2015 Mauldin Economics Investment Roundtable

Economic powerhouses John Mauldin, Tony Sagami, Jawad Mian, Worth Wray, and Jared Dillian come together in this exclusive video to discuss their thoughts on 2015 global macroeconomic trends and what investors can do to profit from this unprecedented age of market volatility.


We've created this video exclusively for Mauldin Economics subscribers to give our most loyal members an inside look into some of 2015's most critical investment considerations. In this video, our analysts discuss:

  • What the rising dollar means for central bank policy around the world
  • How a global growth slowdown could affect US stocks
  • How you can insulate your portfolio from a changing global macroeconomic landscape
  • And more

In the video, you'll hear from:

John Mauldin
Chairman of Mauldin Economics, best-selling author, and editor of Thoughts from the Frontline and Outside the Box.
Jawad Mian
Dubai-based fund manager and editor of the global macro investment service Stray Reflections.
Jared Dillian
Author of the book, Street Freak, former ETF trader, and editor of the contrarian trading letter Bull's Eye Investor. Jared also writes the free weekly letter, The 10th Man.
Tony Sagami
30-year trading expert and editor of Yield Shark, Rational Bear, and Just One Trade from Mauldin Economics. Tony also writes the free weekly letter, Connecting the Dots.
Worth Wray
Chief strategist of the Mauldin Companies and contributing writer to Thoughts from the Frontline.
Ed D'Agostino
Publisher of Mauldin Economics and host of “Investing in an Age of Volatility”

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Jared Dillian

The 10th Man

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