Dear Reader,

When you finish this letter, please speak to your children and grandchildren.

What you'll see below will affect their lives just as deeply as yours.

That's because you're about to see a little-known story with the power to make you wealthier than you ever imagined.

It also stands to change your life and the lives of everyone in your family in astonishing ways beyond the collection of wealth.

I will prove it to you in a moment.

Hello, my name is Patrick Cox.

I'm proud to announce that at the invitation of my friend and new colleague John Mauldin, I've  joined the team of expert researchers at Mauldin Economics.

I'm writing you today at John's request.

What I'll reveal to you in this letter is a story more powerful than anything the markets have witnessed in generations.

I will introduce you to the CEOs and management teams behind three brilliant companies I've spent years researching.

These three companies, taken together, hold the potential to change every life on earth in wonderful... profitable... and beneficial ways, which I'll demonstrate to you in this letter.

The implications to your wealth and your family's future wealth?

What you'll see could change your family forever.

Swift action on what I'll reveal to you is also critical, for reasons I'll discuss in a moment.

John Mauldin

An Urgent Note from John Mauldin

I met Patrick Cox four years ago. Over time, we've become close friends. We share a vision of the future, and I'm proud to announce Patrick has joined my team at Mauldin Economics.

The vision Patrick and I share is simple. Technology advances under way right now hold amazing promise for us and for our children. Patrick's job is to uncover the most urgent work and report his findings directly to you.

Recently, I sat Patrick down and pressed him to deliver his absolute best ideas. He didn't disappoint. I felt so strongly at the end of our conversation, I urged him to write to you and reveal everything he knows. I ask you to read this entire letter and take the action Patrick recommends.

What you're about to see could release you from worries about struggles in retirement, providing for your family, or making certain your children and grandchildren have every advantage starting out in life.

The opportunity I'll reveal to you represents what I believe is the greatest wealth-creation event of this century.

I understand if you're skeptical reading these bold claims. It's good if you're skeptical.

Frankly, I was as well when I first learned what I'll reveal to you. That's why I'll show you the facts that back up the claims I'm making here...

Moments from now... you'll have all the details. You'll have a seat at the table.

Before I show you the full story, however, I need to put these three companies and what they're on the verge of accomplishing in the proper context...

This Is the Most Radical Advance of the Last 100 Years...
And Your Chance to Act On It Early... A Huge Advantage

How many truly revolutionary... truly transformational technology "events" have there been in recorded history?

The Gutenberg printing press qualifies. It spread knowledge far and wide... taking power out of the hands of the rich and giving it to all people on earth.

Henry Ford

Electricity... the railroad... automobiles... computer technology... vaccine technology... all these advances cemented fortunes. They made the world smaller. They saved lives.

Did your ancestors witness these advances and take action?

Previous generations of your family didn't need to "invent" anything... they just had to have the foresight to get in front of a blossoming trend before it changed the world.

That's the rare opportunity you have in front of you today.

The three companies I will reveal to you here, taken together, could change every life on earth... for the better.

You don't need special connections or "venture capital"-style wealth to participate.

That's what makes what I'll reveal to you so special.

You can take a stake in all three of these revolutionary firms for a pittance.

I'll show you everything you need to know to get started inside this letter.

For now, know this:

You have a chance to make three simple, targeted moves and set your family on the path to a worry-free future.

That's just the start...

The Advance You'll See Today Is MORE Important Than
This Brilliant Idea from 164 Years Ago

In 1849, two cousins (they were both named Charles) borrowed $2,500 to start a small company in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The first thing these two cousins sold was a substance called santonin—its job was simple.

Santonin killed intestinal worms. That sounds strange, I know, but keep in mind that food quality in 1849 was terrible by today's standards.

Intestinal worms and parasites killed folks. These two cousins figured out how to make and market a substance that saved thousands of lives.

By 1880, their company was making citric acid... which was a huge advance for growing brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

By 1936, the company had figured out how make vitamin C.

