Goodbye, Normal

The highest inflation in 40 years, war in Europe, and economic shock waves...

Inside: Discover how the top minds in finance are preparing as economic smoke signals point to tumultuous times ahead in 2022 (and how you can position yourself to protect your wealth today).

Featuring an Exclusive Interview with
Legendary Foreign Policy Expert Dr. Henry Kissinger

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Strategic Investment Conference 2022

Sharp expert analysis and priceless wisdom based on decades of experience... that’s what the 63 speakers at the SIC 2022 (scroll down to see the full lineup) brought to the table.

Great minds like former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger... co-founder of The Carlyle Group and talk show host David Rubenstein... top political strategist and pollster Dr. Frank Luntz... investing legend Ron Baron... and dozens more...

...gave their takes on burning issues like inflation, supply shortages, the Russia-Ukraine war, Fed policy, the coming recession, where to put your money, and what not to touch.

Investing is a tough job—especially when emotions run high, as we’re seeing right now in the face of multiple simultaneous crises.

When panic rises close to the surface, there’s nothing you need more than a measured voice telling you to calm down and see things clearly.

A voice like Howard Marks’:

[To] me, the concept of the pendulum is extremely important. Human thinking does not stay centered at what my mother used to call “the happy medium.” It usually swings from too much in one direction to too much in the other: from greed to fear, from optimistic to pessimistic, from risk averse to risk tolerant...

[In] the real world, things fluctuate between “pretty good” and “not so hot,” but in the markets, they tend to go from “flawless” to “hopeless.” The swings are overdone, whenever human thinking and psychology are involved.
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Howard Marks,

Oaktree Capital Management

At the Strategic Investment Conference, you’ll have the chance to peek behind the curtain and hear insights you likely won’t find anywhere else.

You can’t afford to miss it.

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Speakers Get Essential Insights from These Authorities in Their Fields

Main Speaker
Henry Kissinger
Former Secretary of State

Henry Alfred Kissinger was sworn in on September 22, 1973, as the 56th Secretary of State, a position he held until January 20, 1977. He also served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs from January 20, 1969, until November 3, 1975. In July 1983, he was appointed by President Reagan to chair the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America until it ceased operation in January 1985, and from 1984–1990, he served as a member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Joe Lonsdale
Managing Partner

Joe Lonsdale is the managing partner at 8VC, a US-based venture capital firm that manages several billion dollars in committed capital. He was an early institutional investor in many notable companies, including Wish, Oculus, Guardant Health, Oscar Health Insurance, Illumio, Anduril, JoyTunes, Blend, Flexport, Joby Aviation, Orca Bio, Qualia, Synthego, RelateIQ, and many others. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Howard Marks, CFA
Oaktree Capital Management

Since the formation of Oaktree in 1995, Howard Marks has been responsible for ensuring the firm’s adherence to its core investment philosophy, communicating closely with clients concerning products and strategies, and contributing his experience to big-picture decisions relating to investments and corporate direction. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Catherine D. Wood
Founder, CEO and CIO
ARK Investment Management LLC

Cathie registered ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK”) as an investment adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in January 2014. With over 40 years of experience identifying and investing in innovation, Cathie founded ARK to focus solely on disruptive innovation while adding new dimensions to research. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Ron Baron
Chairman, CEO, and Portfolio Manager
Baron Funds

Ron founded Baron Capital in 1982 and has 51 years of research experience. From 1970 to 1982, Ron worked for several brokerage firms as an institutional securities analyst. From 1966 to 1969, Ron worked at the US Patent Office as a patent examiner while attending George Washington University Law School. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
David M. Rubenstein
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
The Carlyle Group

David M. Rubenstein is co-founder and co-chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $301 billion from 26 offices around the world. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Morgan Housel
Collaborative Fund

Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund, an investment firm focused on supporting and investing in the shared future. The firm’s funds center around two macro themes: the growth of the creative class and the concept of the collaborative economy. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
Frank Luntz
Strategist and Pollster

Frank Luntz is one of the most honored communication professionals in America today: “The Nostradamus of pollsters,” said Sir David Frost, while Time magazine named him one of “50 of America’s most promising leaders aged 40 and under,” and Newsweek magazine identified him as No. 24 on their American Power Elite survey. Read full bio.

Main Speaker
George Friedman
Founder and Chairman
Geopolitical Futures

Dr. George Friedman is founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a company dedicated to forecasting the course of the international system ( He is an internationally recognized strategist on global affairs who has been called “the creator of the field of geopolitical forecasting.”
Read full bio.

Plus, these brilliant minds who were also part of the conference

(click on the images of the speakers to read their bios)

