Jared Dillian & Ben Phillips:

What Should Investors Do About Political Risk?

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“There have been many articles written about how you should not mix your politics with your investing. Many. Except... occasionally, you should,” wrote Jared Dillian in The 10th Man last week.

Knowing which option you should choose—and when—is what Jared talks about today with EventShares CIO Ben Phillips.

Listen in for insights from one of the best market sentiment readers on the planet (Jared) and the co-creator of the Policy Alpha ETF and self-confessed “policy investing nerd” (Ben).


Jared Dillian

Jared Dillian The Daily Dirtnap

Jared Dillian is the publisher and editor of The Daily Dirtnap. He is also the editor of ETF 20/20, Street Freak and The 10th Man at Mauldin Economics, and personal finance radio show host at The Jared Dillian Show.

From 2001 to 2008, Jared worked at Lehman Brothers—first as an index arbitrage trader and then as head of the ETF trading desk. He routinely traded over $1 billion a day in volume.

After Lehman Brothers’ demise, Jared started an investing newsletter unlike any other on the planet. The Daily Dirtnap has been described by readers as “a slap in the face, but realizing you needed waking up...” and “my mind vitamin...”.

His memoir, Street Freak: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers, was named Businessweek’s #1 general business book of 2011, and his first novel, All the Evil of This World, was published in 2016.

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips, CFA Chief Investment Officer, EventShares

Ben Phillips serves as the Chief Investment Officer of EventShares overseeing portfolio management and the Investment Committee. EventShares manages the only government policy-based fund globally. Mr. Phillips is also a founder and Managing Director of actionable investment insights firm, MarketDesk Research.

Previously, Mr. Phillips was with Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), where he had portfolio management responsibilities across several multi-sector total return funds. Prior to GSAM, he held senior investing roles at Providence Equity Partners and Lord Abbett. Mr. Phillips is a CFA charterholder and received an MBA and BSBA in Finance from the University of Missouri.