By 1941, it was manufacturing penicillin to help save soldiers fighting in World War II.

Today we call this company Pfizer.

Birthed with $2,500 in borrowed money, today Pfizer is a $208 billion company.

Dollar for dollar, it's one of the largest gain percentages in history.

If someone in your family walked up to that factory in Williamsburg in 1849 and got a job, every life in your family's history since that day would have been radically different.

That's because they would've jumped inside a breakthrough idea at the very start.

Billionaires Behind Some of These Advances

[T]his billionaire-fueled quest for the next big technological breakthroughs... will [begin] an age of discovery that creates the industries of the future...

– The Financial Times, August 2013

The point is—some ideas do truly change the world.

Some ideas build unstoppable fortunes... change families... and reshape history.

These are the ideas I want to share with you today.

The world is on the verge of a series of advances 99.9% of folks don't know about, much less comprehend.

That gives you an advantage... if you take action today.

You're early. You're in front of the story. You have the chance to collect the truly transformational wealth.

Are you ready to take your place at the table? Here are the details you should know...

The Simple Yet Revolutionary Idea That Could
Change Your Family Forever

The human body is alarmingly complex. Every person on earth is a vast collection of cells, tissue, neurons, and nerves.

For thousands of years, science created and doctors applied treatments for diseases and ailments using outside agents.

Think of rudimentary old wives' tales like putting butter on a burn.

That was medical science for centuries.

Find a substance from the outside and use it to treat something happening on the inside of the body.

As late as the Civil War, if a soldier suffered a gunshot wound to the foot, the best course of action was to amputate at the knee. Doctors knew they had to act fast before infection and gangrene set in.

A gut-shot solider, on the other hand, received a bottle of whiskey and several days of agonizing pain before he inevitably expired.

Rapid advances like cardiovascular surgery have only appeared in the last two generations.

Dr. Alfred Blalock and his team at Johns Hopkins pioneered cardiac surgery in 1944.

Heart Surgery

Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, over 500,000 Americans have heart surgery every year.

But even as surgery has moved forward by leaps and bounds, the process of medical treatment continues on the course it has followed for centuries.

An outside agent—an injection of penicillin or a skilled surgeon's hands—enters the body and tries to alter or stop the afflicting ailment.

Progress has followed Moore's law. It has expanded at a rapid pace. As the years turned into decades, progress has accelerated. But the basis of treatment has remained largely the same.

What Moore's Law Means to Your Wealth

Moore's law states that computing power, specifically processor speed, doubles about every two years. Since the dawn of computers, Moore's law has held true. Today, however, the pace of progress is accelerating.

Right now, Moore's law is changing how scientists and doctors do research and conduct experiments. It's changing how new drugs and ways to fight disease are tested. The pace of knowledge accumulation increases every day—and in the last few years this increase has been dramatic. A decade from now, the ever-accelerating pace of progress will make 2013 look like the Stone Age. That's your opportunity.

Heart surgery today, for example, can be done with the assistance of robots. That was unthinkable a generation ago.

But the advance I want to share with you today... this secret that floored even me when I first learned of it...

Is that the era of healing and treating the body from the outside is over.

The simplest way to express what I want you to grasp is to say that the human body contains the power and the biological mechanisms to heal itself.

Of course, the body must be shown how... with specific catalysts that make it attack disease, fix decay, or prevent breakdown.

That's what a collection of scientists you'll meet today are on the verge of doing. I've personally interviewed them. I've vetted their work. I've visited their labs.

Today I invite you to join me as I uncover the development-stage work showing the biggest potential.

Some companies I'll reveal to you will falter. Some will be bought out by industry titans. Some will grow, succeed in their work, and change the world.

My mission is to give you the details on the most promising new work... so you can prepare and benefit from this radical new era of change for yourself.

Here's what I want you to consider:

That's what’s happening right now.

I repeat, what I discovered shook me to my core when I first learned of it. I think it will do the same to you when I reveal this work in a moment.

