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  1. Buy Back Your USMV Shares, Sell Short MTUM

    2018-07-30 | Street Freak | 1.41

  2. Wrestlemania

    2018-03-20 | ETF 20/20 | 1.16

    …the Portfolio Page 3 ETF News Page 7 Portfolio Update Page 8 Conclusion Page 10 One of the most enjoyable parts of SIC this year in San Diego was the ETF cage match between me, Steve Cucchiaro, Jan Van Eck, and Steven Bregman. Back when I was trading ETFs ten…

  3. That Escalated Quickly

    2018-02-20 | ETF 20/20 | 1.12

    …Escalated Quickly Page 1 ETF Industry News Page 5 Portfolio Update Page 8 Conclusion Page 11 It sure did escalate quickly—the fourth fastest 10% drop in history! Why? Because there was a lot of leverage in the system. I know a lot of readers are at the beginning of their…

  4. My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

    2018-06-12 | Street Freak | 0.81

    …on the Bloomberg show ETF-IQ, a rather long interview that turned out pretty well. Interestingly, I am comfortable speaking in front of crowds and on the radio and other settings, but I get a bit nervous on TV. Like anything else, it is practice—I just need to do it more.…

  5. Special Note from Jared Dillian

    2018-02-06 | ETF 20/20 | 0.81

  6. New and Improved

    2018-11-13 | Street Freak | 0.79

    …We are short this ETF. Good news for us. But it’s more than just a wiseguy trade for the Street Freak portfolio. People believed in momentum like it was a religion. You had trend traders out there saying that momentum always outperforms. As we know, nothing always happens in the…

  7. Of Human Bondage

    2018-04-10 | Street Freak | 0.68

    …taken command of the ETF desk at Lehman Brothers. My wife was getting laser eye surgery. I had to take time off work to pick her up at the doctor’s office around noon. The doctor’s office was over on the East Side, around 49th and 1st Avenue. I was supposed…

  8. No Way Out

    2018-12-11 | Street Freak | 0.60

    …environment from January, when vol exploded and marked the lows in stocks. Moving along, let’s dig into some data and charts. The Month in Charts As I said earlier, tech is broken. So I’ve got some charts to shed some light on what’s going on. The first one shows the…

  9. Least Likely To Succeed

    2018-08-14 | Street Freak | 0.57

    …this is the homebuilders’ ETF. It is telling us something completely different. I suggest you sit and contemplate friends and family and whether any of them have told you they are crushing it lately. How many people are on their personal all-time highs? The answer will surprise you. Am I…

  10. Travelator

    2018-05-08 | Street Freak | 0.57

    …at least, the short vol unwind was. But now we’re dealing the Fed slowly raising rates, so it will take a while to invert the curve, and even after that, it takes a long time for a recession to appear after the curve is inverted. If this is a real…

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