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Special 20th Anniversary Strategic Investment Conference

Strategic Investment Conference 2024

Into the Storm

The #1 Conference for
Professional and Individual Investors

For 20 years I've had the privilege of assembling the brightest minds and foremost experts for this conference. As we mark the 20th year of the SIC, you'll be introduced to new features, but more importantly, you’ll walk away from SIC 2024 with clarity and a path forward.”
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John Mauldin,

Mauldin Economics

As we approach our 20th Strategic Investment Conference (SIC), we stand at a historic crossroads of converging cycles—economic shifts, geopolitical instability, and technological forces—reshaping markets against the backdrop of a critical US election.

It reminds me of 2008, because then we were in the middle of a crisis, and you could just tell things were changing. Today, we may not be in a crisis, at least not yet, but the stakes are just as high.

Do markets go even higher from here? When will the debt truly begin to matter? Add up the questions and you get a heavy uncertainty of "What do we do?" It’s visceral, you can feel it.

But amidst uncertainty and chaos, there is opportunity. As resilient investors, we must lean into the storm...

Join us for five insightful and thought-provoking days at this year’s SIC.

At the 20th annual SIC, our faculty of esteemed experts will share their decades of wisdom and insights into how they’re navigating these unfolding economic and political cycles.

Here’s what you get with your SIC 2024 Virtual Pass:

  • 5 full days of high-level presentations, expert panels, and fireside chats with our expert speakers

  • High-quality audio and video recordings of all sessions to revisit any time you’d like, on all your devices.

  • Full transcripts of each session, session recaps with key takeaways, and presenter slides (as available).

  • NEW For SIC 2024! For the first time ever, interact directly with John Mauldin and others via the conference platform. Join real-time discussions with your peers and other professionals during the conference.

SIC 2024

Speakers Meet Our Faculty
Leading Authorities and Thought Leaders

(click on the images of the speakers to read their bios)

Lyn Alden
Broken Money
Renè Aninao
Managing Partner
Joseph Anthony
Chief Executive Officer
Sterling Legacy
David L. Bahnsen
Founder, Managing Partner & CIO
The Bahnsen Group
Ron Baron
Chairman, CEO, and Portfolio Manager
Baron Capital
Marvin Barth
Founder and Author
Thematic Markets
Erik Bethel
Strategic Advisor
America's Frontier Fund
James Bianco
Bianco Research
Peter Boockvar
Chief Investment Officer
Bleakley Financial Group
Leon Cooperman
Founder, Omega Advisors, Inc.
Chairman & CEO, Omega Family Office, Inc.
Ed D'Agostino
Mauldin Economics
Emily de La Bruyère
Horizon Advisory
Jared Dillian
Senior Editor
Street Freak
Danielle DiMartino Booth
CEO & Chief Strategist
QI Research
Vincent Deluard
Global Macro Strategist
George Friedman
Founder and Chairman
Geopolitical Futures
Mario J. Gabelli
Chairman & CEO
GAMCO Investors, Inc. and LICT Corp.
Olivier Garret
Founding Partner & CEO
Mauldin Economics
Louis-Vincent Gave
Founding Partner and CEO
Gavekal Research
Barry Habib
MBS Highway
Lyric Hughes Hale
Britt Harris
Founding Advisor
On Eagles Wings Advisors
Karim Hijazi
CEO & Founder
Neil Howe
Managing Director of Demography
Hedgeye Risk Management
Ben Hunt
Co-Founder and CIO
Second Foundation Partners
Lacy Hunt
Executive VP and Chief Economist
Hoisington Investment Management Co.
Pano Kanelos
Founding President
University of Austin
Joe Lonsdale
Founder and Managing Partner
Dr. Frank Luntz
Strategist and Pollster
Howard Marks, CFA
John Mauldin
Mauldin Economics
Stephen McBride
Chief Analyst
Bruce P. Mehlman
Founder & CEO
Mehlman Consulting
Mark Mills
Senior Fellow
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Gen. David H. Petraeus, USA (Ret.)
4th Director of the CIA
Matt Ridley
Author, Speaker
Michael Roizen, MD
Chief Wellness Officer
The Cleveland Clinic
David Rosenberg
Founder and President
Rosenberg Research & Associates
Liz Ann Sonders
Managing Director & Chief Investment Strategist
Charles Schwab & Co.
Dan Tapiero
1RoundTable Partners
Peter Turchin
William White
Senior Fellow
C.D. Howe Institute
Grant Williams
Author & Publisher
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Dr. Ed Yardeni
Yardeni Research
Felix W. Zulauf
President & Founder
Zulauf Consulting

