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Apple’s Smartwatch May put Biotech on Silicon Valley Time

September 10, 2014

Tech sites are buzzing right now about the new Apple smartwatch and iPhone. Having been a part of or close to the tech industry for a long time, the excitement that builds over new products doesn’t normally move me much. This time, though, it’s a little different because of reports that the phone and watch will be integrated to support healthcare apps.

GDF11: Good for the Head and the Heart

September 17, 2014

When you think of heart disease, heart attacks probably come to mind first. Like most things biological, however, there’s more to the story. The most common sort of heart failure is actually caused by a process whereby the walls of the heart thicken and slow down. This is often called diastolic heart failure or cardiac hypertrophy.

The Regulatory Transformation Begins

June 12, 2015

This issue isn’t going to be what I had planned it to be. Our household is in upheaval right now because an older relative just slipped hard down the slope of cognitive decline. My wife has experienced a truly unpleasant role reversal, taking the car keys away from her father following a couple of scary events. Routes that he’s driven for decades now baffle him. He’s been lost several times and recently had an accident.

Deep-Purple Mesoamerican Corn and Nutrition Puzzles

July 10, 2015

Whenever I give a speech, I include the fact that all transformational biotech breakthroughs have been initially rejected by the medical establishment. There’s a section about this in my forthcoming book as well. I do this simply to disabuse people of the notion that scientific progress is welcomed. In fact, nearly all truly important biotechnologies and those who discover them are rejected and treated as pariahs before being accepted.

Move Over, Skynet—Brainet’s in Town

July 17, 2015

About once a week, I get a call from someone with a strong East Asian accent named Martha or Ralph or something else traditionally American. They tell me that they are calling from the “Microsoft Service Center” or “your computer service contract provider” because my computer is generating error messages, which they would like to help me fix.

AI Will Help Us Find the Key to Immortality

July 11, 2016

The field of anti-aging medicine has finally entered the mainstream. It’s no longer controversial for scientists to talk about extending health spans by delaying the systems failures that spawn age-related disease. In fact, we’ve made great strides in identifying methods that will allow people to live closer to their approximately 120-year maximum life spans.

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