Of course, for early investors, this work could also build lasting fortunes.

Here's why... you might want to prepare yourself before you read on.

Mankind Can't Even Fathom the Shocking Breakthroughs About to Transform America... and Your Wealth

Picture a retired man who suffers a heart attack.

Traditional treatment would leave him facing a long recovery. He'd take pills. He'd have to watch his diet. His entire life would change post-heart attack.

Now, let's again imagine this retired gentleman having a heart attack...

And then having a fast transfusion of his own cells... quickly, painlessly, efficiently...

And his entire heart and cardiovascular tree rebuilding itself... repairing itself... into the heart and arteries of a 30-year-old man.

One of the three companies I'll show you is working right now to make this a reality—not just during our lifetime, but within the next decade.

In a moment, I'll show you everything you need to know.

New Hearts on the Way for Those Who Need Them

Scientists said Tuesday they had used [process] to grow human heart tissue...

– New York Daily News, August 2013

Now imagine a patient with a bad knee. With this revolutionary technology, knee replacements will be a thing of the past. Cartilage will be able to regenerate itself.

No more knee or hip replacement surgeries and their attendant lengthy recoveries.

Imagine wiping out the flu and hepatitis... before they mutate and infect people.

Imagine rebuilding (safely and painlessly) livers, lungs, joints, and arteries...

This is not science fiction—this is real, and it is on the doorstep. Fact is, scientists are very close to solving a multitude of ailments and diseases simply by guiding the body to work better at healing itself...

Almost any disease you can name.

Scientists (I've personally interviewed many of them) are on the verge of making the body stronger at fighting disease... in some cases even preventing disease entirely.

I have all the research and facts to back this up, and I'll share it all with you.

I want to pause for a moment, however, and ask you to consider the investment implications of this story.

What if you could take work happening at tiny startup firms and in university labs and zero in on the best investment opportunities... and buy shares before the rest of the world had the chance to figure out the incredible opportunity?

This is where your critical advantage today comes into play.

How Much Could This Advantage Deliver to You?

Researchers... recently reported the creation of a 3D vascularized organ... The approach, used to generate human liver cell buds in mice, has implications for future transplantations... in humans.

–Nature Magazine, July 2013

If you take swift action on what I'll reveal to you, you can position yourself well in front of this history-altering story...

Yes, the companies I'll show you are best viewed as tiny speculations. Don't buy them with dollars you need month to month. The best way to play these companies is in small, reasonable bites. That way, your transformational benefits build over time.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. I'll show you more about how to play these companies in a moment. First, I know I need to show you the science and the facts.

I'll start at the beginning... with a company I've found that could soon be on the cover of every magazine and newspaper in the world.

I Believe This Company Will Go Down in History as the Most Important (And Lucrative) Firm Ever Created

Imagine if one company had the lead in the quest to rebuild strong, healthy hearts, livers, lungs... and also cartilage... tendons... and more.

All three of these traits exist in one company.

This company recently hired the ex-head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to serve on its board.

This company has subsidiaries in China... relationships with geniuses in Europe and Israel... but is based in and trades on an exchange right here in the US.

And when I recently spoke with the CEO, he revealed ongoing work that floored me.

In short, his company has devised a flexible, painless, and natural "framework" that can be placed inside an organ or, for example, a knee.

This natural, biological framework then regrows into whatever organ or joint... or cartilage... or artery... is needed.

I'm simplifying here... and I can't reveal too much in this letter...

But what this company is doing could soon make it one of the most powerful and exciting companies on the market.

This company has unlocked how to make the body heal itself.

Heart & Lungs

It takes a patient's own cells... like from a blood sample... or a few pieces of hair... and makes that sample rejuvenate the body.

As I said before, this is not science fiction. This is real. Consider...

When word gets out about what this company is doing... I doubt many people will know how to react.

Plus, as I mentioned, this company currently has patents and agreements on how these complex processes function.

What I mean is, this company owns the world's premier library of information on how to test these treatments.

