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Investment Risk/Reward

Low Risk

Approx Positions: 15

Number of positions, portfolio risk, and returns may vary. These are estimates based upon our track record and historical data.

Robert Ross

Meet Robert Ross

Senior Equities Analyst and Editor for Mauldin Economics

Robert specializes in quantitative and qualitative stock analysis as well as option plays. His main objective is to provide tried-and-true strategies that can hand subscribers a substantial monthly income.

What this service can do for you:

  • Teach you a double-dip technique that provides reliable income and a pro-growth blue-chip stock portfolio

  • Give you regular cash payouts every month

  • Make you up to $1,000 monthly with Robert Ross’s “Paycheck” strategy for seasoned investors

What if you could buy shares in companies you want to own... at the price you want to pay for them? What if you could get paid to do just that... when you want and as often as you want?

If that sounds too good to be true, it's time to join an elite group of investors who do this in up, down, and even sideways markets.

In fact, this is Senior Equity Analyst Robert Ross’s signature strategy to maximize income and minimize risk for the subscribers of his premium alert service, In the Money.

The strategy Robert deploys is actually quite simple... but most retail investors have no clue it exists.

If they did, they’d be shocked to hear that Robert’s rate of success has been a whopping 94% since the inception of In the Money in 2016.

If you wonder why more people don’t know about this money-making secret—here’s the reason.

You see, his strategy uses options to...

  • generate income from stocks you already own

  • buy stocks you want to own—at a price you'd be happy to pay

  • pay you for considering owning them (even if you never end up buying a single share)

Many mainstream investors, however, run the other way as soon as they hear the word “options.”

Which is just as well because it gives smart investors a significant advantage...

Heads You Win, Tails You Win

Options have gotten a bad rap. In a recent Mauldin Economics Investors Survey, only 30% of readers said they use them.

But the truth is, the level of risk depends entirely on your approach.

When you use Robert’s low-risk options strategies, they allow you to:

  • Reduce your portfolio risk

  • Hedge positions

  • Earn additional income

So rejecting the use of options can mean denying yourself a great profit opportunity.

Robert’s method is very straightforward: All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions, and soon you could see a substantial cash payout in your brokerage account... to use as extra spending money or a comfortable cushion for your retirement.

And remember, these income streams are on top of the upside you get with the In the Money portfolio stocks.

A Monthly “Paycheck” for Savvy Investors

Several times a month, Robert offers subscribers to his premium alert service an options play that, if carried out properly, is designed to make you up to $1,000 per month.

Between January and July 2020—during one of the greatest market upheavals in recent years—Robert’s “Paycheck” strategy generated $5,000 in instant income (plus thousands more in stock gains) for In the Money subscribers.

If you’re retired, that’s nearly an extra Social Security check per month. If you’re still working, it’s a very handsome salary booster.

Your One-Two Punch Income Generator

An action-packed service like In the Money needs an action-packed schedule... and Robert is your “on all the time” guide to sophisticated income generation.

As a subscriber, you’ll benefit from his two-pronged approach to making money: detailed updates once a week... PLUS timely trade alerts whenever big movements in our positions require speedy action.

In the Money

Here’s what you can expect as an In the Money subscriber:

Weekly update issues

  • A writeup on a trade Robert plans to make in the coming days—so you’ll be able to act quickly when the needle moves in your favor

  • A snapshot of the market’s latest moves, and how they’re affecting your positions

  • Robert’s outlook on current trades—and, where appropriate, timely, detailed instructions to buy or cash out and put that money into another trade opportunity

Timely trading issues

  • Delivered straight to your inbox whenever a money-making opportunity arises

  • Always know exactly what to do with clear buy, sell, and take-profits instructions

  • Obviously, the frequency of these alerts largely depends on what the market does... but you can reasonably expect a new profit opportunity anywhere from 3–5 times a month

In the Money Bundle

Plus, to prepare you for the exciting field of options trading, you’ll receive two useful primers:

  • Special Report #1, How to Buy and Sell in the World of Options Trading

  • Special Report #2, Selling Covered Calls and the Buy/Write

What Subscribers Say About In the Money

“Mr. Ross, Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for your work. The ‘insurance policy’ of out-the-money SPY puts has worked its magic. My account is actually AHEAD during this time of craziness.”

Martin C.

“Thanks for the great and timely response. I’m very much enjoying In the Money and the other great publications as a Mauldin Alpha Society Member. I appreciate the actionable guidance, that educates while providing a solid financial base in these turbulent times.”

Mike K.

“The content is very insightful and often looks at an investment opportunity from a new perspective. I’ve learned a great deal about evaluating companies as well as investment strategies from this publication.”

David B.

“In the past 3 months, I have profited to the tune of $6,040 in option trades and $7,151 in stock sales. The stocks that I still own are about at break-even compared to the purchase prices. Thanks for your excellent stock investing advice. I hope that we have continued success moving forward!”

Chuck W.

“...the results have been so far better than some other ideas (both my own and from other sources).”

Jiri K.

Get In the Money... And Start Earning Income with Put Options and Covered Calls Today

We charge $1,995 for this extremely profitable alert service... and subscribers agree that it’s well worth every penny.

Thanks to Robert’s low-risk, income-generating strategies, your In the Money subscription should pay for itself in no time. You can make back the subscription fee quickly, from just a few option contracts.

In just 12 months, readers who followed Robert’s options recommendations earned $6,290 in income alone... and that doesn’t even include returns from the stocks themselves.

So why not give In the Money a risk-free try today?

As an In the Money subscriber, you’ll receive...

  • 12 monthly newsletter issues, published on the second Thursday of every month

  • Weekly email updates

  • Timely trading alerts to inform you of new investment opportunities that require immediate action

  • Our two in-depth primers, How to Buy and Sell in the World of Options Trading, and Selling Covered Calls and the Buy/Write

  • Research reports and educational videos as Robert produces them

  • Quarterly subscriber-only “special events”

money-back guarantee

There’s no risk in trying it: You have a full 30 days to decide if In the Money is for you. If you’re less than 100% satisfied, for whatever reason, simply cancel within those 30 days for a full, prompt, and courteous refund—no questions asked.

So you have literally nothing to lose by trying In the Money today.

Your gain, on the other hand, could be significant.


  • How to Buy and Sell in the World of Options Trading
  • Selling Covered Calls and The Buy/Write: An In the Money Guide

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