Economic Analysis

Seventh-Inning Debt Stretch

Thoughts from the Frontline

November 16, 2018

Science tells us energy can neither be created nor destroyed within a closed system. Whatever amount is there will stay the same, though it might change form. If only the same were true for debt.

Will you buy this hated stock with me?


November 12, 2018

Will you listen to me? Will you buy the stock I recommend in this issue?

Should You Sell Your Stocks Before Tuesday’s Big Elections?


November 5, 2018

Are you prepared for Tuesday? It’s going to be a crucial day for the stock market.

Economic Brake Lights

Thoughts from the Frontline

November 2, 2018

But, like Cinderella at the ball, you must heed one warning or everything will turn into pumpkins and mice: Mr. Market is there to serve you, not to guide you. It is his pocketbook, not his wisdom, that you will find useful. If he shows up some day in a particularly foolish mood, you are free to either ignore him or to take advantage of him, but it will be disastrous if you fall under his influence. Indeed, if you aren’t certain that you understand and can value your business far better than...

The Key to Handling a Market Crash Like a Pro


October 29, 2018

“Stocks are plunging… what should I do?” That’s the #1 question readers are asking me.

Debt Alarm Ringing

Thoughts from the Frontline

October 26, 2018

Is debt good or bad? The answer is “Yes.”

How We’ll Profit from the Resurgence of “Made in the USA”


October 22, 2018

What if I told you a disruptive technology is set to unleash a resurgence in American manufacturing?

The Real Cost of Low-Fee Funds

Thoughts from the Frontline

October 19, 2018

Today, rather than tackle some big macroeconomic issue, we’ll go back to this letter’s roots and look at market timing and portfolio construction issues. I expect this will get both enthusiastic support and at the same time, make a number of readers uncomfortable—if not annoyed.

I Forbid You to Own this Popular Stock


October 15, 2018

Today we're BLACKLISTING an iconic American company.

Red Hot China Mailbag

Thoughts from the Frontline

October 12, 2018

An odd aspect of being a writer is you never know in advance what will excite readers. I’ve written letters I thought very provocative only to draw mostly yawns.