If another company wants to work on similar projects, it can find answers in this company's database.

Then, it can buy the results of past tests and the knowledge it needs to conduct its own experiments.

For the right price, licensing of this technology is open to any researcher in the world.

It's a shrewd business strategy... one that could pay off handsomely in the years ahead.

For example, just one strand of this company's work... such as the nonsurgical cardiovascular transplants currently in development...

Could rocket it to stratospheric market valuation levels...

Consider this.

This gives you the chance today to participate in what could be a historic market cap price expansion as this company blossoms to potentially Pfizer size.

If this company's work completes further testing and gets to those folks who need it most... EVERYTHING changes.

Every economy. Every society. Every household.

To take full advantage of the leg up you have today, you must be ready to take action.

I recently completed a research report on this company, as well as the two other hidden firms I'll reveal in this letter.

You see, I don't want you to miss any upcoming news releases from this company... I want you to be on board before this story becomes widespread.

Breaking News Update (MUST READ)

The revolutionary company described above just released data stating it has figured out how to sequence a person's entire genome at a radically low cost.

The company has also undertaken a process whereby it "banks" a patient's cells, taken from a small skin sample, so that those cells could be transformed into, for example, new heart cells, were a patient to ever need them in the future.

In short, this company is making good on its biggest promises with increasing speed. That increases your urgency to get the full story on all of this company's work today.

What you’ve just read in this urgent news update could, potentially, in time become known as one of biggest breakthroughs in the history of medicine. It could save, extend, and improve thousands (even millions) of lives… including yours and mine.

Your journey starts as soon as you claim your copy of my report and see the full details for yourself...

My report shows you all the specifics behind the three companies I think could change every life on earth and could secure your family's financial future for generations.

You'll see notes on the latest research. You'll get the scoop on testing platforms, its business model... everything you need to take action with the fullest confidence.

I'll tell you exactly how to claim your copy of Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies shortly.

First, I want to shine a light on the full power you have at your fingertips right now.

Life-Changing 15,000% Gains DO Occur... Will This
Story Deliver the Next One?

Merck went public in January 1970. A few months later, in July, you could've bought shares for today's equivalent of $0.32 each.

In mid- December of this year, adjusted for dividends and stock splits over the years, a single share of Merck traded for $48.38.

That's a 15,000% lifetime gain.

From a pharmaceutical company which has saved millions of lives.

Just $2,500 in Merck in 1970 would be worth over $377,000 today.


$5,000 would be worth $755,000.

$10,000 would be worth over $1.5 million.

That's the kind of potential I'm offering you today with the tiny idea factories in Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies.

These are the kinds of pennies-on-the-dollar plays you buy today and lock away.

As of mid-February 2014, just $23.50 buys a single share of all three companies.

In context, that means $1,500 or $2,500 could secure your family's legacy of wealth for generations to come.

$2,500 in borrowed money was all it took to build Pfizer. Today, the company is an absolute empire of wealth and innovation.

If your family makes the same kind of investment right now, it could become a pillar of wealth for the next 100 years.

Computer Pioneer Shocked at Speed of Advances

"It's an incredible moment in time. Things I would have thought were unthinkable five years ago have seen the light of day..."

– J.S. Brown, Silicon Valley researcher and computing pioneer

How you do this is simple...

You dedicate a small stake to these companies today. In time, you might choose to do so again.

Down the road, you could choose to sell portions of your positions to fuel other buys.

Now let's dig deeper... because this story is so much more than simple stock price appreciation...

This brings me to an important point...

These Advances Won't Just Extend Life... They Will Improve It
In Ways You and I Can Hardly Fathom

"Life extension" is a loaded term.

To most, including those who answered a recent nationwide Pew Research Center survey, life extension seems almost a burden.

Only about 4 in 10 folks responded that they were interested in living much longer.

That's because they misunderstood what life extension means in terms of the latest science...

Of course, who wants to live to 100 or 120 if you're infirm, sickly, and you feel terrible?

