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The Doors to the
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Attend the 2019 SIC at a
71% discount

I’m hoping you’ll gladly say yes, of course.

But first, let me try to give you an idea of how special the Alpha Society is for the “right kind” of person...

When John Mauldin was traveling to Hong Kong last January, he made sure to contact the Alpha Society members who live in the area.

And so John and a number of Alpha Society members enjoyed a low-key meetup in Asia's World City to mingle, talk shop... and relax, of course. That’s not exactly something that happens every day, does it?

Or how about this?

Jared Dillian surprised a group of Alpha Society members while in New York by bringing them to a techno-party he was DJing, along with DJ DSol (who is none other than David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs).

I (Ed D’Agostino) met some Alpha Society members while on vacation in Florida. We enjoyed dinner and a rousing debate on global debt.

Robert Ross literally bumped into an Alpha Society member in a European airport... and extended his trip by a day to share investing ideas.

You see, when we launched the Alpha Society, we wanted to give our dedicated readers the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people to share ideas and form connections. (And a whole lot more—I’ll get to that in just a moment)...

Think of the $2,679,001 one of Warren Buffett’s fans paid at an online charity auction to have lunch with him last year. That’s the power of hanging out with successful people willing to share ideas and learn from each other.

Now Warren Buffett isn’t an Alpha Society member (at least not yet). But that’s the kind of global network of like-minded people that Alpha Society is becoming. John’s vision for the Alpha Society was always about more than offering readers a great deal on our publications.

You see, wherever John and the other editors are, they ensure they reach out to local Alpha Society members. As John says, “It’s important I meet up with them. It really does become a friendship and we maintain contact.”

So what else does Alpha Society offer?

Let me show you...

Get More Access to the Mauldin Economics Editors Than Ever Before

Jared Dillian, Patrick Cox, Patrick Watson, Robert Ross, Chris Wood, Dr. Roizen, Olivier Garret, and myself… all have been hand-picked by John Mauldin to bring you some of the sharpest analysis in the industry.

You can get personal input and insight from at least one editor every quarter. That’s because we’ve brought our community closer together with our Alpha Society-only quarterly conference calls.

Here’s how they work. Each quarter, you’ll be invited to join a conference call. At least one of our editors and a special guest will discuss topics of importance to investors.

We often ask Alpha Society members to vote on the topics they would like our editors and special guests to discuss too.

In fact, you’ll essentially be “in the room” for these calls, a privilege available only to Alpha Society members. It’s our way of giving you personal access to our team and guests.

Our conference calls have included frank discussions on the Fed’s movements, the impact of tax cuts on state and local pensions, the worldwide debt problem, John’s “Train Wreck” series in Thoughts from the Frontline, and much more.

Plus the roster of past speakers on members-only calls includes John Mauldin and Lacy Hunt discussing Central Bank policy under Powell. Plus Jared Dillian questioning Louis Gave, head of Gavekal (a financial and economic research firm catering to ultra-high-net-worth family offices and institutions) on China’s markets.

The next call is set to take place in January, so if you accept this invitation today, you’ll be able to listen in to this members-only call live. We’re hard at work lining up our next special guest. Since the details are still being worked out, I’m sure you’ll understand why I can’t share them with you yet. But I can say with absolute certainty that this will be a call you won’t want to miss.

We held our most recent call on December 20 when our Chief Science Officer Patrick Cox hosted Dr. Michael Roizen. Dr. Roizen is not only the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic and the chief medical consultant to the Dr. Oz Show, he's also chief medical officer at Health & Wealth Research. The call with Patrick and Dr. Mike generated a fascinating conversation about the incredible advances in health and anti-aging medicine.

But even though you just missed the live call, there's no need to worry.

As part of your membership, you can access Dr. Roizen's conference call as a recording at a time that’s convenient to you. In fact, all our previous calls have been archived for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Even MORE Access to John and
Our Editors in 2019

There’s something extra-special on offer to Alpha Society members until midnight on January 9.

You can register for the SIC 2019 (our famous Strategic Investment Conference) at a substantial discount from the regular price. I’ll have much more to say about the SIC and this time-limited discount in a moment.

But if you already know of the incredible networking and learning experience the SIC represents...

