Clean, Abundant, and Cheap—Dr. Zubrin’s “Case for Nukes”

The case for nuclear energy has never been more compelling, yet in the US, we are standing in the way of progress.

Our demand for energy is set to skyrocket. In the past year, five-year demand projections have roughly doubled.

Energy demand from emerging market nations, where most of the world’s population growth is happening, could grow much faster. Meeting that demand is the only way their economies can grow and living standards can improve.

While much of the world, including France, China, and India, is benefiting from low-cost, zero-emission nuclear energy, the US nuclear industry is stagnant. 

Today, I’m sharing a timely discussion with Dr. Robert Zubrin, noted aerospace and nuclear engineer and president of Pioneer Astronautics. He is the author of The Case for Nukes: How We Can Beat Global Warming and Create a Free, Open, and Magnificent Future.

Most US adults now favor expanding our nuclear power capabilities, largely because nuclear is the best alternative to fossil fuels. Unlike wind or solar, nuclear provides energy around the clock. So why don’t we build more plants? Our regulations make it nearly impossible.

In our interview, Dr. Zubrin highlights the onerous and sometimes nonsensical regulatory process, and how it blocks nuclear projects without improving safety. You will hear about the exciting progress scientists are making with fusion and small modular reactors. We also cover how the US is ceding the lucrative global nuclear markets to China.

You can watch my interview with Dr. Zubrin by clicking the image above. A full transcript of our conversation is available here.

After you watch the interview, please take a moment to share your thoughts on nuclear energy in the YouTube comments section or the Global Marco Update Community space.


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