Our Panels and Fireside Chats Quick breakdown of our highly anticipated panels

Featured Panel

Will Bulls Or Bears Control 2024?

Dr. Ed Yardeni and Peter Boockvar
Moderator: Ed D’agostino

Join two incredibly prolific minds as they talk about the markets and the macro environment. This isn’t a "bull vs. bear debate" but a conversation about how the markets are working in the macro environment. What is the Fed really thinking? How is the economy really doing? How can a market sustain another 15–20 trillion dollars’ worth of debt over the next 10 years? How will it all play out?

Panel - Will Bulls Or Bears Control 2024?

Featured Panel

Competing Theories Of Cycles: Where We Are Now And What Comes Next?

Neil Howe, Peter Turchin and George Friedman
Moderator: John Mauldin

Multiple theories about cycles are converging as we speak... some even predict a significant crisis ahead. This isn’t a discussion about doom and gloom. These cycles operate on different timelines, but they all signal upheaval ahead. Whether it’s the 4th Turning, or debt, or rising tensions between socio-economic classes, they will all collide between now and the end of this decade.

Panel - Competing Theories Of Cycles: Where We Are Now And What Comes Next?

Featured Panel

China: Risks, Opportunities, And Challenges

Lyric Hughes Hale, Louis Gave and Emily De La Bruyère
Moderator: Ed D’Agostino

China is in a period of real, lasting change. The path China pursued to dramatically grow its economy has reached a dead end, creating a host of significant problems: population declines, concerns over "dual use" technologies, and government control. All are critical matters you need to understand to know what comes next for China.

Panel - China: Risks, Opportunities, And Challenges

Featured Discussion

AI in 2024: Is AI Underhyped or Overblown?

Joe Lonsdale and John Mauldin

Founder of Palantir and managing partner at 8VC, Joe Lonsdale is one of the most important leaders we should be listening to on artificial intelligence. Joe is prolific and entrepreneurial-minded, and you’ll be blown away by the breadth of his knowledge and insights during this discussion on AI.

Panel - AI in 2024: Is AI Underhyped or Overblown?

Featured Panel

The Future Of Education

Pano Kanelos and special guests
Moderator: John Mauldin

Among the most important cultural issues future generations face is how education is changing before our very eyes. Graduates from elite programs and institutions are becoming unhireable. One of the things that emerges from the other side of the 4th Turning is a new paradigm in education: chaos and turbulence in the short term, but a cultural shift like no other in the long term. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

Panel - The Future Of Education

Featured Panel

Conflict Driven Capex: The Investment Implications of Dual-use Technology

Marvin Barth, Karim Hijazi and Erik Bethel
Moderator: Renè Aninao

Renè Aninao will be joined by his guests, two venture capitalists in the technology space with a focus on "dual use" technology. In our hyper-advanced world, certain components can be used for multiple purposes—but what are the defense and security implications of such tech? Renè’s panel will uncover which technologies are going to have the most impact on the commercial and military spaces.

Panel - The Rapidly Changing World Of Defense Technology

Featured Panel

Biotech And Longevity Research: Separating Fact From Fiction

Dr. Michael Roizen and special guests
Moderator: John Mauldin

Dr. Michael Roizen is one of the premier anti-aging doctors in the world and his panel will unpack the latest in medicine, technology, longevity, and aging. You’ll be excited to attend this panel and hear from some of the world's leading experts in aging-related research.

