Strategic Investment Conference

Decade of Disruption

Investing in a Transformed World

MAY 24-27, 2016
Hyatt Regency / Dallas, Texas

About SIC

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join me for what I think (of course) is the best economic gathering on Earth: the Mauldin Economics Strategic Investment Conference.

My 2016 event will be better than ever with a new venue, new speakers, and many new faces in the crowd. One of them can be yours.

Our theme will be Decade of Disruption. If you think the last ten years brought global economic change, we’re only getting started.

The world can change far faster than most people think. Things we can’t even imagine now will be routine in 2025.

At SIC16 you will…

  • Hear some of the world’s top economic experts analyze the past and project the future.
  • Learn how the next decade will affect you, your clients, and everyone’s money.
  • Meet like-minded people with the same thirst for knowledge that drives you and me.

If you’ve never been to SIC, there is no time to waste.

Your only getting started analyst,
John Mauldin


People say John Mauldin has the best rolodex on Wall Street. He always gives it a good spin and brings in both old friends and new faces. Watch this page for more speaker announcements as the conference draws closer.

Click on the photos below to learn more about each guest speaker. Additional speakers will be added as they are confirmed.

What You Will Learn at SIC

Global Economy: Eight years after the 2008 crisis, the world economy is still adapting to a radically new economic order. How will central banks help (or hurt) growth prospects? Which currencies will gain and lose strength? Which emerging market will take the baton from China and lead a new growth wave? You’ll hear answers from experts like Dr. Lacy Hunt and David Rosenberg.

Asset Allocation: To thrive in the 2020s, you need your capital planted in fertile soil. Which asset classes have the best chance to take root in the uncertain future? How can you build a global wealth strategy with the right risk-reward balance? At SIC you’ll get answers from the experts of Gavekal: Charles Gave, Anatole Kaletsky, and Louis-Vincent Gave. Their globe-spanning expertise helps some of the world’s top investment managers allocate their assets for optimal performance.

Geopolitics: If you have a 1980s world globe, it is now merely decorative. We now have radically different borders and countries. What will a 2030s globe look like? You’ll find out from Dr. George Friedman, one of the nation’s top geopolitical analysts. He'll show where you should look for growth and safety in the coming decades.

Stock & Bond Markets: Being in the right market at the right time won’t be enough in the coming years. You also have to be in the right sectors and stocks. John Mauldin’s favorite professional investors will give you a framework you can use to your advantage as you decide where – and how – to invest.

Alternative Investing: Wealthy investors and institutions now keep part of their capital in unconventional investments like hedge funds. Why? What’s the advantage? You’ll hear from Mark Yusko, CEO at Morgan Creek Capital Management. Mark’s firm manages billions for top endowments, pension funds, and high net worth investors.

Advice from 2015 SIC Attendees...

"I attend the conference to understand what’s going on in the world and to understand what could happen. These conferences are stimulating intellectual events that make you think."

- Bill F.

"I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical when you claimed it was the “best conference,” but after last year I couldn’t praise SIC 2014 enough to my colleagues."

- Danny A.

"Every presenter [at SIC] held my interest and I learned several new facts or insights from each. The mix of speakers was excellent."

- B.F.