You can go ahead and join the Alpha Society right now while adding the very special SIC registration price to your order. Just click this link right here.

Of course, you can also become an Alpha Society member without taking our generous SIC offer. If you’ve already read enough and wish to accept your invitation to join, simply click this link.

Connect with Your Fellow Alpha Society Members in a “Gated” Community

We’re also quite proud of our Alpha Society Council... an online, members-only, strictly private forum for you to communicate with your fellow Society members.

This is an intellectually open yet private space for you to enjoy stimulating discussion and debate.

The Council has categories where you can open up conversations on pretty much any topic you want… whether it’s the latest issue of Street Freak, the latest development in the trade war saga, or just general news and views.

Our Council is intended as a bastion against the increasingly vitriolic discourse taking over the internet. This private forum encourages fruitful conversation, blossoming connections, and more.

The only other people who have access to the Council will be the editors, John, Olivier and me. And we all drop in and participate in the conversation as much as possible.

There Are a Host of Other Perks Too, Including…

  • Alpha Society-only discounts. For one-time events, such as online conferences, emergency summits, premium reports, discounts on products and services from trusted partners, and more, you will always receive a discount below the lowest price offered to the “general public.”
  • A 71% discount off Mauldin Economics’ 2019 Strategic Investment Conference. For the SIC 2019 (which takes place in Dallas, May 13–16), that’s a discount of $2,495. And for every future SIC, you’re entitled to a 20% discount for as long as you remain an Alpha Society member..

Let me explain how that discount for the 2019 SIC works...

Get a 71% Discount on SIC Registration

If you’re one of the first 100 members to join the Alpha Society between January 7–9, you can register for the Strategic Investment Conference held in Dallas this May 13–16 for just $1,000.

Normally, this costs as much as $3,495. That means the $1,000 you’ll pay represents a 71% discount and a $2,495 savings.

So not only do you save 71% on the SIC 2019, but you’ll also enjoy a 20% discount off every future SIC, too.

And that’s not all.

You get more than the best price possible. You’ll also love the fact that Alpha Society members experience a different kind of SIC than everyone else.

You’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive Alpha Society members-only lounge (with a live stream of the stage, workspaces, comfortable seating, and more)… priority check-in... an Alpha Society-only tour… and a special reception where you’ll connect with fellow Alpha Society members, John, the Mauldin Economics editors, and several SIC speakers.

Other perks include a copy of Howard Marks’ new book.

(He's going to be a speaker at the SIC, by the way. We’re not quite ready to reveal our full speaker line up yet but trust me, you won’t be disappointed by the names on the list.)

I’m sure you can appreciate the networking possibilities that come from attending the SIC as an Alpha Society member considering what’s (and who’s) on offer.

But you must be one of the first 100 members to join now and secure that 71% discount.

Now, let me tell you a little story about last year’s SIC.

Our editors and all Alpha Society members in attendance took a private tour of the naval base in Coronado, California. Our tour guides included two former navy SEALs, a Navy captain, and a recently retired admiral.

The tour was followed by a cocktail reception at a reader’s house on the waterfront in Coronado. It was absolutely lovely as it overlooked the harbor and skyline of San Diego. We had a couple hours to get to know each other, followed by a Q&A with John Mauldin and the local admiral. The two SEALs remained on hand to share some of their experiences while in the Navy and after.

In fact, this was the event where one member said to me: "I don’t know how or why you do this. I’ve paid you the equivalent of one year of subscriptions, and I get tremendous value from your letters. Robert's option strategy and Jared's approach to portfolio construction have improved my returns and also help me sleep better at night. I’d be happy just with the letters, but here I am at this reception. I just had a 20-minute chat with Jared and John, and now I’m here talking to you. Why do you do it?”

I told him what John has said many times (and I agree), “This is as much fun for us as it is for you. We're Alpha Society members too! The community we're building enriches all of us."

And that’s not all...

You’ll Also Receive All the Premium Research We Publish…

Once you accept your invitation to join the Alpha Society, your membership also gives you lifetime access to every single Mauldin Economics publication, for as long as it is published.

