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The Defense Department and Antarctic Eelpouts May End America’s Biggest Medical Killer

January 9, 2017

What’s the one medical condition most likely to kill you? If you follow statistics, you’d probably say heart disease. About one in four deaths in the US is due to the condition. Each year, more than a million Americans have a heart attack. Though heart disease tops most “causes of death” lists, far more Americans die due to the transplant organ shortage.


More Evidence That Aging Can Be Reversed

December 19, 2016

Two weeks ago, Michael West, PhD, gave a keynote address to the World Stem Cell Summit. In it, West said that he and his collaborators are learning to unlock powers in our genomes to reverse aging and repair even major injuries.


Trump’s FDA Chief Could Save Your Life

December 12, 2016

President-elect Trump’s cabinet appointments are generating a great deal of attention and controversy. After eight years of Democrat rule, it would be foolish to expect otherwise.


The 21st Century Cures Act Won’t Cure Our Healthcare Problems

December 5, 2016

Having passed the House with overwhelming support, the $6 billion 21st Century Cures Act is on track to become law. Its original purpose (before lobbyists spent more than $100 million to influence the legislation) was to accelerate the development and approval of new drugs and medical devices.


Thanksgiving, Famine, and the Fasting Mimicking Diet

November 28, 2016

The popular story of the Thanksgiving holiday is that it commemorates the rescue of the pilgrims struggling to survive in the new world by altruistic Wampanoag Indians. This is simply not true.


The Tools of JFK and Reagan Probably Won’t Work for Trump

November 14, 2016

The presidential campaign made one fact very clear. Most of the media and public aren’t focused on economic growth. They fail to see that in the end, it doesn’t matter what a candidate’s policy priorities are. Growth powers and funds everything else. Just take a look at the enormous federal deficit and you’ll see that economic health keeps taking a back seat to short-term goals.


Zika Panic May Accelerate Cure for CMV Birth Defects

November 7, 2016

It’s a sign of the times. The Japanese company Bibilab is selling a washable Zika protection suit. Available in three colors, the 6,600 yen ($65 US) garment isn’t a bad idea for pregnant women living in areas where mosquitos carry Zika. But in the long run, it won’t matter much.


Biotech Has a Solution for the Clean Water Crisis

October 31, 2016

About a billion people lack the water needed to meet basic health and agricultural needs. Water-borne diseases cause nearly half of hospitalizations globally and kill millions each year. And aquifers around the world are being depleted. The lack of clean water fuels regional conflicts and threatens economic growth from California to the Middle East.


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112 Years Old ... Still The Life of the Party - Find out more here