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Investing Strategies in Turbulent Markets

BNN | September 26, 2012

BNN talks to John Mauldin, chairman of Mauldin Economics, president of Millenium Wave Advisors, and author of "The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing" about investing strategies in turbulent markets. Read more

Marx, Lenin And Hoover

Financial Advisor Magazine | September 7, 2012

When a California bond trading magician and a conservative Texas financial writer open general sessions at a financial conference by quoting Lenin and Marx, one might presume something is rotten in more places than the state of Denmark, where one-year government bonds recently boasted negative yields. But they are exactly whom online newsletter editor John Mauldin and DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach quoted at the third annual Innovative Alternative Strategies conference in Denver in late July. Read more

Interview with John Mauldin on King World News

King World News | August 31, 2012

John Mauldin speaks to Erik King on King World News about the economy today. Read more

John Mauldin on the future of the advice business

Investment News | August 30, 2012

The reasons behind why John Mauldin is being inducted into the Great Marketers of Financial Services Hall of Fame. Read more

John Mauldin: France Is Screwed, Germany Won’t Help

Financial Advisor | August 3, 2012

The only good thing to come out of the Euro debt crisis is that “France will get screwed,” financial commentator John Mauldin told attendees at the 3rd annual Innovative Alternative Strategies conference in Denver yesterday. Read more

John Mauldin To Keynote At The World’s Largest Alternative Investing Conference for Advisors

Market Watch | July 16, 2012

Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines announced that John Mauldin will be the closing keynote speaker for their 3rd Annual Innovative Alternative Strategies Conference in Denver on July 30-31. Read more

John Mauldin - The Real End Game, We’re Coming To The End

King World News | June 22, 2012

On the heels of China and Brazil nearly doubling the IMF’s lending capacity to $456 billion, and with renewed fears of Europe becoming a systemic risk to the global financial system, today King World News interviewed John Mauldin, President of Millennium Wave Securities. Mauldin told KWN, “What we’re seeing is the real end game” and “it is coming to an end.” Here is what Mauldin had to say about the crisis in Europe: “Everything changed and nothing changed. Greece isn’t solving its problems. It’s fundamental problem is its trade imbalance. They can sit and posture all they want to, but until they solve that problem, nothing is going to happen.” Read more

Europe’s Political Economy With George Friedman and John Mauldin

NASDAQ | June 14, 2012

Stratfor CEO George Friedman and financial expert John Mauldin discuss the problems Europe's leaders face in trying to fix the economic crisis with a political solution. Read more

Mauldin, Saluzzi Discuss Euro Zone, ‘Broken Markets’

Bloomberg Radio | June 13, 2012

John Mauldin, president of Millennium Wave Advisors, says the state of the euro-zone economy is uncertain. Joe Saluzzi, co-head of equity trading at Themis Trading LLC, joins Mauldin to discuss his new book "Broken Markets: How High Frequency Trading and Predatory Practices on Wall Street Are Destroying Investor Confidence and Your Portfolio." Mauldin and Saluzzi speak with Bloomberg's Carol Massar and Michael McKee on "Bloomberg On the Economy." (Audio) Read more

Gold and Deflation

International Business Times | June 7, 2012

Dr. Gary Shilling wrote his first book, called simply Deflation, in 1998 and followed it up recently with another great work, titled The Age of Deleveraging He first went long bonds in 1982, which has been one of the great trades of the last 30 years. He lists a whole host of reasons for a deflationary period over the next few years. Read more