That’s right… for an initial one-time membership fee and modest annual maintenance fee (more on this later), you:

  • Get every newsletter Mauldin Economics publishes today—for as long as we publish them. Over the next five years alone, that adds up to a value of $40,305 (not counting any new subscription services we may launch in the future).
  • Get all future Mauldin Economics newsletters we’ll publish—essentially for free. No matter how much we charge for any new research service, as an Alpha Society member you’ll receive it at no additional cost. In 2017, we launched Jared Dillian’s ETF 20/20, which was added automatically to Alpha Society members’ dashboards. And we’ve just launched our brand-new service Healthy Returns, a letter which will boost your health and the health of your portfolio.

Already getting everything we publish as a valued Mauldin Economics VIP member?
Please click here to read more on joining our even
more exclusive club!

Here’s a brief rundown on the current suite of letters you will receive each month as an Alpha Society member.

From Senior Editor Jared Dillian…

Jared has been described by our readers as “brilliant, uncommonly honest, funny, and extremely knowledgeable,” “real, fresh, and tells the why of what’s happening,” and more.

Each month, he brings his contrarian viewpoint to readers in the form of Street Freak and ETF 20/20. Right now, Street Freak is positioned defensively, while ETF 20/20 was designed from its inception to be an all-weather portfolio.

If you see hard times ahead, you want ongoing access to both of these publications. And if you see good times after the hard times, then you want access to Street Freak and ETF 20/20 for as long as they are published.

From Mauldin Economics Chairman John Mauldin and Senior Editor Patrick Watson…

Over My Shoulder has been a runaway success since its May relaunch, with thousands of new subscribers attracted to its promise to clean up your research process.

It comes as no surprise—in the last few months, John and Patrick have sent you gold nuggets in the form of Steve Blumenthal discussing the debt bubble... Louis Gave on the illusion of liquidity... Woody Brock on the true impact of a trade war... David Kotok on an important Pacific island discovery... Hoisington Quarterly Reviews from Dr. Lacy Hunt... and lots more.

Hard (or impossible)-to-access research plus simple, short explanations and key takeaways will make Over My Shoulder a star of your Alpha Society membership for years to come.

From Senior Equity Analyst Robert Ross…

An options strategy with a 95% win rate? That’s what Robert Ross’s In the Money subscribers are enjoying. His conservative options strategy has earned subscribers $2,200 in income in the last 12 months alone.

But as you know, In the Money is far from a one-trick options pony. Robert also helps grow your portfolio month by month with stocks that have been rigorously tested using the market-beating stock-selection system he developed, the Equity Evaluation System (EES).

The EES also plays an important role in Robert’s income-generating publication, Yield Shark. For Yield Shark subscribers, Robert develops his macro thesis while traveling far and wide to hunt down the finest dividend-paying stocks then stress-testing them with the EES.

From Health Sector Analyst Chris Wood and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Roizen…

Healthy Returns is our newest publication—it was just launched on December 18. Chris and Dr. Roizen have teamed up to provide a unique service that enables you to profit from healthcare in two important ways:

  1. investing in the most promising stocks in the sector, and

  2. applying the best treatments and practices to comfortably maximize your own health.

That means you can profit financially from Chris’s healthcare, biotech, medical, and pharma stock picks focused on that month’s health topic... and also physically from Dr. Roizen’s advice on minimizing your health risks and living a happier, healthier, and longer life.

As Alpha Society members age, Healthy Returns might prove to be the most important of all our publications.

From Senior Editor Patrick Cox…

Patrick Cox writes the internationally-known Transformational Technology Alert, where he follows up to 15 companies poised to change the world through science and biotechnology. These companies include both radical life-extension superstars and the companies with the greatest potential for disrupting today’s massive but obsolete healthcare models.

By limiting the size of the portfolio to the highest-quality, early-stage companies in the sector—from both a technology and investment perspective—it is easier for subscribers to decide which companies to allocate funds to.

It was an exciting step in this publication’s long journey. After all, Transformational Technology Alert isn’t only about profits—it’s about being part of the biotech revolution that will transform our lives in the coming years (and decades). And that’s why access to Transformational Technology Alert for its lifetime is so much more valuable than a one- or two-year membership.

You’ll Also Receive...

Mauldin VIP Week in Review

If you’re concerned you’ll experience information overload from all of the valuable content you’ll receive as an Alpha Society member, we have your solution: the Mauldin VIP Week in Review.

