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Mauldin Economics was created to provide individual investors access to the effective strategies typically deployed by institutional money managers on behalf of their high net worth clients, but at a fraction of the cost. For over three decades, John Mauldin has been vetting and consulting with money managers to help them grow their assets under management while also providing over 1 million readers with his big-picture thoughts on the global economy. Mauldin Economics brings these two levels of service together to give clients actionable investment and trading strategies for investors of all levels.

About John Mauldin

John Mauldin is the President of Mauldin Solutions, LLC which is an investment advisory firm registered with multiple states. He is also President and a registered principal of Millennium Wave Securities, LLC, a FINRA and SIPC registered broker dealer. His track record of success vetting and consulting with money managers spans over three decades. John's passion is to understand the world of economics, investment, politics, and science, and determine how it may all come together in the future.

John is a world-renowned financial writer of New York Times best-selling books including Code Red, Bull’s Eye Investing, Just One Thing, Endgame, and most recently, The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing. His weekly e-newsletter is Thoughts from the Frontline. Launched in 2000, it was one of the first publications to provide investors with free, unbiased information and guidance. Today it is the most widely distributed investment newsletter in the world. As a highly sought-after market pundit, John is a frequent contributor to publications such as The Financial Times and The Daily Reckoning, as well as a regular guest on CNBC, Yahoo! Daily Ticker and Breakout, and Bloomberg TV and Radio.

About the Mauldin Economics Team

Under the direction of company COO Ed D’Agostino, a team of six research analysts based in the US and Asia thoroughly vet investment recommendations. By leveraging the macro-economic analysis of John, the team draws on over five decades of experience to seek out their favorite investment opportunities across the globe, clearly identifying the risks and upside potential of each investment, and monitoring performance as part of regular portfolio updates.

Mauldin Economics Products and Services

Over My Shoulder$149 a year / $39 a quarter.  If there is another service like Over My Shoulder out there, we are unaware of it. As the name of the service indicates, as John Mauldin reads through literally reams of top-level investment and economic research as part of his regular work each week, he keeps a close watch for those special gems that deserve your immediate attention.

Yield Shark— $199 a year.  On behalf of subscribers, John and his team look to boost investment income by patrolling the deep ocean of income offerings, which include high-quality US and foreign dividend stocks, corporate bond issues, and even sovereign debt issues of fiscally responsible governments. The goal is to find the right balance of yield and safety.

Bull's Eye Investor— $495 a yearUnderstanding where the markets are headed is key to successful investing… and that’s the basis of Bull’s Eye Investor. Contrarian investor Jared Dillian uses his years of experience on Wall Street’s trading floors and his keen insights into human behavior to determine tomorrow’s trends today—and to show his subscribers how to play them. With Bull’s Eye Investor, you not only get Jared’s ingenious mix of market analysis and trader’s intuition, you get an education in market psychology at its finest.

Transformational Technology Alert— $1,995 a year. At Transformational Technology Alert, Patrick Cox uses his 30 years of technology research experience to uncover the breakthroughs that could transform the future. Each month, you get specific buy and sell recommendations and the full story behind the publicly traded firms working on disease treatments, life extension tools, and breakthrough computing ideas that could deliver transformational benefits to society and transformational gains to your portfolio. Few readers are prepared to witness the amazing advances Patrick covers in Transformational Technology Alert.

Just One Trade $2,495 a year. Specific buy and sell recommendations to help you aim for potential high returns, based on input from John Mauldin's inner circle of the biggest and best money managers in the world. On your behalf, the Mauldin Economics research team interviews many of John's top contacts in his billion-dollar Rolodex and then translates their market insights into timely, actionable recommendations that you can act on immediately.

Tony Sagami's Rational Bear— $2,495 a year. Tony Sagami's Rational Bear delivers well-researched hedging strategies for your long portfolio, to help you generate profit in the event of a swift market correction. Tony and his research team recommend short-term put options, longer-dated LEAP puts, and inverse ETF plays, as well as occasional outright stock shorts to help you benefit from corrective market environments. With Tony Sagami's Rational Bear, you don't have to completely ignore your long portfolio to be ready for a market decline. Rational Bear exists to help you hedge appropriately today for whatever tomorrow might hold.


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