An Unexpected Invite from a
Legendary Financial Expert:
Come to My
Super Bowl Party

The Alpha Society
is Accepting New Members JOIN NOW

Membership to the Mauldin Alpha Society, John Mauldin’s exclusive private club, is about much more than lifetime access to everything we publish.

Now, for a brief window, it’s accepting new members. Will you be one of them?

When John Mauldin was organizing his 2016 Super Bowl party in his beautiful apartment in Dallas, he made sure to invite local Alpha Society members to join the fun.

And so on February 7, 2016, around 50 of John’s friends, family, and Alpha Society members gathered together to watch the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers. And to mingle, talk shop, and relax, of course.

When we launched the Alpha Society, we wanted to give our most high-powered readers the opportunity to receive everything Mauldin Economics publishes... for a one-time payment plus a small maintenance fee… for life. It was an astonishing offer and has been hugely successful. We’re very proud of it.

We couldn’t have envisioned that just months after its launch, members of this exclusive club would be watching the Super Bowl with John…

But it’s really no surprise. John’s vision for the Alpha Society was always about more than offering readers a great deal on our publications.

Its purpose was also to bring like-minded people together to share ideas and form connections.

Over the last year or two:

John personally invited Alpha Society members to parties themed around New Year’s Eve, Brexit, and other big events at his place…

An Alpha Society member and his family flew across the country to attend John’s wedding reception…

John set up meetings at his Strategic Investment Conference between Alpha Society members and financial luminaries such as Raoul Pal, Grant Williams, Lacy Hunt, David Rosenberg, and more…

And when John travels, he ensures he reaches out to local Alpha Society members wherever he’s going. “It’s important I meet up with them,” he says. “It really does become a friendship and we maintain contact.”

In fact, there’s a low-key gathering taking place in Hong Kong in the coming weeks, with a meet-up planned between John and several Alpha Society members who live in the area.

Today, You’re Invited to Join This Remarkable Alliance

John is renowned as a people person who, as he says, “makes new friends everywhere I go.”

He’s also renowned for having a “billion-dollar Rolodex” of contacts in Washington and on Wall Street.

And he loves putting people and ideas together, which is why the Alpha Society’s core strength is as a hub of connection between like-minded people.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to add new elements to the Alpha Society, in order to…

  • Put relationships between members, John, and our editors at the heart of the Society
  • Facilitate idea sharing between Alpha Society members
  • Ensure Alpha Society members get gilt-edged treatment at all times

And now, we’re ready to unveil “Alpha Society 2.0” to you.

The Alpha Society is our most exclusive membership, which is why we only open it up to new members once a year. It’s also why we only open it up for a very brief window.

And its power lies in its members. It’s an exclusive group of people who span the globe. People who are committed to real conversation and real connection. People who seek the best in everything they do.

At Mauldin Economics, we understand accepting nothing less than the best. So if you accept your invitation to join the Alpha Society today, you will…

Get More Access to the Mauldin Economics Editors Than Ever Before

Jared Dillian, Kevin Brekke, Patrick Cox, Patrick Watson, Robert Ross, and George Friedman… our powerful lineup of editors brings you some of the sharpest analysis in the industry.

And now we want to bring you closer together, with the introduction of Alpha Society-only, quarterly conference calls.

Here’s how it will work. Starting in February, we’ll ask Alpha Society members to vote on what topics you would like our editors to discuss.

Each quarter, you will be invited to join a conference call held by several of the editors. You’ll have the opportunity to “be in the room” while they discuss the topics you have chosen. These calls will only ever be available to Alpha Society members… It’s our way of giving you personal access to our team.

Plus, we’ll record each call so that if you can’t tune in live, you can listen back at your leisure.

If you’ve already read enough and wish to accept your invitation to join, simply click this link.

Otherwise, please read on and discover how you can…

Connect with Your Fellow Alpha Society Members in a “Gated” Community

Also new to the Alpha Society is our forthcoming Alpha Society Council…. an online, members-only, strictly private forum for you to communicate with your fellow Society members.

We want this to be an intellectually open yet private space for you to enjoy stimulating discussion and debate.

That’s why the Council will have categories for you to open up conversations on pretty much any topic you want… whether it’s the latest issue of Street Freak, the latest development in the bitcoin saga, or just general news and views.

One aim of the Council is for it to be a bastion against the increasingly vitriolic discourse taking over the Internet. This private forum will encourage fruitful conversation, blossoming connections, and more.

The only other people who will have access to the Council will be the editors, John, Olivier and me (Ed D’Agostino). And we all plan to drop in and participate in the conversation as much as possible.

