What You Need to Know About the Invisible Crisis Gripping the Globe


There's a simmering global crisis that should worry every single American—but it's not even breaking the surface in the media.

Watch renowned intelligence and geopolitics expert Dr. George Friedman pull back the layers to uncover a ticking time bomb no one is talking about.

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The biggest shockwave of this crisis has yet to hit... When it does, it will rock European society as we know it, affecting crucial transatlantic institutions and economies worldwide.

Today, an exclusive report from Geopolitical Futures discloses important information about what this shockwave and its fallout means for investors and informed citizens alike.

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Germany's Inescapable Crash

Germany is the powerhouse of the EU and its beating heart, as well as being the fourth largest economy in the world. But the truth is, the Germans are facing a profound crisis—and there's no way they can prevent it.

When the storm hits, its effects will be felt in the US and around the globe. Investors worldwide will be left running for cover… But you can get an early warning and be prepared with this special report from Geopolitical Futures, Germany's Invisible Crisis and How the World Should See It.

Gemany's Invisible Crisis

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    How Germany has been avoiding the exporter’s crisis besieging other countries since 2008… And why it can't last


    How European turbulence threatens the existence of institutions including NATO and the IMF


    Why a 5% drop in German exports could lead to soaring unemployment… and fuel a resurgence of the Right Wing


    How a cocktail of factors is dragging Germany toward a banking crisis


    How Germany’s economic challenges will directly affect the US

Reading this report could be the most important thing you could do to safeguard your family and your investments in the years to come.

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Dr. George Friedman is an expert in intelligence and international geopolitics. His unmatched analysis in geopolitics has led him to regularly brief senior commanders in the US armed services, the US Army War College, the National Defense University, the Pentagon, NATO’s Allied Command Operations, and the RAND Corporation.

He has authored several New York Times bestsellers, including The Next 100 Years. He also founded the geopolitical intelligence consulting firm Stratfor in 1996 and is now the founder and chairman of the geopolitical forecasting service, Geopolitical Futures.