Things That Make You Go Hmmm... , September 2012

Zor and Zam

September 17, 2012

Carl Sandburg died six months after I was born.

He won three Pulitzer prizes; one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln and another two for the poetry that made him famous, and his face was claimed to be one-third of the inspiration for that of E.T. by none other than the film's director himself, Steven Spielberg (the other two unlikely members of that triumvirate were Ernest Hemingway and Albert Einstein).

In 1936, Sandburg wrote an ode to America that he called "The People, Yes," which...

Reality Check

September 10, 2012

Ken Burns and Alfred Hitchcock are movie makers. The men were born in different centuries, on different continents and applied their talents to vastly different styles of film-making, yet both became legends in their chosen field.

The two men developed styles all of their own that have spawned many imitators throughout the years and both developed techniques that would change movie making forever.

Burns was born in July 1953 in Brooklyn, NY just as Hitchcock was entering the prime of his...