Negative Interest Rates:
Will You Retire with Less Money Than You Started Out With?


Gone are the days where you could earn a decent interest on traditional “safe haven” investments like CDs, money market and savings accounts. And now the Federal Reserve is gearing up for a policy that would TAKE money out of your bank account instead of paying you: Negative interest rates.

“From a philosophical standpoint, [negative interest rates] are a tax on deposits.”

—Jared Dillian

The European Central Bank does it. Japan does it. Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden do it: charging bank customers for the “privilege” of storing (and lending out!) their nest egg.

What will you do if and when negative interest rates come to the United States?

One solution for savers would be to simply take their money out of the banks—but the US government already has plans in place to make that as difficult as possible...

Watch Mauldin Economics editors Tony Sagami and Jared Dillian discuss negative interest rates and their consequences:


    Will negative interest rates soon become a reality in the United States?


    The US government’s nefarious strategy to discourage American savers from emptying their bank accounts if NIRP comes to pass


    NIRP’s terrible effects on savers and income investors... and what you can do to financially survive (and thrive) regardless of what the Fed does

Negative interest rates is a topic that concerns every American... because every American will be affected.

If NIRP indeed comes to the US, it will be more critical than ever to invest smarter.

Because making smart investment decisions will be the only path left to you to grow your nest egg and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

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