There Are a Host of Other Perks Too, Including…

  • A 20% discount off Mauldin Economics’ famed Strategic Investment Conference. For the SIC 2018, which takes place in San Diego, March 6–9, that’s a discount of $519. And you can avail yourself of this discount every year that you remain an Alpha Society member.
  • A “velvet rope” SIC experience. Alpha Society members experience a different kind of SIC. You will be able to enjoy an exclusive Alpha Society members-only lounge with drinks and snacks, workspaces, comfortable seating, and more… an Alpha Society-only tour… and a special reception where you’ll connect with fellow Alpha Society members, John, the Mauldin Economics editors, and several SIC speakers. Other perks include priority check-in at registration, a significantly discounted Virtual Pass, and more.  
  • Invitations to special Alpha Society events. I’ve already shared some of the past events that John has hosted in his home in Dallas… and we have big plans for the future.
  • Alpha Society-only discounts. For one-time events, such as online conferences, emergency summits, premium reports, and more, you will always receive a discount below the lowest price offered to the “general public.”
  • And lots more

Plus, Receive All the Premium Research We Publish… for the Rest of Your Life

Once you accept your invitation to join the Alpha Society, your membership also gives you lifetime access to every single Mauldin Economics publication.

That’s right… for an initial one-time membership fee and modest annual maintenance fee (more on this later), you:

  • Get every research service Mauldin Economics publishes today—for life. Over the next 10 years alone, that adds up to a value of $67,410 (not counting any new subscription services we may launch in the future).
  • Get all future Mauldin Economics research services we’ll publish—essentially for free. No matter how much we charge for any new research service, as an Alpha Society member you’ll receive it at no additional cost. In 2017, we launched Jared Dillian’s ETF 20/20, which was added automatically to Alpha Society members’ dashboards. And in 2018, we have plans to launch another new service (and Alpha Society members will get “first look”).

As a reminder, here is the current suite of letters you will receive each month as an Alpha Society member.

From Senior Editor Jared Dillian…

Jared has been described by our readers as “brilliant, uncommonly honest, funny, and extremely knowledgeable,” “real, fresh, and tells the why of what’s happening,” and more. And his relationship with his readers is critically important to him. As he says, “If paid investment newsletters were ever outlawed, I would continue to write and publish. I get to engage with smart readers who challenge me. It makes me a better analyst and investor.”

Each month, Jared brings his contrarian viewpoint to readers in the form of Street Freak, his aggressive stock-picking letter. As well as targeting the best risk-adjusted returns, each issue delivers a master class in market sentiment and investor psychology to his readers.

And in ETF 20/20, individual investors and pros alike are treated to a fresh take on how to reap the benefits of ETFs, a monthly snapshot of the ETF industry, a “get rich slow” ETF portfolio, and Jared’s trademark wit and sharp insights.

From Managing Editor Kevin Brekke…

The always unflappable Kevin Brekke is the analyst you want advising you in preparation for (and during) a market downturn. He simply believes in following the evidence, explaining: “It’s how I made my first big call back in the ’80s when the US dollar started to lose its value against other major world currencies. I spotted this trend early, took a short position, and made a handsome profit during the decade-long slide.”

This type of shrewd, cool-headed insight is why he helms Rational Bear, our premium short selling service. Rational Bear helps you to properly hedge against downturns—consider it your portfolio insurance. 

Add to that Kevin’s strong desire to personally connect with readers (he recently answered every single question asked by attendees of an online emergency portfolio protection summit), and you can immediately see the benefit of having Kevin on your side.

From Senior Editor Patrick Watson…

For decades, Patrick has been a trusted member of John’s inner circle and a master of macroeconomic foresight. As John says, “I have never known anyone who can see around corners like this guy.”

In Yield Shark, Mauldin Economics’ longest running newsletter, Patrick helps readers generate superior yield in a low-yield world… and lower their portfolio’s risk exposure.

From Senior Editor Patrick Watson and Senior Equity Analyst Robert Ross…

Patrick Watson also co-authors premium alert service Macro Growth & Income Alert, along with Robert Ross. Wunderkind Robert was mentored by market veterans like Jared Dillian and Grant Williams, and rose quickly through the ranks to become one of the youngest chief analysts in the business.

Macro Growth & Income Alert combines Patrick’s measured, macro analysis with Robert’s sharp technical perspective. Their two-pronged approach allows subscribers to earn outsized returns using stocks and options.

From Senior Editor Patrick Cox….

Who better to take you on a journey of discovery about the future of health than a 30-year veteran of the tech/biotech space? In Transformational Technology Alert, Patrick Cox tirelessly searches out the development-stage biotech and technology companies that could revolutionize the world of tomorrow.

Not only are Transformational Technology Alert’s recommendations an exciting, fruitful addition to your portfolio, Patrick’s research and analysis will help expand your way of thinking about the future of the human race. As Transformational Technology Alert subscriber Ted M. says, “Patrick’s enthusiasm/passion for his craft and findings is quite infectious.”

