Over My Shoulder

Over My Shoulder: "Must See" Research Directly from John Mauldin to You

Staying ahead of important economic and investment developments involves staying closely in touch with the latest—and best—research available. To that end, each and every day John Mauldin reads through reams of top-level research, much of it sent to him personally by his friends and associates at the highest levels of the world’s most successful money management and investment research firms.

The research flows day and night—some of it brief articles on important topics, but at other times comprehensive high-level research reports that are simply unavailable to most members of the public. Without exaggeration, John reads more research in three days than even most avid investors read in a month.

How is this relevant to you? It’s simple… and can help you greatly simplify your own research.

You see, whenever John comes across a special gem, he forwards it to members of his private readers’ circle—called Over My Shoulder. Along with the complete piece of research, including charts, graphs, and documentation—John also typically adds a quick note on the importance and relevance of the research.

In a world where both time and real knowledge are in short supply (as opposed to a lot of distracting information of dubious quality), Over My Shoulder is the ultimate luxury… the best of John Mauldin’s personal research, and that of his extensive network made up of some of the world’s smartest and most successful investors and analysts.

How much better informed can you become as a member of Over My Shoulder? How much time can you save?

Our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee allows you to find out for yourself with zero risk.

Be the best-informed person in the room, with your very own risk-free trial of Over My Shoulder, John Mauldin's private readers’ circle, today.

YES! Send me top-level research reports from Over My Shoulder.

Over My Shoulder gives you the opportunity to read along with John Mauldin in real time as he digs behind and beyond the headlines. For the first time, you can view the same exclusive reports and economic materials that inform his own financial research.

He'll call your attention to some of the most fascinating analysts out there, people with non-intuitive perspectives on some of the most pressing issues facing us as individual investors. Concerned about inflation/deflation? Wondering about the future for US markets and sovereign debt? Europe? It's all here.

Every week you'll receive:

  • Must read articles, studies, and reports, curated and introduced by John Mauldin
  • Access to institutional research and high-level analysis not typically available to individual investors
  • Materials are offered as a PDF download, so you can add them to your permanent financial library

Try Over My Shoulder completely risk-free: If you're not satisfied with Over My Shoulder after 90 days, simply cancel your subscription for a 100%, no-questions-asked refund. So sign up today to start benefitting from top-level reports from John's extensive research.

PLUS, with Mauldin Economics' Auto-Renew Service, your subscription won't run out until you say stop! Don't worry, we'll always notify you before renewing your subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

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