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Bull's Eye Investor

Bull’s Eye Investor: Hitting the Mark by Aiming in the Opposite Direction

Most investors would be shocked to be compared to gamblers. Yet many of them believe in a “bulletproof system,” a certain, almost guaranteed way to determine future movements in the markets for a profit.

For some, that bulletproof system is fundamental investing. For others, it’s technical analysis or Buffett-style value investing.

“The problem with all of those ‘systems,’” says Jared Dillian, editor of Bull’s Eye Investor, “is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.”

For him, there’s only one thing that almost never fails to be a correct indicator for how the markets will react: human behavior.

Fortunately, says Jared, human behavior is utterly predictable. Even more predictable is the behavior of governmental entities. And his accurate predictions have proven him right. He calls it “behavioral economics.”

The Ultimate Contrarian

You can’t separate a newsletter from its writer. And Jared Dillian is a fantastic writer, with an irreverent, quirky style and very distinct ideas on how to invest.

He is the ultimate contrarian because often, subtle changes in investor sentiment and consumer psychology portend rising market trends that are very different from the movements of the investing herd. They may even move into the opposite direction… and Jared fearlessly moves with them. That’s his specialty.

For several years, Jared has been writing The Daily Dirtnap, market commentary specifically designed for the financial professional. Bull’s Eye Investor, his monthly newsletter published by Mauldin Economics, translates this commentary into hands-on, actionable advice for the individual investor—complete with regular portfolio updates, trading alerts, and full analysis of every investment recommendation.

No asset class or type of investment is off limits. From an iconic sports outfitter to a particularly liquid frontier-market ETF—Jared picks the best vehicles so his subscribers may profit from tomorrow’s trends, today.

The best part is, by following his writing, an ingenious mix of market analysis and trader’s intuition, over time you receive a complete education in the art of economic prediction.

Right now, you can try Bull’s Eye Investor at no risk for 90 days, at a deeply discounted price. Instead of $495 for a full year, you can get 12 monthly issues for only $299… a 40% savings off the retail price.

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  • The Corporate Bond Drought Special Report

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