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American Gridlock, Part 2

February 7, 2012

Today we dive into Part 2 of Woody Brock’s notes from his new book, American Gridlock (www.amazon.com/gridlock). He looks at what we can do in the future to prevent another crisis like we had in 2008, why we need to change, how we bargain with China (will be very controversial, in China at least!), what capitalism really is, and then he addresses the thorny issue of what it means to distribute wealth fairly. What can be said to those concerned with the top 1% of the population owning a grossly disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth?

You can learn more about Woody and his economic services at www.SEDinc.com, as well as see some of his previous essays. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook (Twitter: @HwoodyBrock; Facebook: American Gridlock [http://tinyurl.com/7ch7vld]) . (Note: Woody is attempting a social media strategy to help deliver his message, and I am just curious as to how many people will follow him on Twitter.)

I had a long dinner with Woody last week and was on a panel with him the next evening. He is one of the more fascinating minds and interesting people I have met in my travels, and he tells the best historical stories (where else can you learn about who went down on the Titanic and why, and the foundations that were set up in their names that changed the US?).

I am off to South Africa tomorrow night and back Saturday, spending three of the next four nights in airplanes, experiencing the glamour side of travel. Not sure when or where I will write the letter for this week, but it will get done. And thanks to those of you who sent kind words and thoughts regarding my daughter Melissa, who I mentioned in last week’s letter. You are very kind, and it is appreciated. Have a great week!

Your getting 60 hours to read and write offline analyst,