Ed D'Agostino

Partner, COO, & Macro Team Leader at Mauldin Economics

Ed D’Agostino built his career by identifying macroeconomic trends and the hidden opportunities they create.

For over 30 years, he’s leveraged these talents to make money for his clients and partners—first as a business broker for private equity firms, later as VP of Business Development for a top-tier healthcare firm, and today as an advisor to a national real estate investment fund.

In 2011, Ed teamed up with best-selling author and financial expert John Mauldin to create Mauldin Economics. Since then, Ed has managed the firm’s business development and its world-class research team.

Together, Ed and John have built Mauldin Economics and the Strategic Investment Conference into two of the most respected sources of sound, actionable guidance for investors seeking clarity in a complex global economy.

Ed speaks with top economists, geopolitical analysts, and professional investors in his weekly interview series, Global Macro Update. These interviews give listeners a glimpse into his research on the biggest trends affecting business, finance, and investments.

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Global Macro Update

Get Ahead of Big Market Trends

Global Macro Update

Today’s most successful investors share one thing in common: They spot major trends early and move quickly to take advantage of them. Every Friday, Ed D’Agostino—publisher and macro investing veteran—interviews leading experts and respected authorities to get ahead of major trends and market shifts.

“Our goal is to get ahead of the forces that will affect our investments in the months and years to come.” —Ed D’Agostino

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