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Chief Editor: Chris Wood

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Chris Wood

Meet Chris Wood

Chief Investment Officer, Healthcare & Biotech at Mauldin Economics

A 20-year market veteran with 13 years of professional experience, Chris is known for his ability to consistently pinpoint—and deliver—stocks with double- and triple-digit profit potential. In fact, he’s already hard at work… researching the next round of stocks that are set to profit big from three massive megatrends in healthcare that should deliver an Rx of profits for Healthy Returns subscribers. Read more about Chris Wood.

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Access investments designed to deliver a shot at double- and triple-digit gains at the affordable rate of just $199 each year.

There is a perfect storm happening in healthcare, and ignoring it could affect your personal wealth.

MarketWatch says, “Health is the new wealth thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Barron’s says, “Biotech stocks are poised to rise...”

Kiplinger’s calls it a “Health Care Revolution.”

And the Financial Times writes that certain biotech stocks are “soaring as coronavirus fuels investor boom.”

In fact, MarketWatch goes on to point out that, “Investors are switching their attention from what was previously considered important”—the once-booming real estate and hospitality sectors—"to what is truly important: Human Health.”

Consider this...

...10,000 Baby Boomers, on average, turn 65 each day... and ALL Boomers will have reached this milestone by 2030

...By 2034, older adults will outnumber children for the first time in US History

...$3.8 trillion was spent on healthcare in 2019 with $4 trillion expected spending in 2020. Baby Boomer healthcare needs are expected to push healthcare spending to $6 trillion in just 7 years.

And that's just in the US. The world population is getting older, too. And thanks to life-saving drugs, therapies, and medical technologies, lifespans will keep getting longer—and that means the market for these treatments will grow right along with it.

In 2020 alone, we saw the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (^NBI) rise a whopping 15.07%* and the NASDAQ Health Care Index (^IXHC) hop up by 16.72%*... both outperforming the trusted and “go-to” S&P 500... which only reached heights of 1.98%.* [*current as of Q3]

In other words: This isn't some short-lived trend. Healthcare has been heating up for a while, and investors who enter now are set to discover some of the most exciting and lucrative investment opportunities of the next two decades.

The treatments and technologies being developed today are set to transform the healthcare marketplace as we know it—and the sooner treatments get to market, the sooner they can help the people who need them most (and the sooner you could profit).

But long before COVID-19 shoved healthcare and biotech into the limelight, promising explosive returns to whomever “got there first,” Chris Wood saw the writing on the wall.

Chris has been helping his clients locate opportunities for double- and triple-digit gains for over 13 years, specifically in the Healthcare and Biotech sectors.

And now he wants to help you do the same.

It’s all part of his comprehensive research service...

Healthy Returns.

Each month, Chris releases one brand-new investment idea in this wildly profitable sector, helping guide you to lower-risk plays with high profit potential.

His expert analysis and insight will not only ensure that you’re extremely knowledgeable about this market, but that you have every chance to maximize your potential profits and build personal wealth—consistently and reliably.

Best of all, Chris helps you navigate this exciting sector without using riskier trading tools like options or day trading—and without recommending any dangerously volatile penny stocks.

In other words, you can invest in potentially explosive stocks... without having to keep a close eye on them. In fact, Chris does that for you... and so much more.

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Healthy Returns
  • One New Investing Opportunity Each Month. Thousands rely on Chris’s unique investing insights to generate their own Healthy Returns. Each month, you’ll receive a deeply researched investing opportunity (high double-digit and triple-digit returns are the norm). You’ll not only understand why Chris chose a company, but you’ll know what type of returns to expect, and how long you should expect to hold. There are twists and turns in any market, but you’ll be armed with a solid plan.

  • Real-Time Buy & Sell Alerts. When you need to make a move, you will know. Timely Buy & Sell Alerts will be sent straight to your email inbox—and will be reiterated in your member area. You will not only know “when to sell” or “when to take a free ride” but you will know exactly why.

  • “Special Release” Market Insights. At least once a month, and sometimes several, Chris shares his “big ideas” on biotech and healthcare. See around the corner before anyone else with these regularly released market musings.

  • A “Done for You” Portfolio. You will be provided with detailed stop-loss, free-ride, and target-buy information. Better information gives you the power to plan and invest appropriately without wasting hours on research.

  • Special Reports & Back Issues. You will have access to every back issue and special report ever issued by Healthy Returns. By assessing past issues and reports, it’s easy to see the high level of service offered through both market ups and downs. Chris isn’t in this business to make himself look good, but instead, to provide you with money-making opportunities.

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