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Endgame – Book Review | June 3, 2012

I know I’m somewhat of a geek, but honestly I couldn’t put this book down once I started. And yes, it’s a book on economics. Endgame does a masterful job of taking tough economic concepts and breaking them down into simple statements that a non-economics person can understand. Read more

Fiscal fix calls for radical reform

Shreveport Times | May 29, 2012

On a weekly basis, I read an email I receive from John Mauldin. I am one of his one million closest friends. John lives in Dallas and is a Rice University graduate. Read more

Author John Mauldin Likes Facebook but Not the Price

Benzinga | May 23, 2012

Renowned financial expert John Mauldin wrote a book called Bull's Eye Investing a few years ago, but he has taken the opportunity given to him by Wiley to condense the book down into the new Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing. Mauldin's other books include Just One Thing and Endgame, and he is the President of Millennium Wave Advisors, an investment advisory firm. Read more

‘One Recession Away’ From Next Bull Market – John Mauldin

Wall Street Journal | May 18, 2012

The endgame is coming for Greece and the eurocrats who have been kicking all those cans down the road, and it will probably be enough to tip the U.S. into another recession. The good news, though, is that after that recession (and who knows how nasty it’ll be,) the whole nasty crisis will be behind us for good, and a new bull market will start. Read more

Fire Up the Euro Printing Presses! It’s the Only Way to Save Euro Zone Says Mauldin

Yahoo Finance | May 18, 2012

John Mauldin, outspoken author of "The Little Book of Bull's Eye Investing" has one message for Germany and the European Central Bank: "If you want to keep the Union together we're going to have to have inflation." Read more

Shades of Weimar? Only ECB Can Save Europe – John Mauldin

Wall Street Journal | May 13, 2012

Amid all the hoopla over the London Whale, the U.S. stock selloff, and the Facebook IPO, you may have missed this: The Germans are talking about “accepting” higher inflation. Read more

Book Review: The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing

Greenfaucet | May 11, 2012

This was one of those books that grew on me. The author, the well-known John Mauldin, strings together a bunch of ideas originated by others. That’s not much different than what Tadas Viskanta does at Abnormal Returns. He brings us the best ideas that he has culled from others. That is a significant piece of work that should not be denigrated by others. Read more

The End of the Debt Supercycle Draws Near: John Mauldin

Business Insider | May 7, 2012

The Gold Report: What does your new partnership with Casey Research mean for investors going forward?

John Mauldin: We're creating a joint venture, Mauldin Economics, which will have its own brand and publications. We'll be starting out with a fixed-income letter. Casey Research and Mauldin Economics will be sister companies. It's not so much a partnership with Casey as it's a partnership with the team that runs Casey. Read more

Altegris’ Strategic Investment Conference Draws Leaders From Across The Financial Industry

Marketwatch | May 7, 2012

Altegris, providers of premier alternative investments, held its ninth annual Strategic Investment Conference from May 2-4, 2012 at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, CA. The conference was co-hosted by renowned financial expert John Mauldin and brought together some of the world's top economic minds in addition to over 400 professional and qualified individual investors. Read more

Is the ‘biggest bull market in history’ ahead?

The Globe and Mail | May 6, 2012

Take John Mauldin, the well-known global investment adviser and best-selling author, who takes a back seat to no one when it comes to dishing out the gloom and doom. “Sadly, I think we will have another global recession,” he tells me, citing multiple triggers ranging from the European slump, rising interest rates and U.S. stumbles to the slowing Chinese economy and worsening problems in Japan, which he dismissively calls “just a bug in search of a windshield.” Read more