Contrarian Investment Ideas from a Former Lehman Brothers Trader

In the movie World War Z, the 10th man is the one obligated to dissent, for the greater good.

Jared Dillian, former head of ETF trading at Lehman Brothers and author of the highly acclaimed Wall Street tell-all, Street Freak, takes this obligation seriously.

His against-the-grain market theses and unconventional trading ideas make The 10th Man a compelling read for every attentive investor.

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An Eye for Trends and an Instinct for Market Psychology

Jared Dillian is a skeptic of the markets.

All too often, he knows that seemingly straightforward market moves can portend the opposite of what they appear to be... and when there’s overwhelming consensus on the direction of a sector, he uses it as a contrarian indicator.

After all, every change in the markets comes down to a change in investor sentiment.

The 10th Man

His calls may be early sometimes, but they’re rarely wrong. He predicted events like these months or even years before they happened:

  •   A strong US dollar trend
  •   The Canadian housing bubble
  •   The gradual decline of sports in America
  •   The bond bubble
  •   And more

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About Jared Dillian

Jared Dillian

Before joining Mauldin Economics, Jared was one of Wall Street’s preeminent risk-takers. After receiving his MBA from the University of San Francisco, he was hired by Wall Street giant Lehman Brothers where he worked from 2001 to 2008—first as an index arbitrage trader and then as head of the ETF trading desk. During this time, he was routinely trading over $1 billion a day in volume.

It was as an ETF trader that Jared learned to “trade macro,” speculating in currencies, commodities, and interest rates, as well as plain-vanilla equities and options.

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