Exciting New Features for 2016

Special Income Track: With central banks holding on to ZIRP, near-ZIRP or even negative interest rates, generating income is tougher than ever. John Mauldin saw this coming. Way back in 2007 he wrote about the "private credit" market's advantages for investors. SIC speakers will show you how non-bank lenders now offer numerous ways to invest for current yield with manageable risk.
Political Panel: The 2016 elections practically scream “disruption.” Candidates in both parties are breaking precedent left and right. No one can read the nation’s political pulse like Washington Examiner columnist and Almanac of American Politics editor Michael Barone. He’ll tell you what other craziness is coming as the campaign enters summer, then referee a political cage match between Fox News commentator Juan Williams and Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore. You won’t want to miss this epic throwdown.
Historical View: If you don’t know history, you’re probably doomed to repeat it. We’ll get some perspective from the past with world-renowned Harvard historian Niall Ferguson. Author of the best-selling The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, Niall is well-known for his quick wit and contrary views. Prepare to be provoked when he walks in the room.
Gavekal Trifecta: SIC in Dallas is one of the very few places you can see all three GaveKal co-founders in one place. Charles Gave, Louis-Vincent Gave, and Anatole Kaletsky will take the stage individually and as a special all-GaveKal panel. No one else can inform and entertain investors like this trio. This alone is worth the price of admission.
Enhanced Networking: Some of the smartest people at SIC aren’t on stage. They’ll be sitting right next to you in the audience. This year we’ll help you tap into this boundless resource with a special conference networking app. At your option, you can use the app to introduce yourself to other attendees and then send private messages to set up meetings. (Share as much or as little information as you want, but John hopes you’ll participate. Other attendees will want to meet you since you are smart enough to attend SIC.)
Evening Social Events: John Mauldin is personally planning evening entertainment to showcase the legendary Dallas food and nightlife. You'll see Big D from the top of Reunion Tower to the dance floor at Gilley's. Enjoy Texas-sized hospitality as you relax and meet SIC faculty.

Speaker Testimonials...

"At SIC, one comes to expect the high caliber speakers and presenters but I am always impressed by the caliber attendees as well. They ask tough, challenging questions. I’m never quite sure who is the student and who is the teacher when I go to SIC. Every investor will benefit from SIC. Investors who want to win should go every year."

– Dr. Lacy Hunt

"SIC is an event I've travelled to many time from my base in Hong Kong. It is a premier economic conference—one I consider among the industry's best. This is due not only to high caliber of my fellow speakers but also of the attendees of SIC. Every investor should go to John Mauldin’s conference once in their life, if not every year!"

- Louis-Vincent Gave

"John Mauldin's Strategic Investment Conference is an annual event I do not miss. I've not only presented at the past 6 SICs but attended the entire event each time. The faculty always consists of an impressive collection of the financial industry's best. Each year I leave with numerous thought-provoking insights and investing ideas."

- David Rosenberg


Conference Program
(subject to revision as we confirm additional speakers and events)

Conference Registration


Welcome - Olivier Garret and John Mauldin


Neil Howe // Founder // Saeculum Research


Welcome Reception - Landmark Circle


Breakfast - Landmark Circle + Ballroom

AM General Sessions - Landmark Ballroom

  • 7:00am–7:50amConference Registration + Breakfast - Landmark Circle
  • 8:00am–8:10amIntroduction - Ed D’Agostino and John Mauldin
  • 8:10am–9:00amDavid Rosenberg - Chief Economist and Strategist // Gluskin Sheff
  • 9:00am–9:50amDr. George Friedman - Founder and Chairman // Geopolitical Futures
  • 9:50am–10:20am30 Minute Break - Landmark Circle + Terrace
  • 10:20am–11:10amDr. Pippa Malmgren - Founder // DRPM Group
  • 11:10am–12:00pmExpert Panel - Dr. George Friedman // Neil Howe // Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Buffet Lunch - Landmark Circle + Ballroom

PM General Sessions - Landmark Ballroom

  • 1:05pm–1:55pmDavid Zervos - Chief Market Strategist // Jeffries LLC
  • 1:55pm–2:45pmDr. Lacy Hunt - Executive VP // Hoisington Investment Management
  • 2:45pm–3:15pm30 Minute Break - Landmark Circle + Terrace
  • 3:20pm–4:10pmBreakout Sessions
    • Biotech - Dr. James Hayward, CEO Applied DNA // Dr. Eugene Seymour, CEO NanoViricides // Dr. Mike West, CEO BioTime. Moderated by Patrick Cox, Editor Mauldin Economics
    • Credit-The Current and Future Landscape of Credit Markets - Andersen Fisher, Founder, Managing Member Tålamod // David Hay, CIO Evergreen Gavekal // Barry Habib, CEO MBS Highway // Michael Lewitt, CEO+CIO The Third Friday Group. Moderated by Haag Sherman, CIO Tectonic Advisors
    • Mauldin Economics Editors - Jared Dillian // Robert Ross // Tony Sagami // Patrick Watson
  • 4:20pm–5:00pmDr. Gary Shilling - President // A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc
  • 5:00-5:50pmExpert Panel - Dr. Lacy Hunt // David Rosenberg // Dr. Gary Shilling // David Zervosz



