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Editor: Thompson Clark

Jared Dillian

Thompson Clark is a small-cap expert and value-focused investor with nearly a decade of experience in financial publishing.

Thompson joined Mauldin Economics in 2021 as a senior stock analyst after six years of investment research experience at Legacy Research Group and Agora Financial, both affiliates of the Agora Inc. family of companies. Read more about Thompson Clark.

Hi, this is Thompson Clark, senior analyst here at Mauldin Economics.

For many of our readers, this is a time of survival.

So, what I’m about to say might sound hard to believe.

But you CAN STILL book outsized returns in this choppy market.

In 2022, stocks like the fast-rising fintech star Pagaya Technologies have skyrocketed...

Up 185% just three weeks after going public in June.

Diagnostic imaging technology company Lantheus is up 165% on the year...

And Target Hospitality Corp. is one of the market leaders with a 285% year-to-date return.

When you join my premium investment advisory High Conviction Investor...

These are the types of explosive plays I’ll send you every month.

Bigger, faster gains do not imply more risk, though.

Unlike penny stocks, options, or crypto...

High Conviction Investor targets high-upside opportunities in a responsible way...

Giving you the power to supercharge your portfolio with repeat winners...

All without taking unnecessary added risk that can destroy your portfolio.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how we achieve this...

And how you can join my group today for up to 64% off the normal membership rate.

And it might not be around for much longer, so make sure and read to the end of this important message.

I’m going to get to every detail.

But first, you should know why I’m the analyst Mauldin Economics brought in to run this type of high-level investment advisory...

Big Winners in Every Kind of Market

The first stock I ever bought was eBay when it was completely unknown...

Which handed me a massive gain of 2,089%.

Getting into eBay granted me early access to PayPal too...

Which reached highs of 789% gains since it IPO’d.

I picked Green Brick Partners when it was just $5 a share.

Today, it's up more than 420%.

I got in on the software company MiTek when it was just $3.23 a share.

That’s before it went up over 600% and closed at over 23 bucks a share.

And I even spotted Luna Innovations before it shot up 1,000% in peak gains.

While these are picks I made before joining Mauldin Economics...

There’s an important reason why I’m telling you this.

I made each one of these trades during very different market conditions...

Which is the real edge you’ll get as a member of High Conviction Investor.

It’s a chance to add double- and triple-digit returns to your portfolio whether the market is going up, down, or sideways.

I credit my success...and your future success...

To a Small but Powerful Group of Stocks

I focus on companies worth a few hundred million to a few billion dollars.

These are companies with proven business models...

But have yet to become big players in their industries.

As an investor, this puts you in the sweet spot for big returns without taking on too much risk.

Because companies this size are still small enough to grow 5X, 10X, even 100X bigger...

But mature enough that we can be confident they aren’t going to plummet to 0 overnight.

More experienced investors will know them as “small caps.”

Because their market capitalization is between $300 million and $2 billion.

Stocks like the three I mentioned above were all small-cap stocks to begin the year...

And each one would have rewarded investors handsomely even as the rest of the market crashed.

Pagaya Technologies soared 185% after just three weeks of being a public company...

Lantheus is up 165% on the year...

And Target Hospitality Corp. is up 285% since the start of 2022.

While these specific companies were not in my portfolio, these are the types of bigger, faster gains that are possible using small caps.

You see, when economic chaos strikes, large-cap stocks like Coca-Cola and IBM go on the defensive.

They cut payroll, spend less on marketing, and make sure the C-suite executives still get their bonuses.

While this may limit their downside, they’re certainly not growing... or handing investors big returns.

Small-cap stocks are nimble and can adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment.

Of course, they don’t have the same safety nets as bigger companies, so there can be more risk.

That’s why in High Conviction Investor...

The small-cap opportunities I target are vetted through a rigorous screening process that only recommends stocks with a high upside and limited downside.

Small-cap stocks aren’t just a great opportunity right now...

Small Caps Lead the Market out of a Recession

There have been 10 recessions since 1953.

And every one of them proves small caps are where you want your money to be when the market turns around.

You see, research shows that a year after a recession ends...

Small caps outperform large caps on average by 88%.

And in some cases, much more...

Like in 1980, when small caps handed investors a 250% higher return than large caps.

That’s the difference between $10,000 in your pocket...

Or $35,000!

The difference between $50,000 in profit or $175,000 in profit.

Again, this is because small-cap companies are more nimble...

And can take advantage of a recovery faster than large caps.

Large caps are so big it’s like trying to turn around a cruise ship...

No matter how hard you turn the wheel, it’s still going to take a while.

As a High Conviction Investor member, you’ll be on the cutting edge of which small caps will lead us during the next bull market...

Positioning you to collect gains of 100%, 500%, or even 1,000%.