Not me. That's for sure. I bet you don't want to live like that either.

The advances I'm revealing to you in this letter will blow the lid off the life extension paradox as we know it today.

Imagine if you're 70, feel like you're 40, and continue to feel like you're 40 for the next 40 years.

That is the future.

It is not conjecture. It is not a prediction. It will happen. It will happen sooner than most could ever expect.

Yes, there will be scientific and stock market bumps in the road. There will be times when the ultimate promise of this science is obscured by uncertainty.

But make no mistake...

The companies I'm revealing to you today in this letter... the companies I want to tell you all about in Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies...

... could make it possible for you to live a longer... happier... healthier... and more productive life than you ever imagined.

How lucrative will these advances be?

Consider this shocking projection... it's the single best point of urgency I can show you to prove why your response to this letter today is so important...

Exactly How You Could Build Generations
of Wealth from These Advances

If the first of these advances cost $50,000 or $100,000... to rebuild a heart, or a liver, or a set of lungs...

Or to inoculate a person against cancer or a deadly virus...

How many people do you think will pay to receive these treatments? In other words, how big is the potential market?

For life. For longer, fuller, healthier, happier life?

Let's assume for a moment it's 500,000 people around the entire world... at an average cost of $75,000 per treatment.

That’s $37.5 billion in immediate revenue.

Right off the bat. Then, in time, as the technology behind these treatments becomes more widespread, everyone will get them. Think of Moore's law in reverse.

As technology progresses quicker, costs will drop. That means...

Millions upon millions of folks will receive the benefits of a longer, fuller life.

By the time the treatments cost $1,000, everyone who needs them will get them.

The point is... the treatments under development and testing right now will change how EVERYTHING works.

Retirement crisis? Gone. Healthcare crisis? Gone.

The ripple effects throughout the market will be staggering.

More cars, more homes, more food, more water... every company that makes and sells a product will benefit from healthier, richer people like you living longer.

The Potential Market for These Life Extension Treatments Is Vast

The number of people now who could both afford the process and be interested in trying it might top 1 million.

– CNBC, July 2013

In short, if there's one technology... one idea... with enough promise to grow America and the world out of this age of crisis we live in... it's transformational technologies and life-extension breakthroughs.

What I'm revealing to you today are the three companies I most urgently want to tell you about.

Yes, there are certainly more companies like these. Companies I'll cover in full in the weeks ahead. What you're seeing here today are three companies that will change how we live our lives and what we expect from life itself. Said another way...

10,000 Baby Boomers now turn 65 each day. This will continue for approximately the next 19 years. Total projected healthcare spending and Social Security outlays among this group over just the last ten years?

$23 trillion.

What you're witnessing here today represents the biggest market need in history.

These advances will create jobs... they will lead to new spending... more travel, more homes, more cars... and all Americans will benefit. The wide-reaching effects of this new prosperity will change the entire country... and the world.

Here's proof of the second staggering advance I'm talking about...

What if... in the Blink of an Eye, the World's Biggest Threat Simply Vanished? How Much Would That Be Worth?

The common flu virus hospitalizes 200,000 Americans each year and is responsible for around 36,000 deaths.

Imagine if the flu—and all its seasonal varieties—simply disappeared.

Along with other viruses like dengue fever, Ebola, and the deadly Marburg.

The second company I cover in full inside Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies recently received a special-status designation from the FDA.

What does this mean?

Solving the Largest Public Health Threats

"[Company's treatment] is meant for severely ill hospitalized patients and the follow-on oral drug is meant for out-patients. There are currently no available drugs and vaccines against [virus], which was designated a potential threat to public health and national security by President Barack Obama on June 4."
Vaccine News Daily, August 2013

First, it means even the bureaucrats are intrigued. This designation also means the company could receive what's called "priority review."

That could speed up the testing timeline. If tests are successful, this virus-crushing drug gets to doctors quicker... it cures patients quicker... it changes the world quicker.

