The Supplements That Could Turn Back the Clock by a Decade

Scientists have uncovered a secret in our cells that may delay or even reverse the signs of aging—and you can boost its production without a prescription.

Inside our mitochondrial cells lies a secret that scientists only recently uncovered.

Studies on mice have already proven a coenzyme has age-defying, even age-reversing properties. Levels of this coenzyme drop as we age but you can boost its production with certain supplements. And even though they haven’t been fully tested on humans yet, enterprising biotech companies have seized the opportunity to bring them to market without the interference of the FDA.

That’s the reason you can get four of these anti-aging supplements on the market—and some of them might turn out to be true life-savers…

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In this exclusive report, biotech expert Patrick Cox, in partnership with Mauldin Economics, reveals the science behind the anti-aging technology that may prove to be the fountain of youth (or part of it).

Find out in this must-read report:


    What’s so special about mitochondrial cells—and how their study pointed scientists to new ideas on anti-aging therapies


    The four NAD+ precursors that might literally make you younger—how they work, what they’re called, and where to get them


    The organic compound that could help end Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Patrick Cox’s fascinating report gives you an overview of today’s anti-aging supplements straight from the biotech lab.

Don’t miss reading about these naturally occurring substances, what function they have in the human body, and the stunning results of some of the expert studies.


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