"Time for action: Our three-pronged strategy to investment income can help you dramatically ratchet up your returns – and help you ADD THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF INCOME to your bottom line, month in and month out."

John Mauldin, Chairman, Mauldin Economics

Washington is trampling all over
your investment income and
retirement prospects.


Here's how to get out from under it and add
thousands of dollars of investment income
to your bottom line, month in and month out.

John Mauldin

Dear Reader,

John Mauldin here. If you're like me, you're fed up with this low-interest-rate environment and the lousy returns you're getting on your "keep-safe" money that's meant for investment income and for your retirement. It's pitiful.

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Even worse, the low returns on your savings are likely to be with you for years to come, as Western governments buckle under the weight of their crushing debts and unpayable promises – the Endgame, as I call it – and therefore keep rates extremely low to help themselves and the financial institutions that help them market their debt.

Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff call it "financial repression" – to describe how governments, drowning in debt, often resort to extremely low interest rates to effectively transfer wealth from you back to the public sector to help governments pay down their debts.


Low Interest Rates Are Bad Enough for
Your Investment Income.

Governments Are Also Whacking the Purchasing
Power of Your Income by Devaluing the Dollar.

Another way governments rob you is by gradually devaluing their currencies in order to inflate away their debts – so they can pay the debts back in the future with paper money valued at a mere fraction of its former purchasing power.

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That, too, is happening right now. The US dollar has lost more than 30% of its value in the past decade. The cost of food has soared 68% over the past five years. The cost of a gallon of gas to fuel your car: up 30% in less than two years!

With very few exceptions, like real estate prices and perhaps the latest flat-screen TV, your cost of living is increasing as the dollar loses its purchasing power. This may force you to reduce your quality of life, change your lifestyle, or take unnecessary risks with your investments.

So even if you were able to earn a decent return on your domestic income investments, you'd end up risking it via the loss of purchasing power that your dollars suffer over time.

I, for one, have had it being "financially repressed" by what governments are doing. I'm sure you're fed up with it, too.

The thing is, there is a way out from underneath the "financial repression" that's crushing you and your income investments.

The simple truth is that you can dramatically ratchet up your investment income by understanding that we are in a new era of income investing and learning the simple steps needed to exploit it.

I call it being a "yield shark." That's what it's going to take to survive the next few decades: Acting like a shark, roaming the world's investment oceans to selectively devour high-yield investments – but only those with reasonable risk.

And I'm going to help you do it. Frankly, my long-time commitment of helping my readers understand the Endgame and how it's going to unfold has so far focused mostly on the big picture.

But now that Big Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve has openly promised to keep interest rates as low as possible for as far as the eye can see...

It's time for me to step up to the plate and use all the considerable resources I have available to me to help you dramatically boost your income.

The world's smartest investment minds get it. The people I rub shoulders with all the time.

The simple truth is that if you want to boost your investment income to levels that allow you to live a decent life and save for your retirement, you simply must understand that the rules and strategies for successful income investing have changed. Period.

Which is why I have decided to give you...

Access to my personal research team and their
investment-income picks and strategies via…

Our new publication: Yield Shark.

Designed to add thousands of dollars to your
monthly investment income, month in and month out.

Yield Shark

My team will look to boost your investment income by ceaselessly patrolling the deep ocean of income offerings – including high-quality US and foreign dividend stocks, corporate bond issues, even sovereign debt issues (only fiscally responsible governments) – looking for just the right combinations of yield and safety.

Using proprietary research and my good friends in high places to sniff out the opportunities you are unlikely to hear about from your broker or on the financial news shows, Yield Shark will quickly bring these opportunities to your attention.

My research team is my trusted source for helping me identify exceptional income opportunities, and effective immediately, they're now available to you as you look to rev up your investment income and escape the financial repression that indebted Western governments are subjecting you to.

Led by my Publisher, Ed D'Agostino, the team believes, along with me, that the world has reached a critical turning point: that Western governments, in their effort to escape from under their mountains of debt, will effectively rob you of your wealth through artificially low interest rates and currency devaluation.

"The team's goal: To give you a regular stream of their very best investment-income recommendations to potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, month in and month out."

I've asked Ed to fill you in on the details of our new publication. Please see his letter, below.

John Mauldin
John Mauldin

I'll get right to the heart of the matter, John, with our three income-boosting strategies that no investor should be without.

Your Income-Boosting Strategy #1:

Forget Treasury Notes and Bonds. Forget CDs.
For Higher Current Income and Capital Growth,
Use Our "Best of Both Worlds" Portfolio

U.S. Treasury bonds are supposedly the safest investment in the world, right?

