The Big Biotech Boom

What are the hottest biotech trends to watch? How do you mitigate risk in this volatile sector? What do you need to know to become a successful biotech investor?

Join the conversation and ask Mauldin Economics biotech experts Chris Wood and Jake Weber your questions!

The biotech sector is exploding... and the smart money is pouring billions into up-and-coming biotech trends like RNA and DNA vaccines, new cancer therapies, and AI for drug development.

There are nearly as many biotech IPOs in 2020 as IPOs of all other sectors combined.

The post-IPO gain in the broader stock market is 6% on average... while biotech stocks gained an average 82%!

The blistering-hot AI healthcare market is estimated to grow by 822.4% in the next six years.

Will you miss out if you stay on the sidelines, or will you get burned if you jump in too quickly?

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