“I try to be cynical, but it is hard to keep up.”

Jared Dillian

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The Daily Dirtnap:Contrarian investment newsletter for financial professionals and sophisticated investors

Take the other side of the trade with The Daily Dirtnap’s unconventional take on the markets, investor sentiment, and macro forces.

Traders, hedge fund managers, financial advisors, and other market participants depend on Jared Dillian’s The Daily Dirtnap for quick, fresh market insights.

Around 225 days a year, Jared sends readers his latest take on what’s moving the markets. The Daily Dirtnap is a short but profound read to start your day with: from Jared’s contrarian calls, to his keen analysis of developing macro trends, to his insights into investors’ animal spirits.

The Daily Dirtnap gives you a close-up, creative take on the markets.

As Anthony Greer, former managing director of equity sales at Imperial Capital, put it, “If you can’t make money with this thing, then you’re holding it upside down.”

Investing comes down to predicting human behavior—it is as difficult and as simple as that.

The Daily Dirtnap isn't a Mauldin Economics service. It began as a letter strictly for traders and clients during Jared's time as head of the ETF trading desk at Lehman Brothers

The Daily Dirtnap is fueled by Jared’s experience on the trading floor, where he touched every sector: commodities, currencies, equities, interest rates, and even credit.

Add in Jared’s irreverent writing style and fearless approach to making contrarian calls, and it becomes clear that The Daily Dirtnap is a newsletter unlike any other on the market.

If you want to challenge your thinking on indices, ETFs, liquidity, currencies, macro, market psychology, and more... if your clients’ investments (or your own) would benefit from the insights of one of the sharpest, most agile thinkers in the industry... if you want to get a deeper understanding into how emotional decision-making can direct the markets... then The Daily Dirtnap is for you.

What you will get with The Daily Dirtnap:

  • Discerning topics for discerning readers: The Daily Dirtnap is designed for financial professionals and self-directed, active investors, not the casual retail investor.
  • Intellectual flexibility: Dogmatic trading usually leads to disaster. The Daily Dirtnap helps subscribers confront their own biases and adjust accordingly.
  • Qualitative analysis: Quantitative analysis is everywhere, but good qualitative analysts are rare. Jared is unafraid to make big contrarian calls based on his experience and insight into investor psychology.
  • Daily entertainment: As Jared says, “My goal is to make my commentary a joy to read, in addition to being super-smart and timely as hell.”

What you will not get with The Daily Dirtnap:

  • A news service: “I am not a news hound,” says Jared. “If you want news, you can subscribe to the FT or the Wall Street Journal or something like that. You are paying for analysis.”
  • Hand-holding: The Daily Dirtnap is not suitable for novice investors who need detailed advice on what and when to buy and sell. It provides big-picture thinking and Jared’s trade ideas that you can run with on your own.

The Daily Dirtnap is an invaluable asset for any market participant seeking to think differently about the markets and question the consensus.

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As The Daily Dirtnap is not a Mauldin Economics service, you will receive it from Jared personally—it will not be available in the “Your Account” section of the Mauldin Economics website.

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His insight into market psychology is matched only by his wit. He’s a voice worth listening to for any serious student of the markets.”M.P., portfolio manager

People say that $795 seems like a lot for a newsletter but it is nothing compared to the value of just one piece of data, or one idea. In my case it was just one offhand remark—so [The Daily Dirtnap] is worth it already.”P.V.H, retail investor