Patrick Watson

Jared Dillian

Patrick Watson is a compulsive trend-observer and John Mauldin’s senior economic analyst. He and John first began collaborating almost 30 years ago, and he contributes research and ideas to John’s wildly popular weekly e-letter, Thoughts from the Frontline. When John needs to make sense of the senseless, Patrick is often the first person he looks to.

Like John, Patrick specializes in a global macro perspective, from the latest correction in oil to new housing bubbles in China, or whatever is happening in global markets. Patrick’s illuminating explanations help shape several Mauldin Economics publications, though he often works in the background.

Patrick’s writing portfolio reads like a Who’s Who in financial publishing: Forbes, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Seeking Alpha, Money & Markets, Market Watch, Newsmax, and more. When Patrick breaks down a market, people get it. His decades-honed ability to simplify complex investing concepts and turn them into crystal-clear takeaways makes his contributions invaluable.

Patrick Watson’s Model Portfolio: Macro Growth and Income Alert

Inquisitive investors can read Patrick’s clarion insights in the Macro Growth and Income Alert newsletter, where he infuses each issue with a macroeconomic outlook that points to the strongest sectors and best-in-class stocks. His fundamental perspective on stock selection coupled with Robert Ross’s quantitative rigor helps subscribers earn a consistent annual income using stocks and secured options.

Patrick Watson’s Bio

Before joining Mauldin Economics, Patrick was the managing editor at All Star Fund Trader, an award-winning advisory service near the top of Hulbert Financial Digest ratings for eight years. For over a decade, he was a contributor to Weiss Research, and he served as an equity portfolio manager for high net worth investors.

Add to that his experience as a stock analyst, securities and commodities representative, compliance officer, risk manager, and even as a military intelligence officer—and you’ll understand why Patrick’s second-to-none research intuitions make him a trusted member of John Mauldin’s inner circle.  

Check out Patrick’s latest market take with a model portfolio designed for consistent income. Subscribe to Mauldin Economics’ Macro Growth and Income Alert newsletter.