Breakfast - Landmark Circle + Ballroom

AM General Sessions - Landmark Ballroom

  • 8:00am–8:05amOpening Remarks
  • 8:05am–8:55am Secretary Jose Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa - Minister of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food // Cabinet of Mexico
  • 8:55am–9:45amMark Yusko - Founder, CEO, CIO // Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • 9:45am–10:15am30 Minute Break - Landmark Circle + Terrace
  • 10:15am–10:35amAnatole Kaletsky - Founding Partner // Gavekal Research
  • 10:35am–10:55amCharles Gave - Founding Partner, Chairman // Gavekal Research
  • 10:55am–11:15amLouis Gave - Founding Partner, CEO // Gavekal Research
  • 11:15am–11:55amExpert Panel - Anatole Kaletsky // Charles Gave // Louis Gave

Lunch Session

  • 12:00pm–1:40pmExpert Panel - Michael Barone // Stephen Moore // Juan Williams (12:50pm). Moderated by George Friedman.

PM General Sessions - Landmark Ballroom

  • 1:40pm–2:30pmExpert Panel: Portfolio Construction in a Decade of Disruption - Stephen Cucchiaro // Jason Hsu // Brian Lockhart. Moderated by Mark Yusko.
  • 2:30pm–3:20pmJohn Mauldin - Chairman // Mauldin Economics
  • 3:20pm-3:50pm30 Minute Break - Landmark Circle + Terrace
  • 3:55pm–4:45pmBreakout Sessions
    • Biotech - Dr. James Hayward, CEO Applied DNA // Dr. Eugene Seymour, CEO NanoViricides // Dr. Mike West, CEO BioTime. Moderated by Patrick Cox, Editor Mauldin Economics
    • Credit-The Current and Future Landscape of Credit Markets - Andersen Fisher, Founder, Managing Member Tålamod // David Hay, CIO Evergreen Gavekal // Barry Habib, CEO MBS Highway // Michael Lewitt, CEO+CIO The Third Friday Group. Moderated by Haag Sherman, CIO Tectonic Advisors
    • Mauldin Economics Editors - Jared Dillian // Robert Ross // Tony Sagami // Patrick Watson.
  • 4:50pm–5:40pmExpert Panel: - Danielle DiMartino Booth // Jim Grant // Mark Yusko // Grant Williams


  • 7:00pm–10:00pmReception at Gilley’s Dallas

Breakfast - Landmark Circle + Ballroom

AM General Sessions - Landmark Ballroom

  • 8:05am–8:55amJim Grant - Founder, Editor // Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
  • 8:55am–9:45amRichard Fisher - Senior Advisor // Barclays
  • 9:45am-10:15am30 Minute Break - Landmark Circle + Terrace
  • 10:15am–11:05amNiall Ferguson - Professor, Historian // Harvard University
  • 11:05am–11:55amExpert Panel - Niall Ferguson // Richard W. Fisher // Jim Grant // John Mauldin
  • 11:55am–12:00pmClosing Remarks

Continuing Education Credits: SIC attendance offers continuing education credit for Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMA), and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

Your conference registration fee includes:



SIC 2016 is moving inland! Our venue will be the beautiful Hyatt Regency Dallas at Reunion Center. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel is a quick trip from either Dallas Love Field or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Dallas Union Station with Amtrak service is adjacent to the hotel.

Special Conference Rate: $189 per night. Mention SIC when making reservations. Please note that this discounted SIC price will be only available until the SIC room block is exhausted, regular Hyatt rack room rates will apply afterwards.

Click here to reserve your room online or call direct 1.800.233.1234 and be sure to mention Mauldin Economics SIC 2016.

Dallas, Texas300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207+1 214-651-12341 800-233-1234