Every Friday, we’ll send you a short weekly summary of the most important topics and stock updates from the past week. All key recommendations from our editors are linked so you can click straight through to any editions you’d like to read. In just a few minutes, you can be up to date and confident nothing important was missed.

How to Build a Mauldin Economics Portfolio

There’s also no need to worry about how to best make use of all that valuable content.

That’s because we’ve created an updated version of our members-only special report, How to Build a Mauldin Economics Portfolio. This report was created to give you cold, hard, clear information so you (and your financial advisor) can decide how best to allocate your portfolio. Our three model allocations help you find your risk-tolerance level and establish what your ideal portfolio allocation among our multiple newsletters could look like.

Start your Alpha Society membership now

An Embarrassment of Intellectual Riches

I’ll get to the exact numbers in a minute, but the idea behind the Alpha Society is that you pay a one-off joining fee and a modest annual maintenance fee. As well as offering an extraordinary value, it also takes away the pain and administrative hassle of annual subscription costs.

For that, you get lifetime access to everything we publish for as long we publish it… as well as the benefits of membership that we simply can’t put a price on, such as a higher level of access to John and the editors than any of our other readers have, a member’s-only invitation to the editor’s quarterly conference calls, unrestricted access to the Alpha Society Council, and more.

And actually, you pay less for lifetime membership than you would pay for just one year of all of our seven premium services.

That is not good business sense. It’s a terrible business model!

So why do we do it?

The Alpha Society’s power lies in its members. It’s an exclusive group of people who span the globe. People who are committed to real conversation and real connection. People who seek the best in everything they do.

Myself, John, and all our editors are Alpha Society members too.

That’s why Alpha Society has always been our top-tier membership. It's laser focused on...

  • putting relationships between members, John, and our editors at the heart of the Society
  • facilitating idea sharing among Alpha Society members, and
  • ensuring Alpha Society members get preferred treatment at all times...

...while we also offer you every newsletter we publish—for as long as we publish it—at a large discount.

That single-minded focus on value for members is why we keep adding a host of new features even when the current Alpha Society members were already thrilled with the current benefits. Don’t take my word for that... in a recent survey, 93% of members who participated told us they would recommend the Alpha Society to others.

The best part is that we’re not done yet.

We’re still building something we truly believe in. We’re building something special and lasting—something that will last not just for years or even decades, but for longer than that (which is why you can bequeath your membership to your children).

The Alpha Society is still young—it’s only three-and-a-half years old. But it’s growing into a Society that can justifiably and favourably be compared to famed private clubs that endure for decades.

This is your invitation to be a part of this great Society’s story almost from the beginning.

You Should Know:
Membership in the Alpha Society Is Strictly Limited

Normally, the doors to Mauldin Economics’ Alpha Society open just once a year, for a limited time.

I hope you can understand why we can’t accept too many new members—we’re building a close-knit, exclusive community, not a city populated with thousands.

Remember, the Alpha Society is also our way of giving our readers the chance to receive ALL our subscription services with no expiration—for a one-time flat fee (plus a very modest annual maintenance fee to help offset inflation).

This alone offers incredible value. Because at this time, subscribing to all Mauldin Economics services currently costs $8,061 per year...

Plus the access to our editors, Alpha Society-only event invitations, membership to the Alpha Society Council, and more, are priceless.

And by joining the Alpha Society right now, you get a seat at the SIC 2019 in Dallas on May 13–16 for just $1,000—saving $2,495 (71%)—if you’re one of the first 100 new members to join between January 7–9.

So what does it cost to become a member? The Alpha Society is priced at only $7,500... it’s not cheap, but members say it’s worth every penny.

Here’s a note I recently received from Alpha Society member Barry K. “As an Alpha Society member, I find your services absolutely excellent. I am limited with time but when I see your letters in my email box I consider them the most important to read. I am impressed with the quality and range of your information. I like the macro view as it allows me to understand the worldly machinations and how that might affect my portfolio. Thank you for a great service.”

