How Smart Investors Make Money

in Any Market Condition

Games are won by players who focus on the playing field—not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.”
—Warren Buffett

No one knows when the next major market correction will happen… all we know for certain is that it will.

Unfortunately, most investors are going to miss the warning signs and get crushed, because they've got their eyes on the record-breaking market highs instead of solid investing fundamentals.

We'd all rather read about a hot stock that is ready to explode upward or an exciting (and bullish) outlook on the overall market but that's not always the most rational approach.

The fact is, industries go south, companies make poor decisions, and investor sentiment can turn sour in a hurry. The most astute investors know that the very best time to make money in the markets is when it's going down, not up.

Just ask investors like:

  • Jesse Livermore, who shorted the 1929 stock market and made $100 million (roughly $1.38 billion in today's dollars)

  • George Soros, who famously made more than $1 billion shorting the British pound

  • John Paulson, who made billions shorting the subprime mortgage crisis

  • Paul Tudor Jones, who shorted the markets in 1987, making $100 million on "Black Monday"

  • John Templeton who shorted the dot-com bubble, netting $80 million in just a few weeks


And I’m convinced that over the next few years, we will see more fantastic opportunities to make money when the markets go down than we’ve ever seen before.

But before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

Making Money on the Downside


Hi, I’m Kevin Brekke. I’m always on the lookout for the best investment opportunities to make money on the downside.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a card-carrying perma-bear or some doom-and-gloom gold bug.

I simply believe in the value of diversifying your portfolio and making money with the opportunities that present themselves. Sometimes the evidence says, “Go long,” and sometimes it says “Go short.”

It’s how I made my first big call back in the ’80s when the US dollar started to lose its value against other major world currencies. I spotted this trend early, took a short position, and made a handsome profit during the decade-long slide.

You might say I caught the “bear-side bug.” Ever since, I’ve made sure to carefully balance my portfolio to include both bullish and bearish bets.

Personally, I think understanding how to go short is a crucial skill every investor needs to learn. But most investors and traders have little to no experience with shorting stocks (or using options) and don’t feel confident enough to implement a profitable bear-side strategy.

Which is why I’d like to invite you to try out my premium short-selling trading service, Rational Bear

Sensible Shorting:

The Best Recipe for a Balanced Portfolio


Too many investors overlook the profit opportunities waiting on the short side of the ledger. There are just too many benefits—like hedging and diversification—to not seriously consider adding a bear-side allocation to your portfolio.

In fact, I think it’s the only rational way to approach investing… especially when you realize that at any time, the next bear market could be only a stone’s throw away.

My strategy is simple. I work hand in hand with the seasoned analysts at Mauldin Economics to find the best contrarian themes and identify all the ways we can turn those ideas into profitable investments.

Once our candidates have undergone a rigorous screening process, we send out a trade alert to our Rational Bear subscribers.

Sometimes we go long. But more often than not, we go short or use options to capture profits.

If you’ve never placed a short or never used options—don’t worry.

We’ll show you exactly how to execute your trades.

And because we’re monitoring our picks on a daily basis, we’ll give you real-time trade alerts so you know when to buy and when to sell.

Try Out Rational Bear Risk Free for 90 Days


I truly believe that every investor needs to learn how to properly hedge their portfolio against downturns. Rational Bear is a fantastic way, no matter what your skill level is, to learn how to make profits when the market (or a certain sector) is trending down.

And now you can find out if Rational Bear is right for you, at no risk. Test the service for 90 days, and if you’re not satisfied—for any reason whatsoever—simply cancel by phone or email and get a full refund of every penny you paid. No questions asked; no hassle.

Just fill out the order form below, and you’re on your way to bearish gains.

YES, I'd like to try Rational Bear today, risk free

Please get me started right away with my risk-free 90-day trial subscription to Rational Bear.

This is what’s included in my subscription:

  • 12 monthly issues of the Rational Bear newsletter by Kevin Brekke


  • Timely email updates, as well as trade alerts Kevin will send to me whenever fast-paced market developments require immediate action


  • Access to years of archives and the Rational Bear portfolio

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk in my trying Rational Bear. I have a full 90 days to decide if the service is right for me. If I’m not 100% satisfied—for any reason whatsoever—I can cancel within those 90 days and receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny I paid.

All the monthly issues, updates, and trade alerts I already received are mine to keep, no matter what I decide.

If I do decide to stay on, my subscription fee will never go up. My subscription will renew at the same price every year, as long as I remain a subscriber.

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If you are not 100% satisfied, simply cancel any time within 90 days and get a full refund. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.