Here's the scientific background on how this company's virus-killing breakthrough works...

This company has created a tiny, nanosized capsule (kind of like a shell) to which it attaches pieces of special ligands. Ligands are signaling molecules outside cells.

When these ligand-connected capsules are introduced into the bloodstream, they zoom to virus cells.

The virus cells attach to the nanocapsules... thinking they are normal cells.


That's when the ligands send a signal to the attached capsule. As the virus wraps up the capsule, the capsule begins to destroy the virus.

When the virus cell tries to release its DNA, the DNA has no place to go.

In short, this company's creation chokes virus cells off and kills them.

The best part about this technology is you can receive the special nanoscale capsules as a shot to keep you from getting a virus. You can also get a shot to kill a virus if you already have one.

Right now, testing indicates a patient develops full immunity in about 21 days. In that time, all of the virus would die off, and the patient would develop a full inoculation.

Plus, the company plans to offer its treatment in oral form.

Say you take a pill today. Then never get the flu ever again.

As I'm sure you can see, the implications for deadly tropical diseases like dengue are enormous. The implications for HIV or hepatitis or herpes are off the charts...

This is what you need to know about this company immediately:

This company's technology... applied to all nearby populations... could cut off an animal-to-human virus jump pandemic... before it starts.

Imagine the implications. Imagine what this tiny, hidden, unheard-of company could do for public health around the world.

Moreover, the patent and intellectual property (IP) protection is rock-solid. This company currently has on-record or patent applications recognized in 25 countries.

The IP was described to me by the company's CEO as "broad coverage"... encompassing not only the use of its virus-destroying structures, but also the technology behind its creation.

In short, this company is properly recognized as the inventor of this technology. It cannot be duplicated or copied by outsiders.

In fact, the company recently had the chance to partner with a major university in California. I can't reveal the name here, but you know it.

The university was blown away by not only the technology... but also the locked-down IP.

An agreement would've meant giving the university access to the IP.

As you can imagine, this company decided not to partner up. It's prepared to make its own way. That decision could have radical implications for the stake you can take in this company today.

I'll give you all the details, including the full story on human trials set to start next year in my report Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies.

Breaking News Update (Must Read)

This company recently released toxicity study data on its flu solution. The release stated that no adverse effects were found when the flu drug was administered intravenously.

Specifically, the drug did not harm liver or kidney function, clearing the way for even more comprehensive testing in the near future.

Plus, this company also recently stated that at current cash reserve levels, it can successfully see its stable of virus-destroying drug candidates through clinical trials.

Imagine a world in which viruses no longer kill the vulnerable and the weak. Imagine the market implications of a small virus-crushing company changing the future…

Before I show you more, however, I know it's time I showed you my track record.

I've Built My Career on Calling Epic Advances Before They Happened... Here's What That Means for You

My name, as I mentioned earlier, is Patrick Cox.

I've appeared on CNN's Crossfire news program. I've written over 200 editorials for USA Today. My writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

But apart from writing about and speaking on technology breakthroughs, I've also seen several up close.

Take a look... and judge my record for yourself...

I published a magazine in the late 1980s called PC-SIG. I wrote about software and how it had the ability to change lives.

Today, the cellphone in your pocket has an operating system and software that makes it an atlas, a restaurant guide, a personal fitness tracker, and a secretary all in one.

In the mid-1990s, I wrote speeches and presentations for Jim Barksdale, the CEO of Netscape.

Netscape, as I'm sure you remember, was a web search titan long before Microsoft figured out how to backward-engineer Netscape Navigator and created Internet Explorer.

I've also consulted to national political campaigns. I've advised companies on governmental affairs and public relations.

I've been deep inside the many ways in which technology is changing lives for the past 30 years.

In short...

Now, I don't expect you to take this claim on faith...

Edward B. Made over $900,000 Following My Recommendations...
I'll Show You How to Do the Same

At my last post, I met a gentleman named Edward B., who told me the ideas I publish has made his family over $900,000. Edward continued...