And of course, from Mauldin Economics Chairman John Mauldin…

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough recently said John “has one of the most brilliant audiences out there.” It’s the “brilliance” of his readers that led to the founding of John’s private readers’ circle.

How? Well, each and every day, John reads through reams of quality research, much of it sent to him personally by his friends and associates at the highest levels of the world’s most successful money management and investment research firms.

John knew that his brilliant readers would greatly benefit from and enjoy this top-level research, and so Over My Shoulder was born. As Over My Shoulder reader M.W says, “I trust Mr Mauldin to find stuff written by insightful, intelligent people with differing views.”

Start your Alpha Society membership now

An Embarrassment of Intellectual Riches

I’ll get to the exact numbers in a minute, but the idea behind Alpha Society is that you pay a one-off joining fee and a modest annual maintenance fee.

For that, you get lifetime access to everything we publish for as long we publish it… as well as the benefits of membership that we simply can’t put a price on, such as a higher level of access to John and the editors than any of our other readers have, a member’s-only invitation to the editor’s quarterly conference calls, unrestricted access to the Alpha Society Council, and more.

And actually, you pay less for lifetime membership than you would pay for just one year of all of our seven premium services.

That is not good business sense. It’s a terrible business model!

So why do we do it?  

And why are we adding a host of new features when the current Alpha Society members are already thrilled with the current benefits? Don’t take my word for that… in a recent survey, 93% of members who participated told us they would recommend the Alpha Society to others.

The answer to both of those questions is we are building something that we truly believe in. We are building something special and lasting, that we plan will last not for years or even decades, but for longer than that (which is why you can bequeath your membership to your children).

The Alpha Society is still young—only two years’ old. But it is growing into a Society that can justifiably and favorably be compared to famed private clubs that endure for centuries.

So this is your invitation to be a part of this great Society’s story almost from the beginning.

You Should Know:
Membership in the Alpha Society Is Strictly Limited

The doors to the Mauldin Alpha Society open just once a year, for a strictly limited time.

Because we want to build closer relationships between a select group of our readers, John, and our editors, you can understand why we cannot accept too many new members—we are building a close-knit, exclusive community, not a city populated with thousands.

Remember, the Mauldin Alpha Society is also our way of giving our readers the chance to receive ALL our subscription services with no expiration—for a one-time flat fee, plus a very modest annual maintenance fee to help offset inflation.

Now, subscribing to all Mauldin Economics services currently costs $6,741 per year…

And the access to our editors, Alpha Society-only event invitations, membership to the Alpha Society Council, and more are priceless.

  • But with this exclusive invitation, you can enroll in the Alpha Society at the very special rate of $5,950.

Within just months, this one-time investment could have paid for itself—then you’ll essentially receive all our services for free, for as long as we publish them.

And you will be able to start forging relationships with John, the editors, and your fellow Alpha Society members… relationships that have the potential to improve many different aspects of your life.

This invitation is available for a strictly limited time. After we close it, we won’t reopen the Mauldin Alpha Society to new members for at least one year… and the price will likely be much higher. So don’t wait to sign up, or it could be too late.

Let me stress it again…

For a moderate one-time initiation fee, you’ll receive thousands of dollars’ worth of world-class research and priceless additional benefits—each and every year.

It’s important to note that if you already subscribe to any Mauldin Economics publications, you’ll pay even less—we will credit the remaining months of your subscriptions to your Alpha Society initiation fee.

And after your initiation fee, all you’ll ever pay is a modest $395 annual maintenance fee, charged on the anniversary of your membership.

Just the additional discounts on conferences, as well as discounts on products and services from trusted partners you’ll receive as a Mauldin Alpha Society member, will more than cover the cost of that low maintenance fee.

The True Secret of Success

A one-time initiation fee plus an annual maintenance fee for lifetime access to everything we publish is a unique and valuable offering.

But the true value of the Alpha Society doesn’t lie in the “bargain price.”

It lies in the connections you can forge with John, Jared, Patrick Cox, Patrick Watson, Kevin, Robert, and George.

It lies in the connections you can forge with your fellow Alpha Society members.

It lies in the connections you can forge with the financial luminaries John introduces you to at the Strategic Investment Conference, his own private gatherings, and more.

The people you spend time with are of key importance to your success (however you personally measure success).

And no one feels more strongly about that than John. It’s why he started the Alpha Society, and why he, the editors, Olivier and I look forward to welcoming you into the fold. 

Accept Your No-Risk Invitation to Join the Alpha Society Now


[Ed D'Agostino] Ed D'Agostino
COO & Publisher, Mauldin Economics