Renè Aninao
Managing Partner
Joseph Anthony
Chief Executive Officer
Sterling Legacy
David L. Bahnsen
Founder, Managing Partner & CIO
The Bahnsen Group
Michael Baron
Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Baron Funds
Bill Bishop
Stephen Blumenthal
Executive Chairman & CIO
CMG Capital Management Group
James Bianco
Bianco Research
Peter Boockvar
Chief Investment Officer
Bleakley Advisory Group
David Brocas
Head Cobalt Trader
Thompson Clark
Smart Money Monday
Ed D'Agostino
Mauldin Economics
Emily de La Bruyère
Horizon Advisory
Jared Dillian
Senior Editor
Street Freak
Danielle DiMartino Booth
CEO & Chief Strategist
Quill Intelligence
Albert Edwards
Global Strategist
Societe Generale
Niall Ferguson
Milbank Family Senior Fellow
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Olivier Garret
Founding Partner & CEO
Mauldin Economics
Charles Gave
Founding Partner & Chairman
Louis-Vincent Gave
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Gavekal Research
Aaron Gentzler
Associate Publisher
Mauldin Economics
Barry Habib
MBS Highway
Tom Hoenig
Senior Fellow
Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Nicholas Hoyt
Senior Advisor
Ben Hunt
Co-Founder and CIO
Epsilon Theory
Lacy Hunt
Executive VP and Chief Economist
Hoisington Investment Management Co.
Anatole Kaletsky
Founding Partner & Chief Economist
Marin Katusa
Co-chair and CIO
Carbon Royalty Corp
Andrew Keys
Co-Founder & President
DARMA Capital
Stephanie Link
Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager
Brian Lockhart
Founder and CEO
Peak Capital Management
John Mauldin
Mauldin Economics
Stephen McBride
Chief Analyst
Charles McConnell
Executive Director
CCME, University of Houston
Bruce P. Mehlman
Founder & CEO
Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas
Dan Pickering
Chief Investment Officer
Pickering Energy Partners
Todd Rich
Co-Founder and Head of Real Estate
Declaration Partners LP
Sam Rines
Managing Director
Barry Ritholtz
Chief Investment Officer
Ritholtz Wealth Management
David Rosenberg
Founder and President
Rosenberg Research & Associates
Jacob Shapiro
Partner & Director of Geopolitical Analysis
Cognitive Investments
Panna Sharma
CEO, President and Director
Lantern Pharma
Richard Shirreff
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe 2010-2014
Peter Snell
Chief Growth Officer
King Operating Corporation
Liz Ann Sonders
Managing Director & Chief Investment Strategist
Charles Schwab & Co.
Katie Stockton, CMT
Founder and Managing Partner
Fairlead Strategies
Stuart Turley
President & CEO
Sandstone Group
Dan Tapiero
Founder and CEO, 10T Holdings
Co-Founder, Gold Bullion International
Jake Weber
Head of Biotech Research
Mauldin Economics
William White
Senior Fellow
C.D. Howe Institute
Grant Williams
Author & Publisher
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Chris Wood
Chief Investment Officer, Healthcare & Biotech
Mauldin Economics
Jay R. Young
Founder and President
King Operating Corporation
Mark W. Yusko
Founder and CIO
Morgan Creek Capital Management
Felix W. Zulauf
Owner and President
Zulauf Consulting

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SIC 2022
Simply outstanding. Almost every session was worth the price by itself.
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SIC 2021 attendee

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Hitting the Spot:
Our Panels and Fireside Chats The SIC wouldn’t be the SIC without our popular panels and fireside chats.

Here’s a quick preview of what you will get:

Featured Panel

“Real Money Managers—the Inside Scoop”

David Bahnsen, Stephanie Link, Barry Ritholtz
Moderator: Brian Lockhart

Meet three pros who each manage billions of dollars for investors. What are they currently doing for their clients? How do they prepare for the unexpected?

Panel - Real Money Managers - The Inside Scoop

Featured Panel

“Cryptocurrencies—the Hard Money of the Future?”

Panelists: Dan Tapiero // Andrew Keys
Moderator: John Mauldin

Winners and losers in the crypto space—what to put on your watch list, what to stay away from. Are digital currencies the “hard assets” of the future, and how do they compare to gold? What about recent crypto scams?

Fireside Chat - Cryptocurrencies - the Hard Money of the Future?

Featured Panel

“National Security and Natural Resources”

Panelists: Sam Rines // Nicholas Hoyt // David Brocas
Moderator: Renè Aninao

Oil, natural gas, and fertilizer from Russia are in short supply—what should we expect to happen in the near future, who will bridge the gaps, what will the global fallout for consumers be, and how do we prepare?

Panel - National Security and Natural Resources

Featured Panel

“China’s Long Path to World Domination”

Emily de la Bruyère, Bill Bishop, Louis Gave
Moderator: Jacob Shapiro

What are the geopolitical implications of China’s latest actions? How would a Chinese takeover of Taiwan impact Western economies?

Panel - Real Money Managers - The Inside Scoop

Featured Panel

“The Future of Energy”

Panelists: Stuart Turley // Charles Mcconnell // Jay R. Young
Moderator: Peter Snell

Fossil fuels vs. renewables: What is the future of oil, natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind? How cost- and energy-efficient are electric vehicles and electric heat? ESG investing is taking off, but is forced compliance a feasible way to future success? How will this trend play out in the next few years?

Panel - The Future of Energy

Featured Panel

“Goodbye, Normal”

John Mauldin, Bill White, Felix Zulauf, Tom Hoenig
Moderator: David Bahnsen

John Mauldin’s ultimate wrap of the SIC 2022. John and four seasoned faculty members gather one last time to sum up five information-packed days of musings and analysis. This is the place where facts are pondered, opinions are weighed, and disputes are settled. This panel ties up the conference’s lessons for attendees.

Panel - Final Panel
This conference far exceeded my expectations. Though I was obviously more interested in some topics than others, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, insight, and actionable information. The presenters were dynamic and engaging, and the slides represented a massive amount of research and analysis. I also appreciated the format, with so much downloadable content, and the opportunity to replay the presentations for greater understanding. It’s not good form to gush on, but I thought the conference was terrific, well worth the price of admission. Thank you!
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SIC 2021 attendee
Terrific lectures, presentations, very relevant, very interesting, just the right length.
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SIC 2021 attendee

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