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These 3 Countries Will Shock the Global Economy in 2017

The 2008 financial crisis has been in the rear-view mirror for almost a decade. And yet its fallout is blowing up international norms and patterns that have held the world together since 1945. Get the special report Top 3 Economic Surprises for 2017 from the forecasting and analysis experts at Geopolitical Futures, and discover what’s coming next...

You Won’t Believe What’s Going to Happen in These Three Important Countries

Top 3 Economic Surprises for 2017

New from celebrated geopolitical forecaster George Friedman and his team of analysts at Geopolitical Futures: Top 3 Economic Surprises for 2017 is an eye-opening report revealing how events in three countries could reverberate around the globe in 2017.

The insights in this report are required reading for investors and concerned citizens alike as they prepare you for the year ahead. And for a limited time, this report is yours free.

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  •  Country A: A European workhorse, Country A has long been seen by investors as a beacon of stability. Its stock market may have recovered from external shocks earlier in 2016, but 2017 is set to be the year it faces a global economic crisis.

  •  Country B: The whole world, including the IMF, thinks the only way is up for this struggling nation... but growing social unrest and further descent into deep economic distress in 2017 will pave the way for the crack-up of the entire country in the coming years.

  •  Country C: George Friedman has been sounding the alarm on this country’s economic problems for years. Could manipulated economic numbers, political crackdowns and social rebellion send it to the top of the news agenda in 2017?

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