Strategic Investment Conference 2021

Navigating the New Normal

Disruptive technologies, decentralized finance, and rising inflation... invest with confidence using the insights and analysis from 50 prominent hedge fund managers, economists, and geopolitical analysts.

Get Expert Guidance from These Masters of Economics, Finance, and Politics


David M. Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, The Carlyle Group

David M. Rubenstein is a co-founder and co-chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $246 billion from 29 offices around the world.

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Catherine Wood

CEO and CIO, ARK Investment Management LLC

Cathie registered ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK”) as an investment adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in January 2014. With over 40 years of experience identifying and investing in innovation, Cathie founded ARK to focus solely on disruptive innovation while adding new dimensions to research.

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Howard Marks, CFA

Co-Chairman, Oaktree

Since the formation of Oaktree in 1995, Howard Marks has been responsible for ensuring the firm’s adherence to its core investment philosophy; communicating closely with clients concerning products and strategies and contributing his experience to big-picture decisions relating to investments and corporate direction.

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Joseph Anthony
Chief Investment Officer
Sterling Legacy
David L. Bahnsen
Founder, Managing Partner & CIO
The Bahnsen Group
Ron Baron
Chairman, CEO, and Portfolio Manager
Baron Funds
James Bianco
Bianco Research
Peter Boockvar
Chief Investment Officer
Bleakley Advisory Group
Danielle DiMartino Booth
CEO & Chief Strategist
Quill Intelligence
Ian Bremmer
President and Founder
Dr. Daniel Culver, DO
Chair of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine
Cleveland Clinic
Emily de La Bruyère
Horizon Advisory
Jared Dillian
Senior Editor
Street Freak
Brady Dougan
Founder and CEO
Exos Financial
Richard Fisher
Senior Advisor, Barclays Plc
Senior Contributing Editor, CNBC
George Friedman
Founder and Chairman
Geopolitical Futures
Louis-Vincent Gave
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Gavekal Research
Barry Habib
MBS Highway
Karen Harris
Managing Director
Bain & Company's Macro Trends Group
David Hay
Chief Strategist, Partner
Evergreen Gavekal
Ben Hunt
Co-Founder and CIO
Epsilon Theory
Lacy Hunt
Executive VP and Chief Economist
Hoisington Investment Management Co.
Constance Hunter
Principal and Chief Economist
John Hussman
Founder and President
Hussman Strategic Advisors
Jeff Immelt
Venture Partner
New Enterprise Associates
Gerald R. Jordan, Jr.
Chairman and Founder
Hellman, Jordan Management Company
Doug Kass
Seabreeze Partners Management, Inc.
Marin Katusa
Founder and CEO
Katusa Research
Dr. Peter Linneman
Founding Principal
Linneman Associates
Joe Lonsdale
Managing Partner
John Mauldin
Mauldin Economics
Bruce P. Mehlman
Founder & CEO
Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas
Gil Ottensoser
Managing Director
Head of BTIG SPAC Investment Banking
Todd Rich
Co-Founder and Head of Real Estate
Declaration Partners LP
Barry Ritholtz
Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer
Ritholtz Wealth Management, LLC
Michael Roizen, MD
Chief Wellness Officer
The Cleveland Clinic
Sean Roosen
Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO
Osisko Gold Royalties
David Rosenberg
Founder and President
Rosenberg Research & Associates
Santiago Roel Santos
ParaFi Capital
Rajiv Shukla
Chairman and CEO
Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp
Liz Ann Sonders
Senior VP, Chief Investment Strategist
Charles Schwab & Co.
Dan Tapiero
Founder and CEO, 10T Holdings
Co-Founder, Gold Bullion International
Willy Walker
Walker & Dunlop
William White
Senior Fellow
C.D. Howe Institute
Byron Wien
Vice Chairman
Private Wealth Solutions Group, Blackstone
Grant Williams
Author & Publisher
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Dr. Ed Yardeni
Yardeni Research
Mark W. Yusko
CEO and CIO, Morgan Creek Capital Management, Managing Partner, Morgan Creek Digital Assets
Ivy Zelman
Chief Executive Officer
Zelman & Associates
Felix W. Zulauf
Owner and President
Zulauf Consulting

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Your Ideal Post-Pandemic Portfolio

In this “New Normal,” unprecedented profit opportunities abound. Discover what our blue-ribbon faculty envisions the perfect post-pandemic portfolio to look like.

