World Money Analyst

Embracing Change: From Micro to Macro

September 2014 | Issue 3.09

Next week marks the arrival of the autumnal equinox, the astronomical event that officially signals the seasonal change from summer to fall. Of course, exactly how noticeable the change will be depends entirely on where in North America you reside, assuming that you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Our Latin American readers are preparing to exit winter and welcome the arrival of spring. Yet, regardless of where you call home, you will definitely…

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Time to Take Profits

August 2014 | Issue 3.08

One reliably popular subplot the movie industry is fond of using is that of the bully. You know, the guy or gal who delights in physically pushing people around or mentally tormenting their victims with verbal or psychological abuse. Or both. The popularity of the bully character is not due to an attraction to the calloused aggressor. Rather, it’s because the targets of the bullying always fight back, and sometimes they prevail. There…

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How to Build a 21st Century Moat

July 2014 | Issue 3.07

Conflict in the Middle East has again occupied the headlines of late. The odd thing about it has been the collective shrug such events have illicited from both gold and oil. We saw barely a yawn from the precious chaos barometer, while the reaction from oil was lackluster and short lived. A decade or so ago, a similar set of circumstances would have invited a far sharper price response from both. Without minimizing…

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India Gets Modi-fied

June 2014 | Issue 3.06

Like a bout of heat rash during Indian summer, the states of Punjab, West Bengal, and Odisha were battling pockets of dissent, and in their shadow the disaffection among the sepoys (Indian soldiers) of the British East India Company’s Bengal army was running high. It was May 1857, and the thermometer was rising as fast as several years of pent-up tensions among the troops of the 3rd Bengal Cavalry. And then it happened.…

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The Modern Mesmers

May 2014 | Issue 3.05

The mood in the room is that of anticipation tinged with a bit of mystery. Just the thought of the impending presentation that promises to delve into the uncertain recesses of the “theoretical sciences” is sufficient to elicit a stir of emotions. The event is well attended, and a quick scan of the invitation-only group reveals a coterie of the confident and the self-assured. As the venue begins to fill with high-profile actors…

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Bucky Fuller’s Paradigm

April 2014 | Issue 3.04

“Yeah, sure,” snorted my uncle. “When was the last time you saw copper rust?” I was standing, rather sheepishly, at the front of my Uncle Bill’s garage. Towards the rear, with neck stretched and head cocked, he was scrutinizing the work of a tradesman that had installed a new water heater after high tide struck his garage that morning. After school I had biked over to the house—I was 12 at the…

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The Paper Trail

March 2014 | Issue 3.03

If we can extricate ourselves from the obsessive machinations that have saturated the media about a missing Malaysian aircraft, there are certainly other international happenings to ponder. Now, that’s not in any way meant to diminish the urgency and concern for the plight of the passengers and crew aboard the missing plane. I worked in the commercial aviation industry for over two decades and lost friends and coworkers when TWA Flight 800 crashed…

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World Money Analyst **ALERT** On Russia and Ukraine

March 2014

The political posturing and brinksmanship between Russia and the Western powers over events in Crimea seems to have crested this week, and cooler heads will hopefully prevail. As you know, we have several “open” recommendations in Russia and the Ukraine, and we wanted to alert you to the implications these events have had on our investments and what actions to take.  

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When Trends Collide

February 2014 | Issue 3.02

The spirit of Jean-Jacques Rousseau was called forth last week with news that the Swiss had voted to limit immigration. The victory was a squeaker—the measure passed with 50.3% of the vote—but it was a victory nonetheless. Considering that just about every heavy-hitter in business, politics, and government came out in opposition to the referendum, that it managed to pass is testament to just how passionate the Swiss are about this issue.  

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Taking the Long View

January 2014 | Issue 3.01

I am a big fan of science fiction movies, and last week an iconic film considered the "father of the genre" was shown on a popular cable channel. I don't habitually devote much couch time to vegetating in front of the flat screen, but for the chance to watch Forbidden Planet, I made the time. Released in 1956, Forbidden Planet would forge the mold from which many other science fiction films would be…

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