In normal times, yes. But in times like we have now, with the Endgame upon us, investing in US Treasury notes and bonds – either directly or through any of the hundreds of funds offered – is playing with fire.

Look, America's total debt load already tops $15 trillion. In a short eight years, it's projected to reach more than $22 trillion.

That current debt equals more than $135,000 for every taxpayer in the United States. Within a few years, it will soar to $198,000.

All this is why America's credit rating was recently downgraded by Standard & Poor's – the first time ever that our country lost its "AAA" credit rating.

And it's also why you shouldn't touch US Treasury notes and bonds with a 50-foot pole – in any way, shape, or form.

After all, what good is a 2% yield in a Treasury note or similarly based fund, when the prospects for the underlying prices of those notes are so lousy?

Heck, even if rates were now at 2.5%, you'd need $2,000,000 in liquid cash to generate a conservative $50,000 a year in income.

That's simply not going to cut it. Especially since Washington is going to devalue the dollar over the next few years, and then that $50k will only buy a fraction of what it would today.

Plus, as governments scramble to try and pay off their debts, our big creditors, like China, may reduce their US bond investments, causing Treasury security prices to plunge, leading to losses of 5%, 10%, or even more in the value of your principal invested. That could totally wipe out your income FIVE TIMES over!

Sure, you might earn 2.0%. But if you lose more than 10% of your principal, that's a raw deal.

If you're thinking certificates of deposit (CDs) will help you, think again. Yes, they're pretty darn safe. But that's also why they don't make you any money.

Today, a one-year CD yields a lousy 0.34%. Go out five years in a CD and you might get 1.15%.

What a joke. At 1.15%, it would take you almost SIXTY-THREE years to double your savings, and that's not even counting the effects of rising inflation.

My team's conclusion: it's high time to forget about traditional income investments – Treasury notes and bonds, CDs, etc. – and focus instead on the many rock-solid dividend- and royalty-paying investments available.

So, what is the Yield Shark team looking at right now? A solid combination of income and capital growth, in what we call the Best of Both Worlds Portfolio.

You get Treasury-beating INCOME, PLUS the potential for rock-solid capital appreciation.

I'm talking about yields of up to 8% and total returns that could beat anything you're currently invested in for income, hands down.

I realize that such high total returns may seem over the top, but as I'll now demonstrate, they're very doable.

For instance, consider this technology kingpin that is positioned to make a mountain of money as one of the key suppliers for the new Apple iPad. It is currently a cheap $8 stock… with a 4% dividend and a 24-month price target of $25 that could triple your investment.

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Or consider this unique fund that's offering nearly a 6% yield, paid out monthly, and whose total returns have enriched its investors over the past decade to the tune of 293%. Sweet!

To date, my team here at Mauldin Economics has found 32 extremely profitable investments that are largely undiscovered – yet each and every one of them can offer you the opportunity to get Treasury-beating INCOME, PLUS the potential for rock-solid capital appreciation.

But even that's not enough these days. There's more you need to do to flesh out a fully rounded investment-income portfolio...

Your Income-Boosting Strategy #2:

The Double-Digit Income Portfolio

Our team's Double-Digit Income Portfolio is designed expressly for those who want to take on a bit more risk – to boost their investment income and add even more dollars to their piggy banks.

For instance, on the team's radar screen right now is…

That doesn't guarantee the company will continue to grow and pay a nice 13% dividend, but it has better prospects than many other income stocks out there.

Plus, a 13% yield is enough to generate $1,300 of pre-tax income for every $10,000 you invest – 38 times more than you get from a one-year CD. Even if it were to yield, say, half that, you'd still be looking at 19 times more yield than a CD.

Then there's …

As a result, it has also locked in juicy, long-term yields for as far as the eye can see. It pays out a very nice 14% annual yield, and its share price has already doubled – and no guarantees, but we think it could double again.

With these first two portfolios alone, you can dramatically boost your investment income to levels that can allow you to get on with leading a comfortable life and planning for a secure retirement.

But given the high likelihood that the US dollar will suffer further depreciation, there's one more very important step you MUST take...

Your Income-Boosting Strategy #3:

The International Income Portfolio -
to Help You Protect the Purchasing Power
of Your Investment Dollars and Income

As John has repeatedly warned, the Endgame for the US Debt Supercycle means that the United States' gargantuan $15+ TRILLION debt bomb will implode, no matter what Washington does. It's not a question of if, but when.

One thing you can count on, though, is a steadily depreciating dollar.

It's Washington's way of trying to squeeze out from under the collapsing debt mountain – by paying off a portion of the debt down the road with dollars whose purchasing power is a mere fraction of their current value.

