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Since 2008, the Fed Has Robbed You of the Opportunity to Earn Yield... Now You Have the Chance to Get It Back.

Yield Shark

How You Can Earn Market-Beating Yield and Slash Your Risk...

In 3 Simple Steps

Before the financial crisis, earning yield was simple. Invest your money in 5-year CDs or 10-year Treasuries and safely earn 4%–5% per annum. For those who rely on income for their retirement, it was a risk-free, “invest it and forget it” strategy.

But when the crisis hit, the Fed took a hatchet to interest rates... and to those opportunities.

While the Fed is now raising rates, those same instruments only yield around 2.2% today... which means we would have to get another seven quarter-point rate hikes before 4% yields make a comeback.

Now nine years into the economic expansion, the smart money is betting we will enter a recession before that happens... falling bond yields speak to that.

Faced with the “lower for longer” problem, investors have been forced into dividend stocks and low-grade bonds to earn returns. While their need for yield has been fulfilled, they’ve taken on huge amounts of risk in the process.

If you have this problem... we want to show you a way to earn first-class yield without lowering the quality of your portfolio

Yield Shark is the Mauldin Economics’ flagship publication that’s been helping readers generate superior yield and lower their portfolio’s risk exposure.

Our readers are earning 4–6 times the yield offered by Treasuries and dividend stocks today... and here’s exactly how we help them do it.

The 3-Step Path to Superior Yield and Lower Risk...

Step #1:


Every investor knows diversification is important.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. That’s good advice, but doing it right is harder than it sounds... and doing it wrong can be very expensive.

That’s not just our opinion. It’s simple math: Recovering from a loss is harder than avoiding the loss. A 10% gain doesn’t bring you back from a 10% loss... that would require an 11.1% gain.

You may say “what’s a percent or two?” No big deal. But the bigger the drop, the bigger the hole you then have to pull yourself out of.

Amount of Loss Incurred Return Needed to Break Even
20% 25.0%
30% 42.9%
40% 66.7%
50% 100%
60% 150%

And if your stock drops 90%, you’ll need a 1,000% gain, one of those rare “ten-baggers” Peter Lynch used to talk about, just to get back to where you started.

In Yield Shark, we spread our exposure across many asset classes and sectors to help reduce our downside if something goes awry.

We’ve achieved this by lowering our exposure to stocks...

And replacing them with high-yield, diversified ETFs and funds... which has lowered our risk and increased our income-producing capabilities.

If de-risking your portfolio and investing in undervalued high-yield assets is something you want to do, we’re happy to help.

Step #2:

Investing in High-Yield ETFs, Funds, and Bonds

When central banks lowered interest rates to historic lows in the wake of the financial crisis, investors were forced into dividend stocks to generate meaningful returns.

Buying dividend stocks was a good investment in 2009 or even 2012... but years of massive inflows into them has inflated prices

In 2017, Research Affiliates found that dividend stocks are more expensive than they’ve been over 80% of the time in the last 40 years.

Buying these stocks at such lofty valuations means taking a big risk. A sharp decline in share prices would dwarf any income received from dividends.

With the average dividend yield on the S&P 500 now below 2% and prices at all-time highs, dividend stocks may end up being a safety-minded investor’s worst nightmare.

That’s why Yield Shark has been focused on helping readers get out of dividend stocks and into high-yield ETFs, funds, and bonds.

Since October 2016, the Yield Shark portfolio has generated a 10% gain for readers.

These returns have made a huge difference to our reader’s portfolios... and there’s nothing stopping our team from doing the same for yours.

We haven’t abandoned dividend stocks completely; instead, we’ve stepped up the quality of the companies we own... as you’ll see next.

Step #3:

Exploiting Market Inefficiencies

Financial markets are mostly efficient...

Notice, that we said markets are mostly efficient, not always. Identifying inefficiencies is one of the best ways to gain an edge.

A perfect example is the defense sector...

The odds that North Korea will fire a nuke at Los Angeles are pretty low.

But the consequences are so terrible that even if the probability is only 0.0001%, the government will spend massive amounts of money to prevent it from happening.

This “inefficiency” is one of many that have contributed to the profitability of our defense holdings... like the 57.73% gain we made on Boeing (BA), the world’s sixth-largest defense contractor, in March 2017.

We’ve also seized the opportunities created by a decade of artificially low interest rates.

Money has poured into the real estate investment trust (REIT) sector in the past few years for its handsome dividends... Exploiting this trend, we made a 54.6% profit when we closed our position in Weyerhaeuser (WY), a timberland REIT in June 2017.

The healthcare business is another center of inefficiency... high levels of regulation restrict competition and cause irrational things to happen.

But this problem creates opportunity... which we have taken advantage of by recommending a healthcare giant with a stellar history of dividend payments to our readers.

The Team Guiding Your Portfolio to High-Yield Ground

Patrick Watson is the senior economic analyst and editor of Yield Shark at Mauldin Economics.

Patrick Watson

With over three decades of experience in the investment industry, Patrick is a serial macro trend spotter. As John Mauldin says, “I have never known anyone who can see around corners like this guy.”

Patrick knows how difficult this environment has been for investors... that’s why he’s put finding quality, high-yield assets for Yield Shark readers at the top of his priority list.

With Patrick and Mauldin Economics’ team of experts behind your portfolio, you’ll be poised to generate market-beating returns... and won’t have to worry about finding decent yield ever again.

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