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Dear Investor,

The Decade of Disruption is here.

Dizzying changes are happening, at a pace and scale comparable to the decade between the end of World War I and the Great Crash of 1929.

Chances are that in the next years, your life as you know it and the way you earn your income will transform in dramatic ways... and most people will be completely unprepared for what the economy has in store for us.

These changes will echo through this decade and far beyond. The only question? How you choose to meet them.

Here are some of the major events you can expect this decade...

The Polarization of American Politics Will Intensify

As the battle for the White House heats up, it's becoming obvious that ideologically, Republicans and Democrats haven't been this far apart since the Civil War—and the gap is growing.

No matter who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in the Decade of Disruption, this polarization will continue to dog a dysfunctional Congress, potentially leading to economic grief—see 2013's fiscal-cliff melodrama.

The Fuse Will Reach the Powder Keg of Government Spending

By 2023, entitlement payments, military spending, and interest will consume 100% of tax revenues. The result? Trillions of dollars of spending cuts, tax increases, and runaway debt.

There have been few signals that candidates are willing to confront this impending crunch before their hands are forced—and all possible solutions will disrupt your life and convulse American society.

The Federal Reserve May Move to Negative Rates

The Fed's plan to hike rates four times this year lies in the ruins of an ailing global economy. And this year, the Fed's annual stress test on banks incorporates a scenario in which the interest rate on the three-month US Treasury bill becomes negative in Q2 2016 and then declines to -0.5%, languishing there until Q1 2019.

Could this mean the Fed is going to impose negative interest rates in the face of ongoing market fragility? Add in another recession and worldwide currency wars, and the Decade of Disruption is set to pitch severe challenges at your retirement savings and investment returns.

Wealth and Power Shifts from West to East

The end of the American Century has been heralded before, but the coming decade could hold the moment the United States melts from global superpower to just one of many countries.

And as the US looks increasingly inward, there will be a steady, unrelenting push for power from nations and economies worldwide—as well as a ramping up of the Age of Terror.

21st-Century Change Accelerates

New technologies promise to forever change your life—from your job, to your health, to how you spend your retirement.

And not all of these changes will be positive. For example, while new biotech innovations may defeat cancer, the victory could decimate swathes of the healthcare industry.

Investing in a Transformed World

The Decade of Disruption is potentially perilous for investors, with a combination of new and old threats, a world order spinning off its axis, and changing safe havens in the markets.

But despite the unnerving environment we will all be operating in, you can experience disruption positively.

SIC 2016: How You Can Thrive in the Decade of Disruption

That was the theme of the 2016 Strategic Investment Conference—and it struck a nerve with everyone from hedge fund managers to individual investors to those simply concerned about their financial future.

This year's conference easily became the fastest-selling SIC of all time. The tickets, priced at almost $2,500, sold out in just over a month—four months before SIC 2016 opened.

And the conference lived up to its stellar reputation. A couple of dozen of the finest analysts, CEOs, strategists, forecasters, historians, and authors gathered in Dallas and took on the Decade of Disruption’s most pressing questions, such as:

Armed with key tools, actionable investment advice, and visionary insights from SIC, you can survive and thrive in the Decade of Disruption.

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Meet the Speakers Who Will Guide You Through the Decade of Disruption

People say John Mauldin has the best Rolodex on Wall Street. Every year, he gives it a good spin and brings both old friends and new faces to his Strategic Investment Conferences—and this year the line-up of experts and thought leaders was truly exceptional.

To give you a taste of what you can expect, here are just a few highlights:

Also sharing their insights, advice, and predictions at SIC were:

In addition to speakers’ individual presentations, we also made sure to include our always popular on-stage roundtables…

Quotes from our outspoken faculty

A dovish fed

"[The Fed] are living in constant fear of a market reaction. That is not the way you manage central bank policy — it just puts you further out on the gangplank. "

— Richard W. Fisher, former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, current Senior Advisor to Barclays

The r-word

"There’s a defensible case to be made that a recession began [in the US] late [in 2015]. You don’t know until after the scorekeepers tally 18 months later."

—James Grant, founder and editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

Credit market danger

"Credit is going to continue to deteriorate. We haven’t even seen the beginning of the bankruptcies in the oil patch. I think capex is going to drop off dramatically later this year, a lot of companies are going to go [bankrupt] , and I think that’s going to lead to some really bad numbers economically."

—Mark Yusko, Founder, CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management

Discover What the Smartest Money in the Room Is Betting On

Temperatures rose and ties were loosened as seasoned economists and analysts debated the most critical issues of the Decade of Disruption. To help you protect and grow your portfolio in the coming years, we’ve queued up investment panels on:

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