Panel - Biotech And Longevity Research: Separating Fact From Fiction

Featured Panel

SIC 2024 Final Panel: “Into The Storm”

Felix Zulauf, John Mauldin and William White
Moderator: David Bahnsen

Concluding the five-day conference, John and faculty members will come together for a reflective final panel. They’ll weave together key insights and themes explored throughout the conference, sharing what they have learned and distilling their takeaways in a clean approach to the markets.

Panel - Final Panel

What past attendees have to say about our conference...

I loved the theme and the speakers. I think I was enriched by attending. Ed did a fantastic job. I really like it that Ed’s weekly interviews are like a SIC conference continuation.

Glen F.

The speakers and panels provide up-to-date information regarding the economy, investments, and the geopolitical environment, which helps me with positioning my portfolio and that of my family.

Jeffrey J.

It really does keep getting better! The broad scope of topics and the experience of the faculty created a far-reaching look at national and global economies, as well as a creating a template for the future. Totally amazing!

Jane Z.

This was my 1st time... transcripts, replays, and bios are immensely helpful. So much ground was covered... SIC was incredibly well-organized and content high caliber.

Elizabeth B.

I will definitely buy it again next year, even if the price goes up 50%.

Philip K.

I've debated over buying/attending for years... Should have made the decision to do so years ago! Was truly worth the money spent. GREAT speakers and presentations and so professionally done.

Richard D.

This is our fourth conference and this was by far the best. Enjoyed all the speakers and discussions.

Stephen S.

Loved the flexibility and convenience of virtual presentations - being able to watch/review the sessions when convenient. The conference always gets me energized and looking forward to next year.

Catherine M.

SIC is always such a great mixture of intelligent people and different perspectives. I have come to look forward to it every year!

Thomas S.

I am still reviewing a few of the presentations/panels... Great job. Looking forward to 2024!

Carl T.

I was beyond impressed with the SIC. I ranked all of the speakers high. There were some I liked more than others, but to be honest, they were all excellent in very different ways.... I wouldn't have changed a thing. Absolutely amazing conference!

Lewis B.

Excellent, everything exceeded my expectations. It’s the best because of content, organization, and speakers.

Alphonso P.

Overall, excellent, So glad it’s now virtual!!!!

Chandler A.

Simply the best. This is my "go to" investor education experience of the year.

Charlie G.

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  • High-quality audio and video recordings of all sessions to revisit anytime you like, on all your devices.

  • Full transcripts of each session and presenter slides (as available).

You’ll have full access to the conference platform, which includes all sessions, live broadcasts, panel discussions, fireside chats, real-time Q&A sessions, and any conference materials (including session summaries, PowerPoints, and any additional resources) as available.

For our 20th anniversary, we're introducing a community-style format that allows for real-time interaction between attendees prior to the conference beginning.

Absolutely! You will be able to engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive feedback from users on our private, attendee-only streaming page.

Not a problem! When you purchase your SIC 2024 virtual pass, you’ll also receive high-quality video and audio recordings of every presentation, along with full transcripts of every session and speakers’ slides (as available).

Yes, we will offer Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI, formerly CIMA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credits. Several agencies accept IWI or CFP credits. Though we cannot guarantee acceptance, we can provide a letter of completion that can be submitted to your credit agency for consideration.

We have been granted 21 CFP credit hours and 20 IWI credit hours for the conference.

You can watch it live and interact, watch it on your own time, read the transcripts, or listen to the presentations. It all works with your schedule.

Don't procrastinate, sign up today. Trust me, it gets better and better. There will be some surprises on the political and geopolitical side, to be announced soon... all of which will impact our portfolios and lives. You know you really want to!”

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John Mauldin,

Mauldin Economics
SIC 2024

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