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it’s worth every penny. Just think: In the Money subscribers earned $2,200 in income in the last 12 months. One year of VIP membership costs $2,495. One year of Transformational Technology Alert alone costs $2,495. The retail value of the SIC Virtual Pass is $795 (and we’re giving it to you for free). All our publications together would cost you $8,061 per year... and you get them all for a lifetime.

So you can see just how soon your Alpha Society membership will pay for itself. Everything after that is money in your pocket.

And you will be able to start forging relationships with John, the editors, and your fellow Alpha Society members... relationships that have the potential to improve many different aspects of your life.

That includes discussions on global debt, the coming debt crisis (including The Great Reset), Trump’s tariffs, central bank policies, and so much more...

For a moderate one-time $7,500 membership fee, you’ll receive thousands of dollars’ worth of world-class research and priceless additional benefits—each and every year.

If you’re already a paying subscriber, we will even credit the remaining months of your existing subscription to your Alpha Society membership fee.

And after your membership fee, all you’ll ever pay is a $395 annual maintenance fee, charged on the anniversary of your membership.

Just the additional discounts on conferences, as well as discounts on products and services from trusted partners you’ll receive as a Mauldin Alpha Society member, will more than cover the cost of that low maintenance fee.

It’s a No-Risk Invitation

You have 30 days to decide if a Mauldin Alpha Society membership is for you. After that, the membership is not refundable.

If you’re not 100% satisfied—for any reason whatsoever—simply cancel within those 30 days for a full refund of every penny you paid.

At that time, you will also be able to reinstate the subscriptions you received prior to becoming a Mauldin Alpha Society member.

The True Secret of Success

A one-time initiation fee plus an annual maintenance fee for lifetime access to everything we publish is a unique and valuable offering.

But the true value of the Alpha Society doesn’t lie in the “bargain price.”

It lies in the connections you can forge with John, Jared, Patrick Cox, Patrick Watson, Chris, Dr. Roizen, and Robert.

It lies in the connections you can forge with your fellow Alpha Society members.

It lies in the connections you can forge with the financial luminaries John introduces you to at the Strategic Investment Conference, his own private gatherings, and more.

Remember, John is renowned as a people person who, as he says, “makes new friends everywhere I go.”

He’s also renowned for having a “billion-dollar Rolodex” of contacts in Washington and on Wall Street.

And he loves putting people and ideas together, which is why the Alpha Society’s core strength is as a hub of connection between like-minded people.

After all, the people you spend time with are of key importance to your success (however you personally measure success).

And no one feels more strongly about that than John Mauldin. It’s why he started the Alpha Society, and why he, Jared Dillian, Olivier Garret, Patrick Cox, Patrick Watson, Chris Wood, Dr. Roizen, Robert Ross, and I look forward to welcoming you into the fold.

So go ahead. Join the Society that’s “just right” for the sort of person I think you are.

Alpha Society members include the chairman of a large insurance company, the CEO of a publicly traded REIT, several investors who manage their own family offices, a successful landscaper, attorneys, accountants, registered investment advisors, engineers, professors, and economists too.

In short, we’re a diverse group with a common interest in macro economics, investing, and success.

We’re almost everywhere too. There are Alpha Society members in 41 US states plus Belgium, The Bahamas, Brazil, Barbados, Singapore, Hong Kong, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, the Philippines, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Oman.

And that’s how the Alpha Society gives rise to some very special moments...

At the 2017 SIC event, I was at a small table with two Alpha Society members and Pippa Malmgren. (Pippa and her father Harold were both speakers at our 2017 SIC). Pippa was Special Assistant to George W. Bush for Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. Between her own experience and that of her father’s, Pippa knows how Washington works.

One of the members brought up the show “House of Cards.” He noted how extreme the characters (and their actions) seemed to him. He wondered how close to reality the show was to Pippa’s experience. Pippa explained that if the director showed people how truly outrageous DC really is, no one would believe it.

Again, that’s something you’ll never hear without being right there to rub shoulders with the people who actually make things happen in our world.

So why not go ahead and...

Accept Your No-Risk Invitation to Join the Alpha Society Now


[Ed D'Agostino] Ed D'Agostino
COO & Publisher, Mauldin Economics

P.S. Remember, the doors to this very exclusive club close on January 9 at midnight. And they won’t reopen for another year. Don’t wait and miss out on the many, many benefits.