How Would Your Investment Strategy Change If You Knew About Geopolitical Events Months in Advance?

New from world-leading intelligence expert George Friedman: Geopolitical Futures, a service that predicts future global events with pinpoint accuracy


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For investors and informed citizens alike, it has never been more important to be aware of how geopolitical events shape emerging and future trends.

How would your investment strategy (and your returns) change if you knew about the hidden connections likely to influence world events? Leverage global intelligence to protect and boost your portfolio—with Geopolitical Futures, an exclusive new service from intelligence and geopolitics expert George Friedman, founder of field-leading intelligence service Stratfor.


A Groundbreaking New Opportunity for Mauldin Economics Readers

It doesn't matter how much you watch the news. Fact is that the mainstream outlets spotlight the spectacle and shut their eyes to the deeper implications, content to use handwringing and fearmongering in their race to the bottom for clicks and ratings.

So how can a smart investor go beyond the hype and discover the developing trends that will help or hinder his interests? World events are growing more unpredictable by the day, with pressure points like the Middle East cauldron, the creaking EU, and political relationships that can turn on a dime.

At least they seem unpredictable. And that's where George Friedman steps in. A renowned intelligence and geopolitics expert, George focuses on what he knows best: the future. His trailblazing analysis of world events, past and present, leads to accurate geopolitical forecasts of what lies ahead for us all.

For decades, George has correctly predicted world-changing events—including the EU crisis, Ukraine conflict, and the US-Iranian skirmish. He has briefed military organizations and consulted for Fortune 100 executives. Now you can be privy to the same in-depth briefings with Geopolitical Futures.

Geopolitical Futures: Offering You a Clear View of What’s to Come

Geopolitical Futures is not just a newsletter… it’s a complete package of reports and updates to keep you way ahead of the masses.

George Friedman combines decades of experience in geopolitics, sharply honed research and analytical skills, and information gleaned from his “Little Black Book” of international intelligence sources to deliver this essential tool that will enable you to navigate the future.

“Expect the unexpected... George Friedman can see without the crystal ball.”

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    Weekly Analysis: Exclusive reports on the implications of major current events… putting you one step ahead before the dust has even settled


    25 Year Forecast: Long-term predictions on how world events will unfold by 2040… so you can avoid landmines in your portfolio (and life)


    Annual Forecast: The most important geopolitical developments you can expect to see in the coming year… so you can move before the market does


    Plus: Keep your finger on the pulse at all times with daily updates on events of significant but fleeting importance, briefings on important geopolitical situations that impact the forecasts, and reality checks on the “hot topics” in the mainstream media

Forget wading through the biased hyperbole of partisan news outlets. Forget poorly sketched, myopic analysis. Forget looking at your investments in a vacuum.

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Be in the Know. Be Prepared. Be Ahead.

A vital asset for savvy investors, Geopolitical Futures gives you the edge… allowing you to proactively capitalize on George Friedman's level-headed, unbiased assessment of the global outlook.

“There is a temptation, when you are around George Friedman, to treat him like a Magic 8 Ball.”
The New York Times Magazine

A warming compliment from the New York Times Magazine… though investors are guaranteed not to get a reply like “Hazy, try again later” from George or Geopolitical Futures.

What you WILL get if you subscribe to Geopolitical Futures today is…

  •   Unbiased Information: You’ll never again get caught up in the agendas of media outlets

  •   Expert Analysis: You’ll be able to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to act, not react

  •   Proven Results: Enjoy the confidence that comes with George's long track record of accurate predictions

  •   Unique Perspective: Never again wonder “why all this is happening,” with a world-leading intelligence expert by your side

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