Patrick has been spotting and evangelising the best in new technology businesses for the last two decades. Why am I writing about him in such primary colours? Because he has made my family serious money—and at the same time educated me to be an optimist for the future of the planet.

That's the ultimate goal of my new partnership with Mauldin Economics.

That's the promise that lead me to create Transformational Technology Alert and to follow my friend John Mauldin's demand and write you this letter today.

I want to help you transform your wealth... and your family's wealth.

I want you to live a longer, happier life.

I also want you to become an optimist for what hard work, diligent research, and a never-say-die attitude can achieve for American prosperity.

Most importantly, I want you to participate in making these transformations real.

Today... right now... is the most exciting and promising time to be alive in all of human history. That's the bottom line my ongoing research reveals.

Today we stand on the cusp of advances so vast they would've seemed like science fiction just a few years ago.

But make no mistake. These advances are not science fiction. They are the future.

My record proves my ability to deliver on these massive promises...

If you choose to read my work, not only do you get the chance at transformational wealth... you can also benefit from a healthier life and outlook.

You get all this potential... and more, if you agree to read the complimentary copy of Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies, which I want to send you today.

Remember, it's critical that you read my report today. I don’t want you to miss any upcoming news releases.

Before I show you how to get started, I need to tell you about one more company I think has world-altering promise.

This one could be the most revolutionary story yet...

Unlocking the Secrets of DNA and Genetics...
Your Wealth Collection Potential Knows No Limits

Imagine if a cancer patient could receive a vaccine of sorts that tells the cancer to turn itself off.

Cancer feeds itself on the cells inside a patient's body. The third company I want to tell you about today has 400 patents on a process that could shut cancer down.

Think of it like taking all the gas out of a car. With no fuel, a car is useless.

With no ability to spread or cause harm, cancer can't hurt a patient.

That's what this tiny company could be on the verge of proving.

You see, this company has figured out how to make T cells in the body work at shutting cancer down.

This means the company could be the biggest breakthrough in cancer fighting the markets have ever seen.

In other words, this company might hold the cure to cancer. In all its forms.

Plus, this company recently announced a major partnership with a household-name pharma company.

This collaboration could, in time, have enormous stock market implications.

What would being out in front of this story be worth to you?

What would that be worth to the financial markets?

You can read my full thoughts and research on this company working to destroy cancer right now... as soon as you respond to this note. (A special, full report is on my website.)

Before I show you how to get started, I want to quickly show you what makes the third company in the Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies report so special...

Special approvals from the FDA for further testing... AND patents. It's the type of news that helps build a perfect storm of profit opportunity.

I believe this one company could have as much long-term potential as the Pfizer or Merck stories you've seen here today. That's just how important this work could be.

I bet you're starting to see how revolutionary the three firms in Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies could be.

Two minutes from now, you can have full details and all three ticker symbols in your hands.

Just $23.50 Puts You on the Path to a
Generations-Wide Legacy of Wealth

One share of each of the three companies in Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies currently totals just $23.50.

This means $1,500 or $2,500 could be enough to take a stake that sustains your family with vast wealth for generations to come.

(Remember, full disclosure commands that I advise you again—use "speculation capital" to buy these stocks. NOT money you need to pay the mortgage or your electric bill.)

But when the starting stake is so small... your possible upside is amplified.

Plus, to get as many smart, nimble, active readers like you on board with my research, I've been authorized to offer you a one-time-only price break to try my research. Here are the details...

To claim your copy of my report, all you need to do is agree to try my research advisory, Transformational Technology Alert.

A full year of Transformational Technology Alert sells for $1,995 a year.

$1,995 is a steal for a full year's access.

But it doesn't cost $1,995. Not today. Not for you.

Today you can get your copy of Build Transformational Wealth from Three Tiny Companies as well as a full year of research, updates, and access for just $995.

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P.S. I also completed an exclusive video interview with the CEO of the virus-destroying company I told you about. He gives full details on all the work I described.

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