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As one of the most recognized names in the financial world, John Mauldin regularly speaks at investment conferences and seminars around the globe, including the MoneyShow, Agora Financial Investment Symposium, and the CFA Institute Annual Conference.

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Speaker Comments

John was one of the main reasons attendees listed for attending the Calgary CFA Wealth Management Conference. In addition his speaking style and relevance of his content was amongst the highest rated of all our speakers.

—Craig Senyk, CFA
Past President, Calgary CFA Society

John gave an excellent and very inspiring presentation. John managed to inform about the sub-prime crises and the credibility problem in a language understood by everyone. John has a huge knowledge about the market and it was pure pleasure to lean back and listen to all his in-sights. John made a great contribution in making our seminar a success and was one of the top presenters and we hope that he will be prepared to participate again sometime in the future. On a more personal level I would like to add that he is a great guy and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together it was very stimulating and inspiring discussing the market with such a knowledgeable person. Furthermore we shared the same interest in fine food and wine which further enhanced our time together.

—T. Fischer
Jyske Bank—Private Banking, Denmark

John's presentation at the HBOS Credit Development Academy conference provided a unique insight into the goings on within the US Sub Prime Mortgage market. This was of real value, enabling comparisons to be made with the UK market—providing some comfort that many of the extremes within the US have not (yet) been seen within the UK—but also providing a stark warning of what can happen when credit controls are relaxed and complex financial instruments ("financial alchemy") are used to confuse the unwary. A timely reminder that whatever else is going one, underlying credit quality should not be ignored!

Birmingham Midshires

While I only hosted the event, it was quite clear to me from the leaned forward position of your audience that they were enthralled with what you had to say, and wanted to hear more...I found, as I am certain your audience did, that the structure, style and level of engagement of your presentation was excellent. More-so, the invitation of questions from the floor, worked particularly well. Your flexibility, balance in directing, informing and clarification ensured a very positive audience centered and involving presentation.

—C. Sutton
The Training Foundation