Up another 50% by 2030?

Could the markets increase another 50% by 2030? That sounds wildly optimistic to some, but my guests today believe it’s more likely than not.

We’re speaking with Dr. Ed Yardeni—most of you are well acquainted with his work. John frequently features his research in Over My Shoulder, and he is a regular speaker at our Strategic Investment Conference. Dr. Ed was the chief investment strategist at Prudential Equity Group and at Deutsche Bank's US Equity Group before founding Yardeni Research.

We’ll also hear from Eric Wallerstein, the chief markets strategist at Yardeni Research. Eric previously worked as a New York Fed analyst and a reporter for The Wall Street Journal.


Increasing productivity fueled by advances in technology is one reason behind Dr. Ed’s optimism. His thinking aligns with my AI/productivity boom theme: AI and automation will supplement workers, who are in short supply, making companies much more productive. Dr. Ed says, “Productivity is sort of fairy dust: It boosts real GDP, it keeps a lid on inflation, it allows wages to rise faster than prices, and it's great for profit margins.”

In our interview, Eric shares his analysis on the health of US consumers. He also forecasts where interest rates and inflation are headed, and what that means for the housing market in particular—with notes from Dr. Ed on how this ties into intergenerational wealth transfers.

We also discuss which market sectors investors should focus on. Hint: Dr. Ed affirms my energy thesis, saying “Energy is sort of the shock absorber in case things really blow up in the geopolitical realm.” You’ll hear his take on AI, copper, and utilities, too.

Watch my interview with Dr. Ed Yardeni and Eric Wallerstein by clicking the image above. A full transcript of our conversation is available here.

Go here for more on Yardeni QuickTakes, which I read religiously.


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