Just like the small-cap opportunities I highlighted throughout this message...

Some of which were not actual recommendations I’ve made, but great examples of the power of this type of investing.

Now, here’s everything you’ll get when you take advantage of my special price today.

Seven Powerful Membership Benefits

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #1: At Least 1 New Small-Cap Recommendation Each Month

    Every month, you’ll receive the full High Conviction Investor newsletter. Each edition features at least one new small-cap stock that has the potential to hand you a 10X return.

    I provide in-depth research and guidelines for the buy-up-to price, profit targets, and everything you need to confidently invest in the world of small-cap stocks.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #2: Regular Portfolio Updates

    I’ll keep you constantly updated throughout each month via email as the situation warrants. Small-cap plays can move fast, so I’ll always notify you about the most profitable time to collect your profits.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #3: Real-Time Trade Alerts

    As soon as a profit opportunity comes up, you’ll get a brief email from me with details on the trade. That way you can act fast and buy right away or take a little time to do your own research on my recommendation.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #4: Protection from the Downside

    Every trade I make has a hard stop. That means if the stock falls below a certain price...we’re out! I set a hard stop because we will have some losing trades. Even the best investors get hit with stocks that don’t perform as expected. Anyone who says they don’t is lying.

    However, using this system, I’ll make sure one bad trade is never enough to do any serious damage to your portfolio. And you can sleep soundly knowing your investments are positioned for optimal profit.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #5: Four Quarterly Strategy Sessions with Me

    Once a quarter, I host a strategy call where you can tune in for years of market experience focused on driving all our portfolios toward an even brighter, more profitable future!

    We’ll review the past three months of the market, predict where the money is going to flow next, and how to position ourselves for the best chance at profits

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #6: Unlimited Access to the Archives

    You’ll get unlimited access to the High Conviction Investor archives, so you can check out previous analysis and special reports filled with exclusive strategies and tactics to maximize your returns.

  • MEMBER BENEFIT #7: 64% Off Your Membership Fee

    Because you’re a valued member of the Mauldin Economics subscriber base, I want to give you the chance to take your investing to the next level. On this page only, you can save up to 64% off the normal membership fee to join.

What Subscribers Are Saying...

Dear Mr. Clark, I wanted to let you know how happy I was to see you surface at Mauldin Economics. I have subscribed to numerous newsletters and followed many investment advisors over the last several decades. Yet, [High Conviction Investor Stock Pick] is the by far the best investment I have ever made.—J.W.
I love your small cap expertise and suggestions. Thank you very much for them!—V.C.
You are so spot on with your analysis.—T.T.

And Here’s Why I’m Making This
Special One-Time Offer


Even during a bear market and recession, there are stocks still handing investors double- and triple-digit gains.

They’re called small caps...

And when you join High Conviction Investor, you can use them to upgrade your portfolio to a higher level.

I want to respect your time so I’m going to get down to brass tacks.

Normally, it costs $5,000 to join my premium investment advisory for one year.

But today, I’m giving you the chance to join for just $1,795.

That’s almost 64% off the normal cost to join.

I’m offering this massive savings because I’ve seen too many investors wave the white flag in 2022.

After the stock market’s abysmal start to the year, they’ve limped to the sidelines.

Meanwhile, small-cap investors like me and my subscribers are still in the game...

Finding explosive winners.

Now, one more piece of information you should know before you join...

You Have 30 Days to Test Drive
High Conviction Investor

As soon as you join today, you’ll have access to top-tier small-cap investing research...

Money Back

My entire model portfolio...

And all my recent recommendations that you can hop on right away to start going for bigger, faster gains.

But I want to prove to you how powerful this service really is...

Which is why your membership comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Right now, the market can change on a dime.

But High Conviction Investor is built to adapt.

With my money-back guarantee...

You have 30 days to see for yourself how my strategy thrives no matter which way the market heads...

And more importantly, to see how my new recommendations perform in real time in the coming months.

After 30 days, if you don’t feel like this advisory is right for you, simply email or call our support team.

We’ll refund whatever you pay today.

That’s how much I believe in High Conviction Investor.

But I have to warn you...

This Could Be Your Only Chance!

If you hesitate...

And decide to join High Conviction Investor at any other time...


You’ll have to commit to a year at the full price.

And that’s $5,000!

Now, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

We know from over 70 years of market history that small caps lead the way out of a recession...

Which means you want to start positioning yourself to profit NOW.

And I’m giving you a chance to secure your membership at 64% off the normal price to join.

Simply choose your subscription below.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to my full archives...

Where you can start digging into my latest small-cap picks poised for outsized gains.

Then get ready to receive a new small-cap pick every single month of the year.

Simply fill out the order form below.

I will see you inside the members area.

To Your Success,

Thompson Clark

Thompson Clark
Editor, High Conviction Investor

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