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For Immediate Release:

Jared Dillian & Mauldin Economics: Partnership Forges Ahead


New Chapter Begins with Jared Dillian Money

[Stowe, VT, Dec. ’23]—Mauldin Economics is excited to announce a strategic step in their alliance with longtime collaborator, personal finance and stock market expert Jared Dillian with their new venture, Jared Dillian Money.

This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the ongoing collaboration between Jared Dillian and Mauldin Economics in their continued dedication to serving the investment research and personal finance communities.

Now all of Jared’s premium services and education courses are organized here in one spot— Jared Dillian Money.


The short answer—it’s more efficient to access Jared’s insights and education in one spot. Jared Dillian Money allows Jared to connect more directly with his community and provide valuable content in new ways. We encourage you to take a moment and click here to explore Jared’s new platform, Jared Dillian Money.
For existing customers of Street Freak and Strategic Portfolio, Mauldin Economics will continue to fulfill those as normal. You can access your subscriptions like you always have.
Absolutely! We never stopped. Jared Dillian Money was formed in partnership with the owners of Mauldin Economics, everyone behind the scenes will remain the same.
Jared Dillian Money provides a diverse range of services tailored for both self-directed and professional investors, as well as individuals aiming to improve their personal finances. Jared covers topics like personal finance, saving, investing, retirement, market analysis, and much more. See for yourself, take a moment and click here to explore Jared’s new platform, Jared Dillian Money.
The transition of Jared's products to the new venture demonstrates the ongoing partnership between Mauldin Economics and Jared Dillian. We appreciate the continued support of our dedicated subscribers and we look forward to the new opportunities to serve the investment research and personal finance communities as our partnership forges ahead.

For media inquiries or questions, please contact: Rachel Almeida at rachel@JaredDillianMoney.com.