This is why you simply MUST also include the team's International Income Portfolio. It's designed expressly to help insulate you from the loss of purchasing power your dollars will experience.

For one thing, international yields are generally about 50% higher than their equivalent brethren in the US. The reason is simple. Most non-Western economies – read non-US and non-European – do not need to financially repress their markets or their investors.

That's especially true of Asian economies, which tend to have budget surpluses, trade surpluses, and virtually no external debt. So those economies have no need to suppress interest rates – and hence, their corporations and bond funds are paying out healthy income streams.

Importantly, because of their relative financial strength, their currencies are gaining value against the US dollar. So in addition to the generally higher yields available, you get protection against the falling greenback.

This is precisely where the International Income Portfolio put together by my team comes in. A portfolio that includes...


My team is looking for this one to double its stock price over the next 24 months. Coupled with its dividend, that equates to a potential total return of better than 64%!

Expanding your investment-income horizons beyond US shores is a must in this new era of income investing. It can boost your income and protect your dollars, to boot.

Plus, you never have to leave home to make these investments. They're as simple to buy as any domestic investment, with the click of a mouse or a simple call to your broker.


My Research Team Has Put Together
A Unique Income-Boosting Special Report.

We Insisted That You Receive It,


That way, you can get a jump start on the road to maximizing your investment income, while simultaneously slashing your risk of buying the wrong investments. For instance…

The Mauldin Solution: Double-Digit Income in a Single Digit World

Your Complimentary Report:

The Mauldin Economics Solution: Double-Digit
Income In A Single-Digit World

In this report, you'll learn how my research team use their core methodology to select their very best income investments.

It's not enough today to just dive into the income arena and buy the highest-paying investments you can find. Most are fraught with hidden risks and dangers.

To fully understand how to dramatically boost your investment income, you absolutely must look at your investments in a new light, fully understanding the new risks as well as the opportunities.

For instance, can a company continue to pay out handsome dividends if another credit squeeze hits the economy?

Or, how might a change in the value of the dollar impact the purchasing power of your investment-income stream?

What's the best way to reinvest your dividends or royalties? In the same company? Or laddered into other investments? What is proper diversification when it comes to income investing?

My team explain all their core methods and concepts in the report, and they do it in a way that will change how you look at income investments, forever.

Here's How to Get Your Complimentary
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This way you can get everything you need to successfully execute your three income-boosting strategies – to capture true lifetime income.

Yield Shark

The complimentary report (value $59.66) is yours FREE with your subscription to our team's new electronically delivered publication, Mauldin Economics' Yield Shark.

We're launching this new service based entirely on three unavoidable truths today...

FIRST, that Western governments have reached the Endgame, that point in time where their gargantuan debts become patently unpayable.

The main consequence: artificially low interest rates for the indefinite future. Effectively robbing you of your returns – unless you take drastic steps to avoid this financial repression.

SECOND, that Western governments – in Europe and the United States, especially – will also devalue their currencies over time. They'll be trying to pay back their debts with cheaper currencies – yet again at your expense, as inflation ticks ever higher. And…

THIRD, that conventional ways of investing aren't going to cut it – especially for income – requires a new way of looking at the world and the markets.

That's the basis on which my team designed these three portfolios for you:

In short, my team is going to do everything in its power to keep your hard-earned money out of harm's way – and help you PROTECT and GROW your wealth with outstanding, timely, actionable recommendations!

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Rest assured that our research team will leave no stone unturned to help you dramatically boost your investment income – and with the least amount of risk humanly possible.

In addition, you'll also receive new recommendations from the team via...

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Plus, in these flash alerts the team will describe what they're seeing in the markets and share any further strategy changes or updates that are made.

This way, you'll never be left wondering what to do between issues when there are important developments. You will also receive...

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Every once in a while, an income investment opportunity pops up that's typically out of reach for the average investor. Special convertible bonds... distressed assets… spinoffs… and more.

Often yielding double-digit income, they're typically bought up by hedge funds. But in some cases, they are indeed available to the average investor. You just have to know how to buy them, from whom, and what to pay.

Any time we see such an opportunity, you can rest assured you'll get a special report on it, telling you precisely what the risks are… what the returns are… and how to place it in one of your portfolios.


Yield Shark could easily add $1,500… $5,000… even $10,000 or more to your income, every month.

Quite frankly, I've barely scratched the surface of what my research team can do to help you boost your investment income.

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Endgame gives you a courtside seat to the end of the Debt Supercycle and how it's crushing Western governments (who in turn are trying to crush you and your loved ones with low interest rates and currency devaluations).


Your best defense, then, is a strong offense, starting with my team's new Yield Shark.

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Ed D'Agostino
Ed D'Agostino
Publisher, Yield Shark