases cause nearly half of hospitalizations globally and kill millions each year. And aquifers around the world are being depleted. The lack of clean water fuels regional conflicts and threatens economic growth from California to the Middle East.


Infectious Disease: Medicine’s Last Frontier

October 24, 2016

The CDC has expanded its count of Miami neighborhoods with verified local transmission of the Zika virus. As a result, pregnant women are taking precautions. Some have left the area. Others are donning hazmat suits.


Video Game Science Opens a Door to Life Extension

October 17, 2016

The iPad and other tablets make up more than half of all personal computer sales, and their share of the market continues to grow. Consumer demand for new diversions drives innovation. This is especially true for video games. In fact, gaming is bigger than the movie and music business combined.


Drug Pricing in the Age of Changing Demographics

October 12, 2016

Policy wonks like Congressional Budget Office economists and former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan are starting to accept an important fact. The main cause of our current fiscal distress is the aging of the population and associated healthcare cost increases.


It’s Not Just Obamacare—Healthcare Systems Are Failing Everywhere

September 26, 2016

This time of year, the weather is hot and often wet in South Florida where I live. I’ve acclimated, so I rarely notice the temperature or the humidity… except when tourists point it out. Right now, it’s the slow season: roads and store aisles are uncongested, and reservations are rarely needed at my favorite restaurants. That will change soon with the annual influx of Canadians.


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112 Years Old ... Still The Life of the Party - Find out more here