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Inflation Is Back: How to Prepare for the Coming Bond Bear Market

Interest rates are going up. The stage is set for inflation. The time to prepare for the death of the bond bull market is now.

In this exclusive report from contrarian analyst Jared Dillian, discover exactly why a bond bear market is looming—and how to prevent a bond landmine from blowing up your portfolio.

Former Wall Street Trader
Sounds the Alarm on the Bond Market

In April 2016, Jared Dillian warned in Forbes that President Donald Trump would destroy the bond market. In May 2016, he told The 10th Man readers that he “wouldn’t buy a bond with your money.”

This view clashed with popular opinion. But as Jared says: “Whatever is the consensus is usually wrong.”

Inside this special report, you will learn:

  •   The psychology of inflation and why Trump marks a turning point.
  •   3 reasons interest rates are going up.
  •   Why inflationary price increases could be much higher than 1% or 2%
  •   2 ways you can play the bond bear market.
  •  And more…

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