  • Bitcoin isn’t everything: Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain investments

  • SPACs: A different way to access the markets

  • Value vs. growth investing: Which one should you give priority now?

  • Fixed income in a ZIRP world

  • Let’s get physical: How to invest in the current real estate boom

  • Is gold still a viable inflation hedge?

  • And much, much more

The Must-Watch Event of the Year

Here is the full agenda of the SIC 2021:

Intro and Opening Remarks // John Mauldin
David Rosenberg

A detailed overview of the post-pandemic economy: Why it’s not the Roaring ‘20s but the Boring ‘20s... Outlook for 2021 and beyond... Why globalization isn’t dead

Panel: "An Update on the Pandemic"
Michael Roizen, MD // Dan Culver, DO

Risk factors for dying from COVID... 6+2 Normals: How to strengthen your immune system against any disease... Vaccination stats and variants

Fireside Chat: Jared Dillian // Ed D’Agostino

What Fed heads and economists don’t understand about the current inflation... Asset classes dissected: What’s falling apart, what’s rising to the top

Bruce Mehlman

21 trends in politics and policy... Democrats: Incremental or aggressive progressivism?... GOP: A House badly divided... The coming clampdowns and clawbacks

Fireside Chat: Barry Habib // Ivy Zelman

Will the housing market crash or go up further?... Affordability—why the media got it wrong (again)... 4 red-hot housing-related sectors to invest in now

Constance Hunter

Growing an economy in a disequilibrium... Hopeful trends for restaurants and the service industry... Reasons why productivity will boom over the next 10 years

George Friedman

Why the Chinese government must think in worst-case scenarios... 2 hurdles that keep China from becoming a military mega-power... Why you should keep a close watch on Europe

Panel: “New Cold War with China”
Louis Gave, George Friedman, Emily de La Bruyere // Moderated by Mark Yusko

It’s not a “cold war” but also not a friendly competition... Which 5 market sectors are dominated by China today (and will be in the future)... China’s next, potentially game-changing move

Fireside Chat: David Rubenstein // Todd Rich

What investors can expect from the Biden Administration... Lessons on how to succeed in life... How reading your obituary can make you a better person

Fireside Chat: Marin Katusa // Sean Roosen // Olivier Garret

The AI-based solutions that will revolutionize the mining industry... The #1 “green” investment that could make investors millions

Fireside Chat: Joe Lonsdale // John Mauldin

New areas of innovation investors should keep an eye on today... Why logistics in infrastructure and transportation is the next big thing... How to profit from improving our cities

Fireside Chat: Barry Ritholtz // Jeff Immelt

Why Jeff’s second day on the job was a life-changing experience... The two opposing truths you have to hold onto in a crisis... The unique challenges at GE Capital

Fireside Chat: Lacy Hunt // James Bianco

Shocking chart: How much of US personal income in 2020 was government-generated... The #1 critical variable for the macro-economy... Which commodity is going up faster than Bitcoin

Fireside Chat: “Decentralized Finance”
Santiago Roel Santos // Dan Tapiero // Moderated by Mark Yusko

Crypto anarchists and the non-sovereign financial system... Why crypto banks can never be insolvent... Why DeFi beats FinTech by a mile and how to use it

Fireside Chat: Felix Zulauf // Grant Williams

Why the US is at a dangerous crossroads in fiscal policy... Why the commodity boom could last 10 years... The reason Americans are one step away from serfdom

Fireside Chat: Liz Ann Sonders // Grant Williams

Valuations as a double indicator... Which factor is a bigger tell at inflection points in market and economic cycles than fundamentals... The effects of de-globalization on inflation

Peter Boockvar

The two 10-year bear markets that nobody even noticed... Will oil go higher or lower from here?... Why the world’s bond markets can’t absorb a rise in inflation

Panel: “SPACs—A New (Old) Way to Access Public Markets”
Gil Ottensoser // Brady Dougan // Rajiv Shukla // Moderated by Mark Yusko

Why SPACs outperform ordinary IPOs... what the migration of money away from actively managed funds into ETFs did for SPACs

Fireside Chat: Dr. Peter Linneman // Willy Walker

What an economic “butterfly recovery” looks like... Why brick and mortar retail properties are a great investment right now... The outlook for multi-family and suburban vs. urban real estate

Fireside Chat: Ed Yardeni // David Hay // Moderated by David Bahnsenn

Why the 2020 recession was a one-of-a-kind event... Will we see a re-run of 1970s’ inflation?... Why Wall Street likes MMT so much... David Bahnsen’s “core solution” for his company portfolio

Fireside Chat: Ian Bremmer // John Mauldin

The important “gray line” the US government is breaching... why Bill Maher is wrong about China... the greater ramifications of the Colonial Pipeline attack

Fireside Chat: Ron Baron // David Bahnsen

The 20X stock Ron expects never to sell a share of in his lifetime... His #1 greatest investing mistake that he regrets most... The type of groundbreaking companies you’ll want to invest in

Fireside Chat: Byron Wien // Gerald Jordan // Moderated by David Bahnsen
Byron Wien // Gerald R. Jordan, Jr. // Moderated by Doug Kass

Byron Wien’s true rags-to-riches story... The one asset class Byron’s wealth is concentrated in today... The trend stock Jerry Jordan made 459% profits on

Fireside Chat: Ben Hunt // John Hussman

The 3 investment strategies John swears by... Why the market is not a weighing but a voting machine... The one thing that drives the economy and markets

Catherine Wood

The difference between good deflation and bad deflation... Why “open-source ecosystems” are the platforms of the future... The most explosive growth trend in the next 5–10 years

Louis Gave

Which two events really were the most important and far-reaching in 2001 and 2008... Putting today’s spending plans in historical context... What will happen to the US dollar?... Why Louis isn’t bullish on robotics right now

Karen Harris

How governments’ COVID responses raised the bar for emergency interventions... What will likely happen to trade and key technologies... Why the impact of automation will be highly unequal

Mark Yusko

10 potential surprises for the year after COVID... How the zombie apocalypse was averted... Why FANGs may bite investors this year... Why Bitcoin is uncorrelated to every other asset

Fireside Chat: William White // Danielle DiMartino Booth

The four horsemen of the apocalypse, and how we should deal with them... Why the Fed’s way to reduce inequality is creating more of it... What economists don’t understand about the real economy

Fireside Chat: Howard Marks // John Mauldin

Value vs. growth investing... How the tax system under Biden is changing... Why stocks are still an investor’s best bet

Fireside Chat: Richard Fisher // Danielle DiMartino Booth

Inside the mind of Fed Chairman Jay Powell... Why we have to outperform China... Richard’s biggest regret in his career

Final Panel: Navigating the New Reality
Richard Fisher // Bill White // John Mauldin // Felix Zulauf // Moderated by David Bahnsen

John’s “middle muddle-through path” to good investing... The one central bank that is doing everything right... Why panelists are betting on Europe

Stephen McBride // Chris Reilly

Virtually all human progress over the past half-century has been driven by chips getting faster and faster. Now there’s a chip shortage—and only one company on Earth that makes the machines that make the chips... Stephen’s buy-now-and-hold recommendation... The next big thing after genomics, and one private company to watch

Stephen Blumenthal // Ed D'Agostino

What to do when you can’t get sufficient income from 10-year Treasuries anymore... Why US government bonds should move from the “core bucket” to the “explore bucket”... Three types of bond funds to consider instead

Marin Katusa // Ed D'Agostino

The biggest commodity of the next 25 years... Why Corporate America will be forced to do this or lose huge amounts of money... The best ways to get invested now

Chris Wood // Jake Weber

Why drug discovery and development is so tedious and expensive, and how AI is proving to be a game-changer... Chris’s favorite company using AI to target specific cancer types... A “hub and spoke” biotech business that you can buy today

Jared Dillian // Ed D'Agostino

The early-stage trend that you’ll be able to profit from for 5–10 years... Why Jared is not a fan of ESG investing... the #1 fund type that is bound to rise in the post-pandemic period

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